Jasmine Sheffield

Jasmine Sheffield

Jasmine Sheffield is a young professional with a love for helping people learn how to launch their career and manage their finances. She is the author of Journey after School: A Guide to Starting Your Career and Managing Your Finances. Professionally, Jasmine is an IT Consultant and enjoys cutting-edge technology. As a new mother and wife, she is finding ways to enjoy her passion while balancing her family life. A graduate of Florida A&M University and University of Illinois Springfield, she now lives in Northern Virginia.
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B.S. Computer Information Systems, M.S. Management Information Systems


In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. - Bill Cosby


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  • No Regrets, Only Wisdom
    If I could have a talk with my younger self, I would give her three lessons. These three lessons would be: Enjoy being young; value family time; and don't sweat heartbreak.
  • My Father's Promise
    My dad has always been a supportive father, knowing when to make me laugh and lend a listening ear. He showed me how much he loved me by promising he would quit smoking.
  • Student Loans Still a Catch-22 for Many Graduates
    For some college graduates, the cost of an education will not outweigh the benefit of a college degree. My college degree allowed me to launch my career in my field and receive a notable salary.
  • Becoming an Author - 5 Things to Note
    Before becoming an author, there are five things to consider. Understanding the commitment, writing style, book formatting, editing, and marketing will give you insight into a writing career or hobby.
  • Destination Wedding Planning Mistake
    When planning my destination wedding, not hiring a local wedding planner caused unnecessary stress and disappointment. Working virtually with vendors for your wedding day can be problematic.
  • Sisters Thai Restaurant Review
    Restaurant review of Sisters Thai in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Avoid Excessive Student Loans
    College students should avoid excessive, unnecessary student loans. Only borrow money necessary to fund your education expenses.
  • Hide Information from Generation Y in a Book
    Generation Y has redefined the boundaries of reading and receiving information. Generation Y constantly processes information through text messages, web searches, and social media.

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