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Cindy Leisure

Cindy is always studying nutrition, diets and food allergies as well as health- both mental and physical. She is a mom of 3, a caretaker and a writer. As a casual writer for many years, she has decided to start putting her work to good use with the intent to help and educate others going through similar issues.
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  • No Fad Diets Here: A Glimpse Into My Reality With Celiac Disease
    Eating gluten-free is an absolute need for some of us, not just a choice. My path down this road has been a bumpy one. Celiac disease is real and can be very difficult. I wish I had all the support that I have now when I first started.
  • First Person: Sleep Disorders
    Have you ever been so exhausted that you have to drag yourself to bed because you feel like something that came out of a zombie movie? You finally fall asleep just to continuously wake up through out the night. You wake up with a migraine and puffy eyes.
  • Hypnosis
    Alternative methods of therapy are becoming more prevalent in these days. People want less to do with medications and want a more natural approach to a healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy won't make you bark like a dog, but it can help you live healthier.
  • If I Could Go Back in Time
    If you learn from your mistakes, nothing is a complete failure. There are things I wish I had taken into consideration long ago. If I could go back in time and tell my younger self how like would be now, I'd make sure I knew to keep my eye on the prize.
  • Surviving Bed Rest
    Bed rest can leave you feeling bored, lonely and anxious. Get some reliable company that can help you out and keep you occupied. Use your time to sleep because once you have your beautiful baby, sleep is out of the question for you!
  • Changing the Cycle From Dysfunctional to Acceptable
    Growing up in a dysfunctional home, I wanted to change the cycle for my children. Coming out of abuse, I wanted to show my children how a parent should behave. As parents, we are responsible for teaching our children correctly.
  • My Summer Bucket List: Exciting and Enriching
    With school out, the weather heating up, and, finally, some free time on my hands, I'm ready to start my summer vacation. With a list of fun and inspiring activities ready to go, I'm looking forward to time well spent with loved ones.
  • The Valuable Lessons of Jericho: More Than Just a Television Show
    Disaster can strike at any time. Are you ready? With a lot of "end of the world" type shows on television, do you really know what you would do in the event of a worldwide disaster? How would you manage? How would you be beneficial to others?
  • 15 Educational Ideas for Summer Vacation
    As parents, summer vacation brings mixed feelings. How do we keep our children entertained during the hot summer months while giving them a learning experience that they won't soon forget?
  • First Person Perspective on Infidelity:
    Pat Robertson had a lot of nerve telling a woman that she was probably to blame for her husband's infidelity. If somebody's going to be unfaithful, it's because they CHOOSE to be. There are other options other than sleeping around and placing blame.
  • Parenting Habits That Need to Be Broken
    As parents, none of us are perfect. When our kids start acting up we use all sorts of tricks and tools in order to get our children to behave the way we want them to. They become a habit that leaves us with another problem on our hands; how to break it!
  • First Person: There Are Other Options than Student Loans
    While student loans may seem like an easy way to pay for your classes, they could be a detrimental option. As someone who has been through the student loan experience, I recommend that people look into alternative means of affording your education.
  • When Life Throws Us Off
    More than anything in the world, a child wants to feel safe and secure in their own home. A divorce can be one of the hardest things a child can have dumped on them and we as parents need to know how to make the transition as easy as possible.
  • Living with OCD: We Are Unique, Not Abnormal
    People used to pride themselves on being unique. When it comes to OCD, or any mental health problem, we're no longer considered unique. We are thought of as "crazy." I'm here to say we are just as "normal" as everyone else, just a little different.
  • Cinnamon Rice with Gluten Free Granola
    A delicious gluten-free/dairy-free recipe for a cinnamon rice dish topped with gluten free granola, drizzled with coconut oil.
  • Supervisors in the Workplace
    Your supervisor can make a huge difference in the workplace. They can make or break a companies reputation. I believe that you have to treat your employees the way you want to be treated while promoting positive company values.
  • Texting and Driving Safer than Talking -- for This Driver, at Least
    I am guilty of texting and driving. In AZ, there are no laws banning us from this. Do I think everyone should be allowed to? No. I believe that talking on the phone can be just as much of a distraction, if not more, for some people.

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