Christopher F. Hyer

Christopher F. Hyer

Chris likes to push the border with his writing capabilities. His research involves long hours to make an excellent article. He holds many courses from Midland, College which include Psychology and Photography. He practices music every chance he can with his home recording studio. He has composed music for relaxation and value. Chris is always up to doing what he feels God would like him to perform in this life.
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Midland, College, Several Universities Programs and Certifications


To Live, is a way I must learn!


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  • A Pebble Smart Watch is Power Pleasing
    The Pebble smart wrist watch is on fire at the markets with its pleasurable look and dominating presence. What is a smart watch? This alluring watch can run apps and is compatible with certain smart phones.
  • First Person: ADHD Diagnosis Ends Years of Addiction
    When I was 16, smoking pot and drinking cases of beer were my medication for ADHD -- although I didn’t know that’s what I had at the time. From what I could tell, ADHD diagnostics didn’t commonly exist when I was in high school.

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