Zachary Arthur

Zachary Arthur

“I want to do that.” “That’s what I was meant to do.” “That will be me someday.” These are all phrases that go through my head when I watch any sports analysts on ESPN. For a guy in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is a bold statement but one that I also fully believe in.

My background is in sports and I would equate the fear I had with approaching random people to the fear I had on the basketball court. I always had a unique confidence in myself when I played basketball but that came with the fear of somebody being better than me and them beating me. I would tell myself, “no fear,” and repeat it to myself all the time. I end up taking this approach with my stories. If I don't have fear then I will succeed and this turned out to be the case.

I have a long way to go, and am happy to have another year of school to work on getting better. I know I can improve in a number of areas, but that's what stepping up and writing for a website or newspaper that matters is all about.

If you like what I write or want to write me a message about how much you don't like what I write, follow me on twitter: @Zach_ArthurSLC
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