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Sam Merten

Sam Merten’s deep passion for baseball began in the mid- to late 1980s as a young boy growing up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. He collected baseball cards, played Little League Baseball and was an avid reader of publications like Baseball Digest and Beckett Baseball.

A diehard Texas Rangers follower, Sam also cheered in his youth for the Oakland Athletics, which made three-consecutive World Series appearances from 1988 to 1990. The A’s featured slugger Mark McGwire, Sam’s favorite player at the time, and Tony La Russa, who Sam still admires as one of the game’s greatest managers.

In 1999, Sam landed a job at Beckett Publications (now Beckett Media), where, among other tasks, he handled senior grading and administrative duties for Beckett Grading Services and wrote feature stories for Beckett Baseball.

After leaving Beckett in late 2002, Sam continued to write freelance articles for Beckett Baseball while earning his bachelor’s degree in journalism. Four years later, Sam wrote about Major League Baseball and the Rangers for and in 2007 was named “Best Blogger” by the Dallas Observer, which hired him in January 2008.

As an award-winning staff writer at the Observer, Sam penned three cover stories about the Rangers. His February 2009 feature covered the team’s new philosophy of rebuilding the franchise through trades, the draft and international scouting. In July 2010, he chronicled the club’s bankruptcy and rise to prominence. And Sam’s December 2010 piece evaluated the Rangers ownership and offseason plans in the wake making the first World Series appearance in franchise history and trying to ink Cliff Lee to a long-term contract.

Sam currently lives in East Dallas and works at Allyn Media as a senior account executive.
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