Brad Pitts, BSHA

Brad Pitts, BSHA

For more than ten years Health Care has been the career home for this writer. After telecom went bust in the early 2000 s this writer changed careers and became an Emergency Medical Technician. After working in a large city as well as a rural emergency system while working at a large city Emergency Department this author left to help a friend start a family practice. The family practice is where this author pursued his education and became a nurse. Management afforded the opportunity to run successful businesses and find the love for business. The author furthered his education by achieving a Bachelors in Health Administration. Being a partner in 2 health care businesses while running his own health related business keeps life moving at an interesting pace. If this wasn t challenge enough the author is attending classes to earn a Masters in Business Administration with a Health Care emphasis.
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Bachelors of Health Administration, Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate


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  • Blazing a New Trail: Small Business Startup
    Becoming tired of leading companies and turning profit for others the author decides the time to start a small business now. The decisions that had to be made and work that had to be done are explored.

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