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Hello! I hope you are enjoying the content as a return reader or have discovered content worth a few minutes of your time as a new but soon to be return reader. I studied journalism during my tenure at Seton Hall University with aspirations to become a sports writer. Yahoo has given me a forum to share some of my analysis and observations and I hope you enjoy!
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  • Philadelphia Eagles Roster Projections After the Draft
    The new kids on the block have arrived in Philadelphia. The newest members of the Philadelphia Eagles provide insight on what coach Chip Kelly wants to do in his first year, as well as provide insight on potential players who could be on their way out.
  • Philadelphia Eagles Should Say No to Dion Jordan
    As the 2013 NFL Draft creeps closer and closer, the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to narrow their options to one player. Chip Kelly has history with Dion Jordan, which is exactly why he should pass on him with the 4th overall pick.
  • The 2013 Schedule Assessment for the Philadelphia Eagles
    The Philadelphia Eagles begin their 2013 season on the brightest of stages, "Monday Night Football" against the Washington Redskins. Will the season be as bright as the stage of their first game? I try to decipher that question.
  • And With the 4th Pick, the Philadelphia Eagles Select...
    The Eagles' offensive line has not been a strength for the team this decade. If Chip Kelly and the coaching staff want long-term success, the player chosen fourth overall in this year's draft needs to be on the offensive line.
  • Why Chip Kelly Will Succeed for Years to Come
    The intangibles Chip Kelly posses will allow him to succeed in the NFL for several years. His brilliant offensive mind, ability to get the best out of his players and focus on running the football equate to longevity in this league.

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