James Ferguson

James Ferguson

Hello!! My name is Jim Ferguson, and I'm a new Yahoo! contributor. I decided to look into free-lance writing on sites such as Yahoo! due to being constantly yelled at about my "interesting, well-written, but TOO long" Facebook friends. People I called my friends, posting on my status updates (in ALL CAPS, none-the-less), giving me the business because I need to shorten my posts. Well I'll show them ;-)

I'm a Baltimore, MD boy, and if you know anything about Baltimore, it's a blue collar town, with blue collar folk, and a constant under dog mentality!! Stuck in between Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, it's the forgotten city of the east. Well, that's what we link to think of ourselves!!

I play sports.

I eat.

I work hard full time as a success real estate agent in MD, and I'm a loving father and husband. Well, I love my wife, but I don't always like her ;-) By the by...I'm typically full of crap!!
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High School Diploma, United States AIr Force Reserves, Licensed REALTOR through Deparment of Labor, Licensing, Regulation of MD.


I write, because I m right!!


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