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Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin has been a Yahoo Network Contributor since 1/29/13. He was born in Philadelphia and has been published in Welcomat, Elephant Journal, Santa Barbara Independent, The Family Therapy Magazine and others. Mark Tulin likes to write about a wide range of topics from foods to finance with wit and sincerity. He is a former family therapist who practiced over twenty years. He has two adult children and lives in sunny Santa Barbara, California with his beautiful girlfriend, Alice.
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Two master s degrees in the human services with one in Human Sexuality and the other Health Counseling.


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  • Back in the Saddle Again
    A local saddlery shop and a wooden horse brings back precious childhood memories, and potential problems.
  • A Tale of a Wimpy Man's Colonoscopy
    When it comes to getting a colonoscopy, I'm not a very brave man.
  • Looking for Neil Young in Santa Cruz, California
    I always had a man-crush on Neil Young, so I set off to Santa Cruz, California hoping that I would run into him. But I found other cool things instead.
  • 7 Reasons Why Men with Shaved Heads Are Sexy
    I knew having a shaved head was sexy, but I just had to verify it with the women in my life.
  • Finding Meaning Among the Redwoods
    The Muir Woods not only has spectacular redwoods, but it is a place where peace and meaning can be found.
  • How to Be a Happy Middle-Aged Man
    Happiness for the middle-aged man can be had. But he first has to make some major changes in his life.
  • I Hope Cody Made It to Hamster Heaven
    There's nothing worst than a dead hamster. That's how I felt when Cody died. Cody, this is an homage to you, dear friend.
  • The Most Important Part is You
    Sharing one's self in writing is more difficult than it sounds. A lot of times we hide behind our words.
  • My Five Favorite Timeless Love Songs of All Time
    Here are my top five timeless songs of all time and what each means to me.
  • Is It Beauty or Is It Embarrassing?
    Hidden in the south terrace of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is a controversial sculpture. After viewing it, one must decide--is it beauty or is it embarrassing?
  • There's Nothing Unmanly About Using Mr. Bubble
    I used to think that men take showers and kids and women take bubble baths. Then I discovered that Mr. Bubble has no gender.
  • Got Milk? I Hope Not
    As a kid I thought I couldn't live without ice cream and milk shakes. But milk and I just don't get along anymore.
  • I Had a Bad Case of the Boogie Fever
    I woke up yesterday morning with a temperature. My legs felt restless and I couldn't stop moving. So I packed up my hamster and went to Urgent Care to see a doctor.
  • Traveling California's Pacific Surfliner Southbound
    Taking the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train is a beautiful way to travel the California Coast. I took the train from Santa Barbara going south to Solana Beach. You get a great view of the chic beach towns and big cities in Southern California.
  • Friendship and the Moreton Bay Fig Tree
    A little girl is given a gift of a seedling and told to plant the tree and see what happens. As history unfolds, the seedling turns into the biggest Moreton Bay Fig Tree in the United States.
  • The Surefire Way to Reduce Your Anger
    Cupcakes are not just kid food that you have at birthday parties. They are packed with superfood that will surely reduce your anger.
  • Why Hunting a Great White Shark May Not Be Such a Good Idea
    Yesterday morning at Leadbetter Beach there was the cry of shark. Once I heard the news I wanted to get Richard Dreyfuss and a couple of harpoons and set sea. I desperately wanted to save the seals and sea lions.
  • Visiting Montecito, California
    Montecito is one of the more beautiful places in the world. It is hidden away in Santa Barbara County. And it is the ideal place where the rich and famous can get away from it all.
  • How Wearing Nasal Strips Can Improve Your Love Llife
    It wasn't so much because California Chrome almost won the Triple Crown that I liked him. It was because he wore a king-size nasal strip that my girlfriend and I felt a special kinship. It turns out that the nasal strip helps us more than the horse.
  • Is that Loofah You're Grilling?
    Being a vegetarian, I was delighted at the Bud Light commerical about an Eagles fan grilling a quinoa burger for good luck. But for me the quinoa burger is not about winning football games. It's about staying healthy.
