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Jacob Long

Jacob is a Chicago area native and has experience covering both news and sports at WMC-TV in Memphis, TN. After his college baseball career ended with injury, he has taken up marathon running to fill the void. On top of that, Jacob is a political policy wonk and can usually be found shouting at cable news shows in his spare time.
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B.A. in Political Science, soon-to-be PhD student


The safe route will ultimately lead to a mediocre result.
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  • John Danks Falters Against Crosstown Rivals
    John Danks looked great in his first start after a season-ending injury in 2012. His second start was just as unimpressive as his first one was great. What comes next is still in question, but it has huge ramifications for the White Sox.
  • Chicago White Sox Showing Signs of Life
    Despite a slow start in the young season, the Chicago White Sox have coming charging back and now look like a real contender.
  • John Danks Impresses in Return to Chicago White Sox
    John Danks controlled the Miami Marlins in his post-injury return. While he looked a little too good to be true, Chicago White Sox fans have much to be excited about.
  • New Report Projects Deficit, Debt Reduction
    The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office offers encouraging information regarding the budget deficit as well as debt.
  • Chris Sale's Missed Start No Reason to Worry
    While many have predicted injuries as a likely problem with Chris Sale's career, the shoulder soreness that has caused him to be scratched from his next start is probably not a career-altering injury.
  • 3 Questions Facing the Chicago Bears
    The Chicago Bears, despite only missing the playoffs by a lost tiebreaker, overhauled their coaching staff in the offseason. Many questions remain.
  • No Rebuild in Sight for Chicago White Sox
    Despite a slow start, general manager Rick Hahn insists that the White Sox are not close to rebuilding their squad.
  • Now is the Time for Chicago White Sox
    The White Sox have gotten off to a fairly slow start, but their coming home games and weak schedule give them a window to jump back into the race. If they do not capitalize now, they may not have the time or ability later.
  • Lineup, Roster Changes Ahead for Chicago White Sox
    The return of a few key players and role players along with the disappointing early play of several White Sox, the lineup and roster will be taking on a slightly new look in the coming weeks.
  • Chicago White Sox Minor League Update
    The Chicago White Sox do not appear to have any immediate needs for minor-league call-ups, but their aging sluggers and other present-day players will need replaced before long. These are players to watch as the season progresses in 2013.
  • Early NBA Draft Targets for Chicago Bulls
    The Bulls, in the midst of a playoff run, will be seeking depth and perhaps a scoring guard prospect in the late first round, where they figure to pick. They have had good luck making these types of picks recently and 2013 figures to be no different.
  • Adam Dunn's Early Struggles Are Nothing Like 2011
    Adam Dunn's statistics in the early going of 2013 look absolutely putrid. After an adjustment to his approach, however, his outlook is much more positive.
  • Loans Are a High Cost to Pursue My Dreams
    Student loans have allowed me to reach for the stars, but they keep me grounded as well.
  • Defensive Miscues Costing Chicago White Sox
    The Chicago White Sox rank worst in the American League in errors committed well over a month into the season. For a team that was best in the same category last year, the manager must be held accountable for the sudden turn for the worst.
  • Letting Go of Mark Buehrle was Right Decision for White Sox
    White Sox fans generally felt a fair amount of disappointment at the loss of longtime star Mark Buehrle. Now, with over a year of hindsight, letting him go looks like the perfect call.
  • What to Expect when John Danks Returns
    John Danks has spent nearly a calendar year on the disabled list, but his return appears imminent. The White Sox will have to make tough personnel decisions to accommodate Danks while there is a fair amount of uncertainty about his current velocity.
  • Breaking Down the Chicago White Sox's Offensive Struggles
    Despite a truly impressive start to the season by the Chicago White Sox's pitching staff, they are in last place. Why? Their last-place offense has cost them countless games and is still not heading in the right direction.
  • Dayan Viciedo's Return Key for Chicago White Sox
    Dayan Viciedo's impending return from the disabled list will be a boost to the White Sox's offense. His long-term success is far more important, however.
  • Chicago White Sox's Pitching Depth to Shine After Gavin Floyd's Injury
    The White Sox have had enough capable starting pitchers that rumors about a potential trade of Gavin Floyd have swirled since last season. With Floyd now likely to undergo elbow surgery and John Danks still rehabbing, those young starters will take over.
  • How Much Vitamin C Should You Take?
    Many consumer products sell vitamin C at very high doses as a promise to cure your common cold or keep you immune from that and other ailments. Unfortunately, research shows you are probably wasting your money.
  • Bears Find Value in Day 3 Picks
    The Chicago Bears made perhaps the most shocking pick of the draft in the first round, selecting offensive lineman Kyle Long. Their Day 3 picks are every bit as intriguing with just as many question marks.
  • Lineup Decisions Lie Ahead for Robin Ventura, Chicago White Sox
    In Gordon Beckham's absence, Conor Gillaspie has flourished at third base. Jeff Keppinger, who has moved to second base, has continued his early season struggles. When Beckham returns, manager Robin Ventura will have to sit one of the three players.
  • The 10 Coolest Kentucky Derby Horse Names of All Time
    Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has run without a single hiatus. That is a lot of horses and, as you may know, horses almost always have very interesting names. Here are the 10 best to make it all the way to the Kentucky Derby
  • Knee Wraps when Squatting Come with a Cost
    Many experienced lifters know that knee wraps can help with lifting heavier weights, but new research shows it may come at a cost to the health of your knees and overall strength.
  • Don't Give Up on Adam Dunn
    Adam Dunn had one of the worst regular seasons in the history of live ball baseball in 2011. His 2013 season has started in a similarly ominous way, but he has begun to show signs of life.
  • My Health Has Been the Best Investment I've Made
    When pinching pennies, forgetting diet and exercise is an easy and tempting way to spend a little less. Bad food is cheap food and gym memberships can be costly and easily wasted. The cost for this short term decision, however, can be very high.
  • 5 Workout Supplements that Don't Work
    Many of the most popular dietary supplements have dubious scientific backing, if any. Learn about some of the worst offenders and save your money next time!
  • What is a Liberal Arts College?
    You will hear the phrase "liberal arts college" frequently in a college search. What is a liberal arts college? Are the arts liberal? Are they attending?
  • Where to Find Wildflowers in Memphis
    Memphis, despite its industry, is home to several nice areas where you can take in the spring and summer in the best there is; enjoying wildflowers. Here are some of the best spots for wildflowers.

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