Ben Wolfinger

Ben Wolfinger

Ben Wolfinger is a single father of three amazing children and a full time Freelance Writer and Computer Technician. Ben does most of his work out of his Northern Indiana home, but has been known to make the occasional house call for his clients who can't bring their computers to him. Ben has lived in the same town all of his life, and writing has always been his passion. He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics; including: poetry, commentary, reviews, technology, and how-to guides, just to name a few.

Ben recently wrote a piece titled "Why I Happily Spend $440 Every Month on Cable." This piece earned him a lot of visibility with the online community, and was featured as a centerpiece for the Yahoo! Homepage. In addition to Yahoo! featuring the piece, it also earned Ben; The Yahoo! Content Spotlight Award for the month of May, 2013.

Previously, Ben was employed at a large; international, wire harness manufacturing company, where he worked as their shipping and receiving manager. During his time there; Ben wrote and published two handbooks, "A Shipping Guide for the On-Time Shipper," and "A Basic Guide for Material Handlers" -- both of which are still currently used to train new personnel.

As a Computer Technician, Ben repairs hardware problems for most types of electronics, and resolves software issues with both Windows and Linux based PCs. He also builds and sells custom PCs to his clients, as well as acts as a consultant, for clients seeking to upgrade various types of technology in their homes. Additionally, Ben enjoys tinkering with various forms of software coding; including: VB, C++, and HTML coding.

When Ben's not working, he enjoys spending time with his kids (and sometimes when he is working, his kids enjoy spending time with him…) Balancing his writing and electronic repair career, with spending time with his family, has proven to be the most difficult task to overcome thus far.
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A computer technician who enjoys tinkering with various forms of software coding.


Graduated from I.C.S. in 2002. Received Certificate of Completion from Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in 2007. Attended Ivy Tech Community College (Creative Writing) in 2010


“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” ~Beverly Sills ~
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