L. Hawkins

L. Hawkins

L. Hawkins is a writer for Jirehis Publications where she authors primarily romance books under the pen name ALm HLgh. She currently works as an Assignment Manager for a major broadcasting company in the Midwest.

Earning a Bachelors in Communications specializing in Interpersonal Relationships from the University of Illinois, she went on to study for one year at the Graduate level, majoring in Urban and Regional Planning.

Before beginning her writing and broadcast career, L. Hawkins worked as a Loan Officer for a financial institution, a teacher in the public sector, and as a marketing research liaison for various companies.
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  • Halle Berry I May Not Be
    Beautiful people are not born, but rather they are evolved; at least that's what I tell myself. Learning to accept yourself is the first step in being beautiful.
  • Easy Solutions for the Life and Health of Your Hot Water Tank
    This little known home improvement secret can add years to the health of your family and your water supply system.
  • Clean Eating: My Rise and Fall as a Vegetarian
    I learned that clean eating is expensive after a visit to the organic food store. But so is going to the doctor and hospital.
  • What Men Want
    Men are always clear about what they want in a woman; the trouble is we women are not always good at listening.
  • Entrepreneurship: A Sign of the Times?
    With a failing economy and massive lay-offs, should self-employment be explored as a viable option for our children?
  • Do You Facebook and Are You Keeping Your Clout?
    Social media is constant changing. Are you keeping your Klout? Whatever happened to going out for brunch with friends?
  • SMS for Baby Boomers
    Is this greek to you: "FWIW," “ILY,” “IRL,” or “LYLAS,” “MHOTY,” "NIMBY"? Need a clue?
  • Never Judge a Fruit by Its Cover
    Pomegranate, kiwi, papaya, and mango are old news. Spring is here and it is time for something new. Here are five exotic fruits that will excite your palate this summer.
  • Money Talks
    Can we still afford to let money do the talking for us? The American dollar value is constantly shrinking.
  • I Spend $400+ on Cable for Old School TV
    Cable TV is the last American iconic tradition that is slowly losing ground to the WiFi industry.
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day
    Just past 9 a.m. we rollover crawling out of bed wiping the sleep out of our eyes and firing off a couple of farts. Boom we’re up and then we think: “oops mother’s day- ugh.”
  • What is Love?
    We live in a world that romanticizes, fantasizes, commercializes and capitalizes on love. Redefining the criteria of what constitute real love vs. infatuation and in-lust could recoup an epic fail marriage system.

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