Verna E. MacKay

Verna E. MacKay

Verna is the author of a Christian book, visit her website at: Verna is in the process of writing a second book, and plans to write additional Christian books, in the near future.

Verna enjoys the outdoors, and going for nature walks. She prefers the use of natural remedies instead of prescription drugs, and believes that it is better to prevent a disease, than to cure it, after it has developed. Verna is a Seventh Day Adventist Christian who has dedicated her life to serving the Lord. She writes Southern style gospel songs, and some with a Caribbean beat. Verna enjoys singing, playing the piano, the organ and the guitar; she plays the piano for the church she attends, sometimes at other churches, and the nursing home.

Verna enjoys photography, video recording, and operated the professional cameras at church. She is the mother of twin daughters who both recently graduated with a BA in Computer Animation. She saves money by doing her own home repairs, with the help of her daughters. Verna received training as a volunteer, which gave her access to Federal prisons, work camps, where she sang, played gospel music on her keyboard, her guitar, and conducted church services for the prisoners. She wrote plays which the prisoners performed, and enjoyed the time she spent as a prison volunteer.

Verna was involved in street ministry where the homeless and hungry were fed. She was a volunteer at the Special Olympics as the Head Assistant Chaperone representing the state of Montana. Verna received basic training as a Cadet in the United States Army at Fort Knox Kentucky, but never joined the Army.
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Midwood High School - Brooklyn New York , SUNY at Brockport N.Y. Major: Pre-Law/ Minor: Theater, various certificates from the University of Southern California (USC)


I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.



