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Grant Cohn

When I was eight years old I had lunch with Steve Young. As I recall he had ham on rye and I had the California club. We ate lunch in the lobby of the 49ers’ headquarters in Santa Clara.
This took place when I was a 49ers’ fan. When you’re eight years old, you’re entitled to be a fan.
I am no longer a fan, although I still have the warmest feelings about Steve. I am now a professional journalist. I have covered the 49ers on a daily basis for the past two seasons for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on the “Inside the 49ers” blog. My coverage includes the entire Jim Harbaugh Era in San Francisco.
I have covered his press conferences, always unique events. I have worked the daily locker room and the postgame locker room after some crushing losses like last season’s 42-13 defeat in Seattle.
I have written pieces on Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis and Harbaugh, to name a few.
To the best of my knowledge, mine is the most-read 49ers blog in the world.
Before writing for the P.D., I wrote two columns a week for My subjects included the 49ers, but also Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson and Keith Smart. I wrote a long takeout on major leaguers and their bats. For this article, I interviewed Mark Teixeira, Troy Tulowitski, Jason Giambi and others.
I wrote a feature in 2012 for A’s Magazine on Oakland A’s switch hitters. In addition to writing for the Press Democrat website, I have written many articles for the newspaper as well.
I grew up in Oakland, California, was an English Major at UCLA graduating in 2010. I once wrote a detailed analysis of the first scene of King Lear, although I don’t know what King Lear had for lunch. I’m thinking some kind of mutton.
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I was an English Major at UCLA and I graduated in 2010.


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