Joshua Dopkowski

Joshua Dopkowski

Business professional in the wine industry.
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MBA Sonoma State University, B.S. New York University,


Been on both sides of the coin so many times that it s spinning


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  • Money Isn't Everything, but Debt Is
    A few months after graduating college, I received a large sum of money that I tried to invest and advance my career. I would have been better served by paying off my students loans and moving back in with mother.
  • Somebody Please Stop Dennis Rodman
    The American public has watched the bizarre antics of Dennis Rodman for nearly two decades. Up until now, his public actions have been largely benign, but now he walks a fine line that could easily bring about his death.
  • How Daylight Savings Destroys Self-Esteem
    Anyone who has experienced jet lag knows what dramatic effect a shift in time zones can have on the body and mind, but what about daylight savings? Are we routinely promoting disorganization and despair in the name of an obsolete cause?
  • Commentary: Washington Takes a Lesson from Hollywood with Sequester Stunt
    The sequester budget cuts have been described as stemming from the governments inability to compromise. I believe it was a planned and deliberate measure. How has it affected Napa Valley?

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