Lynda Altman

Lynda Altman

Lynda Altman is a freelance writer, blogger and researcher. Her experience includes published print articles in Family Chronicle Magazine, writing and researching for private clients, and writing online content.

Lynda is a homeschool mom with 13 years of experience. All 4 of her children were homeschooled. Currently two remain in homeschool, and two are attending college. She is a former Montessori teacher s aid. Lynda is passionate about homeschool issues and she follows homeschool legislation in Arkansas and at the federal level carefully.

Lynda Altman was previously an expert for hire. The program has been discontinued but Lynda still researches and writes for clients. Her favorite topics are census research and early 20th century immigration.

As an avid gardener, Lynda grows a variety of vegetables in her backyard. She enjoys learning about new gardening techniques and hopes to move her family to a homestead in the near future.

Lynda Altman is a sports fan. Football is her favorite sport and the New York Jets are her favorite NFL team. She has earned a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. Lynda coached fast-pitch softball at the recreation league level and high school level. Her experience includes 5 years with Raleigh Parks and Rec as a fast-pitch coach and 2 years as an assistant coach with Broughton High School.

Another passion is dog rescue. Lynda volunteers at a local, no-kill dog and cat shelter where she handles most of the problem children and larger dog breeds. She has three dogs, all of them are shelter dogs or rescues. Izzy is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, Sophie is a Chinese Shar Pei, and Romeo is an AKC registered Bedlingotn Terrier. Romeo has championship bloodlines and Lynda s goal for him is to get him trained for agility competition and to show him locally. Right now the biggest challenge with Romeo is finding a qualified groomer.

Lynda is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Writing about this topic has become
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