Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin has been a Yahoo Network Contributor since 1/29/13. He was born in Philadelphia and has been published in Welcomat, Elephant Journal, Santa Barbara Independent, The Family Therapy Magazine and others. Mark Tulin likes to write about a wide range of topics from foods to finance with wit and sincerity. He is a former family therapist who practiced over twenty years. He has two adult children and lives in sunny Santa Barbara, California with his beautiful girlfriend, Alice.
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Two master s degrees in the human services with one in Human Sexuality and the other Health Counseling.


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  • Eating Mediterranean Came Natural for Me
    Although my family has a history of heart issues, that was not what brought me to the Mediterranean Diet. It was a natural progression of a healthy lifestyle and a good connection to my body.
  • My Six Favorite Films that Never Won Oscars
    My favorite six movies that were robbed at the Oscars. From "The Robe" starring Richard Burton to the original "Heartbreak Kid," who wasn't even an Oscar nominee.
  • Don't Call Me Princess
    Calling your girlfriend a princess may seem innocent but won't make a good relationship. And it would perhaps do it harm. This is what I learned one night while watching Say Yes to the Dress with my girlfriend.
  • Driving in California with Eyes Wide Open
    Article about a 57-year-old Philly guy who moved to California and changed his bad driving habits. It was quite a driving culture shock for him. He had to take the written driver's test over again, but it made him much better at the wheel in the end.
  • Spending Valentine's Day at the Beach
    Valentine's Day should be different when you live at the beach. I wanted to take advantage of this wonderful gift of nature. So it would be my honey and I celebrating Love Day at the beach. Simple and easy.
  • Let Yourself Be Bald!
    After 25 years of wearing a hair piece, I finally decided to take a leap of faith. I shaved my head. I was suddenly able to be my true self, thanks to a Mach 3 Turbo razor and plenty of shaving cream. I can't believe it took me so long!
  • First Person: You Can Still Retire in a Dream Town Even If You Started Late
    I didn't have a pension and my 401K didn't put me on easy street. Nor was it the savings from years of being a psychotherapist. It was my focussed attention on selling my home and my good fortune in the stock market that did the trick!
  • Going Cross Country the Smart Way
    How to make your trip run as smoothly as ours. We started out in Philly on Tuesday and arrived in Santa Barbara on Saturday. On Sunday we were on the beach!

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