Allison Ricket

Allison Ricket

In the hills of Appalachia, Allison Ricket connects teenagers with fiction and nonfiction texts they would not encounter on their own and facilitates students’ growth as writers. In addition to teaching, she enjoys participating in the thriving local food culture in her city, traveling, and hiking.

Allison has her Masters of Arts in Holisitic Education from The Ohio State University and is passionate about alternative education methods.
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M.A. Holistic Education from The Ohio State University; B.A. Integrated Language Arts, Ohio Dominican University


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  • Raising a Vegetarian Kid as a Meat Eating Adult
    What do you do when your child decides to become a vegetarian, but you still eat meat? Discover some easy changes to help your family adapt healthily to a young vegetarian in the family.
  • 5 Messy Spring Activities Kids Should Do
    When searching for activities to do with your kids this spring, turn to nature. Getting messy in nature is not only fun for kids, its necessary for brain development and growth!
  • Bringing Creativity to Public Education: Standing Behind Children and Teachers
    Alternative educational methods inundate the private sphere. It's time to bring creativity to the public sphere, to change the view of school as a prison.
  • Problems with the Common Core Online Testing
    Studies show students read online and eReader texts differently than print texts. Could these differences affect their test scores as more and more standardized tests switch to online models instead of pencil and paper?
  • Relationship Issues that Repeat Themselves
    Reoccurring arguments affect every couple. Many couples break up over issues they can’t resolve. Learn how to discover more about yourself and each other through working through recurring issues in your relationship.
  • How I Knew it was Time to Start a Family
    Financial and career plans are only one consideration when trying to decide if you're ready for a baby or not. I learned from my pregnancy that planning doesn't necessarily mean readiness, and that readiness means being open to changing everything.

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