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Shelley Smith

With over a decade of corporate experience in professional development and human resources, I initially produced pieces for communications and technical operations. After first exploring blogging with a focus on television, I have expanded my subject matter to include topics such as entertainment at large and parenting, often taking an advice approach. From office worker to stay at home parent, my expertise is becoming increasingly vast and eclectic.
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Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business with Human Resources specialization


Anything worth doing is worth doing well.


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  • Questioning Your Job Interviewer
    What candidate add to interviews beyond expected answers can be the determining factor between rejection letters and employment offers. Asking questions is important because doing it right can set an applicant apart from the rest of the competition.
  • Celebrating a Flawed Father
    As families grow increasingly diverse, it's clear family is about choice, respect, and love - not simply blood ties. Some have no, two, or even more dads, and each father is different, too. Among all, there's reason to celebrate.
  • Plan and Love Your Next Trip to IKEA
    Getting through a fun-filled day at IKEA with energy to spare is as easy as planning ahead and bringing supplies to make the trip as worry-free as possible.
  • Preparing for Your Next Job Interview
    No matter how much effort you give your job search, interviews can still be hard to come by. When you finally get the chance to talk about why you deserve a new position, it's important to be properly prepared to seize the opportunity.
  • Save Money by Spending Less on TV
    The rising cost of cable and satellite services have many people wondering if it’s time to part ways with their providers. If you’re contemplating a move, here’s a guide to help you transition into watching your favorite shows for less.
  • Why and How You Should Maintain a Resume
    Having a resume is one of the simplest actions you can take to relieve work-related anxiety. From promotional opportunities and department layoffs, an updated resume helps you be prepared for life-altering employment changes.
  • Organic Living Isn't Sustainable for Everyone
    Health trends come and go, but eating all natural foods seems to be more than a passing fad. That doesn't make it for everyone, though. For me, the cost of trying to sustain a completely organic diet is just too high to offset any benefits.
  • The Best Advice I Was Ever Given as an Expectant Parent
    The most important advice for expectant parents focuses on mind, not body. With three simple mantras, you can obtain the best mindset to get through the challenges of preparation, pregnancy and parenting.

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