  • Dogs Going Bonkers on the Beach
    There are few things I like better than to watch dogs go bonkers on the beach. And they have a variety of activities they like to do--from chasing seagulls to surfing. Dogs really know how to have fun.
  • Two Weddings, Two Outcomes
    I always thought that my wedding was fine. But my daughter and son-in-law taught me otherwise. A wedding ceremony needs to be something special.
  • Having a Cup of Tea with Maya Angelou
    I took off from work the day after Maya Angelou died. I had a cup of tea with Maya in the comfort of my own home. I wanted to reflect on her words and what she meant to me.
  • Lessons in Humility: My Very First Job as a Mental Health Counselor
    I got my first mental health job in 1979, right out of college. I was happy for the opportunity to work in my field of study. I was also glad that I stayed humble and left my ego at home.
  • There's No Better Place to Watch a Movie Than at Home
    Despite having an old TV set with a small screen, I prefer to watch movies at home. It's just too expensive, to uncomfortable to go out to a movie. And besides, my girlfriend doesn't want to embarrass me.
  • Letting Go of Your Anger
    There's no connection more heart-felt than a father-son relationship. I held onto a secret that fueled my anger toward my father and it hurt our relationship. If only I could have let go of my anger sooner.
  • The Santa Barbara to San Francisco Road Trip
    It doesn't seem like much of a road trip because we only covered 375 miles and did it in just one day. But driving up California Route 1 and seeing places like Solvang, Big Sur and Halfmoon Bay made the trip memorable.
  • Four Movies for Four Different Dads on Father's Day
    Father's Day is a day spent with your dad. What greater way to spend part of the day with dad than watching a movie? Here are four movie choices--take your pick.
  • Making Friends With Your Asthma
    I've had asthma all my life. When you get diagnosed with it you become resistant to it. But after awhile it becomes your friend and you learn how to get along.
  • Making Tough Choices While Raising a Teenage Son With Behavior Problems
    Raising a teenager with behavior problems isn't easy. It can take you to places that you never thought you'd go. Sometimes you have to make tough choices along the way.
  • Walking in the Clouds
    California's marine layer has many haters. But I am not one of them. I view the marine layer as a thing of beauty.
  • One Breath at a Time: How to Live an Active Lifestyle With COPD
    COPD is a hard pill to swallow. But if you are vigilant in the treatment of this chronic lung disease, you can still live an active lifestyle.
  • Eating Mediterranean Came Natural for Me
    Although my family has a history of heart issues, that was not what brought me to the Mediterranean Diet. It was a natural progression of a healthy lifestyle and a good connection to my body.
  • My Six Favorite Films that Never Won Oscars
    My favorite six movies that were robbed at the Oscars. From "The Robe" starring Richard Burton to the original "Heartbreak Kid," who wasn't even an Oscar nominee.
  • Don't Call Me Princess
    Calling your girlfriend a princess may seem innocent but won't make a good relationship. And it would perhaps do it harm. This is what I learned one night while watching Say Yes to the Dress with my girlfriend.
  • Driving in California with Eyes Wide Open
    Article about a 57-year-old Philly guy who moved to California and changed his bad driving habits. It was quite a driving culture shock for him. He had to take the written driver's test over again, but it made him much better at the wheel in the end.
  • Spending Valentine's Day at the Beach
    Valentine's Day should be different when you live at the beach. I wanted to take advantage of this wonderful gift of nature. So it would be my honey and I celebrating Love Day at the beach. Simple and easy.
  • Let Yourself Be Bald!
    After 25 years of wearing a hair piece, I finally decided to take a leap of faith. I shaved my head. I was suddenly able to be my true self, thanks to a Mach 3 Turbo razor and plenty of shaving cream. I can't believe it took me so long!
  • First Person: You Can Still Retire in a Dream Town Even If You Started Late
    I didn't have a pension and my 401K didn't put me on easy street. Nor was it the savings from years of being a psychotherapist. It was my focussed attention on selling my home and my good fortune in the stock market that did the trick!
  • Going Cross Country the Smart Way
    How to make your trip run as smoothly as ours. We started out in Philly on Tuesday and arrived in Santa Barbara on Saturday. On Sunday we were on the beach!

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