Sonnia J. Kemmer

Sonnia J. Kemmer

Sonnia J. Kemmer has done Administrative Assistant work for over ten years as a Construction Coordinator for a Retail Company. Her love for writing created a book titled "Sonnia's Sonnets." She is a graduate of Saint Scholasticas College in Manila, Philippines where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications.

She has been writing reviews on people, events, places, movies and books since earning her Yelp Elite status in 2010. As a fan of photography, she takes food porn seriously. She is currently a member of Fremont Area Writers and East Bay Science Fiction Writers; she is a student of the Long Ridge Writers Group, and is working on publishing her own fiction novels.

When she is not busy writing, Sonnia enjoys a lot of hobbies--reading, cycling, hiking, dancing, singing, listening to music, playing alto saxophone, watching CSI, watching Foodnetwork, and watching movies.

Her hometown is San Jose, and she has lived in the Bay Area since 2001.
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Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication at St. Scholasticas College Manila - Breaking Into Print at Long Ridge Writers Group


A writing stream is my tide of reason.
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