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  • The Jews Did Not Kill Jesus
    The Jews did not kill Jesus. Before man was created, a plan of salvation was put in place, to redeem the human race. Jesus willingly allowed himself to be nailed to a cross, to die in our place, to set us free from Satan’s wrath, and save us from sin.
  • How to Stay Sane in a World Gone Mad
    In these evil days of earth’s history, the bible tells us there is wickedness in high places. Our world has gone mad, and people are homeless, laid off from their jobs, due to no fault of their own. Keeping close to Jesus keeps me sane.
  • Why a Plant-Based Diet is Good for Me
    I have experienced many health benefits eating a plant-based diet. My digestive system works great, my muscles are in excellent shape, I am stronger, and I sleep better at nights. A plant-based diet gives my body the nutrients it needs.
  • Violence and Evil Everywhere
    This world is full of violence and evil. It seems to get worse each day. Innocent people are killed by evil men. When we leave home, we do not know what is going to happen to us. This world has gone mad.
  • Wounded by Careless Words
    Often times, words are said, and the words hurt deeply within the heart. Know that even though someone may wound us with their careless words, the things they say are not true.
  • Jesus, the Only True Foundation
    It is not wise to build one’s house, on the sinking sand of life. When trials come, there will be no foundation on which to stand. Building on the Rock, which is Jesus Christ, is the best thing to do.
  • All Things Work Together for Good
    All the trials and tribulations that we are going through, God have a way of taking them, and turning them around in our favor. God will take the bad things that others do to us, and use them for our good.
  • The Armor of God
    In this world there is an enemy whose name is Satan, who is determined to destroy the human race. In Ephesians 6:11-18, we are told to put on the whole armor of God, so that we will be able to stand against the devil.
  • Lessons from the Lord
    Asking the Lord to use me to help my fellowman and to learn life’s lessons. Asking the Lord teach me how to listen and when to speak.
  • Women, You Are Powerful
    A woman can shape a nation. Women do not realize how much power they have to do so many wonderful things with the family that God has given to her.
  • Why Do I Find it so Hard to Forgive?
    Forgiveness is an emotion that we all struggle with, and it takes time to process when someone hurts us so deeply. Only when we surrender that hurt to the Lord can we find peace within our hearts.
  • I Had a Wonderful Day Today
    Spending the day in communion with the Lord in nature, admiring his handy work, and all the beauty he created, is a wonderful thing to do.
  • One Crisis After Another
    Each day we go through hardships in our lives. The loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, health crisis, financial crisis, we pray to the Lord, and it seems as if he does not hear us. The Lord seems so far away.
  • Hiding Under God’s Wings
    In this life we will have mountains to climb and valleys to cross. The Lord promises never to leave us. God is always there to help us and guide us as we travel through this world. Under God's wings, we will be protected from harm and from danger.
  • Death, Oh How I Hate You
    Death is an enemy. It does not care about the destruction it leaves behind. It separates loved ones. The memory we have of our loved one, death will never be able to erase. They may be gone from our lives, but never from our hearts.
  • Where Were You, God, on September 11, 2001?
    Where was God on 9/11? America was under attack by terrorists who flew airplanes into the twin towers, and many innocent people lost their lives. People came from far and near to help and to search for survivors. Hope was still alive.
  • How Can I Trust a God I Have Never Seen
    Is there really a God, and if there is, how do I know that he is real? I know he’s real because of what he has done for me.
  • Sounds of the Hammer on Crucifixion Day
    Jesus was crucified on a cross to save you, and me. Can you picture in your mind what he went through?
  • An Invitation from the Master
    God wants us to come, and reason with him, he wants you to ask questions, and to spend time with him.
  • And There was War in Heaven
    The first war that took place was in heaven, between God and Satan. Satan was cast out of heaven and landed on earth.
  • God is a Mighty Good God
    God does not give up on us he loves us, and will do everything he can to save us.
  • Jesus Died to Set Us Free
    Jesus stopped dying on the cross, long enough to grant a thief’s dying wish. Jesus died for you and me.
  • Feeling Discouraged and Hopeless
    The devil uses discouragement to beat us down, but God uses encouragement to build us up.
  • The Promises of God
    Poem tells that God does not want anyone to be lost, because of his great love for us.
  • Thank God, Jesus is Not like Me
    Poem tells that if God was like me, all humanity would be lost, but God is a God of love.
  • When God Heals
    Poem: Physical healing, spiritual healing, all comes from the hands of God. God does things in his time, and we must be patient and wait on him.
  • When Jesus Comes Again
    Poem: Soon Jesus will be coming back to earth to take his children to their heavenly home.
  • Lord, I Need Your Helping Hand
    Poem: Without the Lord in our lives, we are going through life aimlessly.
  • Walking with Jesus Day by Day
    Poem: Jesus is our helper he is the solid Rock on which the Christian stands.
  • Did I Help Someone Today?
    Poem: Brighten someone’s day, say a kind word, and give a smile away.
  • Lord, Help Me Along the Way
    Poem: No matter what you’re going through, Jesus will be there for you.
  • Holding on to the Lord’s Promises
    Poem that tells that the Lord loves us and cares for us. Jesus said he will be with us always, even to the very end
  • A Brighter Tomorrow
    We do not know what tomorrow brings, but with Jesus leading the way, everything will be all right.
  • Lord Grant Me Your Blessings
    Poem: We need God’s help each day to protect us from harm, and from danger.
  • This Same Jesus in Heaven Now Dwells
    Poem: Jesus died to save the world from their sins because he loves us very much.
  • The Judgment Has Begun
    Rev. 22:11 – We should accept Gods gift of salvation, today, because we do not know what tomorrow brings.
  • A Prayer for the Holy Spirit
    God will give us His Holy Spirit to help us along life’s way, and all we have to do is ask.
  • Is My Name Written in the Book of Life?
    If we confess our sins, Jesus will forgive us.
  • Lord Teach Me to Count My Blessings
    Murmuring and complaining is never the answer, putting our trust in God is always better.
  • Jesus Our Greatest Example
    Jesus came and showed us the love of his Father and died to redeem us from sin.
  • What Shall I Give My Lord This Day
    God loves us very much, and asks that we surrender our hearts to him, that we may have eternal life.
  • Heaven is a Place I Long For
    This poem tells of heaven which is a real place, a beautiful place, where those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, will one day live with him.
  • When Jesus Knocks
    Sins that are not confessed, and forsaken, cannot be forgiven. It is easier to be saved than it is to be lost, because Jesus will do everything he can to try to save a sinner.
  • Who is This Man Called Jesus
    This poem asks the question ‘Who is this man, called Jesus?” and gives limited answers because Jesus is much more than this poem can ever tell.
  • Tell it to Jesus; He Alone Understands
    God loves each of us. He wants us to bring all our burdens, our trials, and our fears, and give them to him, because he cares for us.
  • God’s Promises Never Fail
    This poem reminds us that God loves us and he promises that when we go through hardship, trials, and tribulations, he will never leave us, nor, will he forsake us.
  • The Name of the Lord Will Be Glorified
    This poem gives honor and praise to the Lord for his marvelous grace, his love, and His mercies, to a life that was full of sin.
  • Why a Plant Based Diet is Good for Me
    I have experienced many health benefits eating a plant based diet. My digestive system works great, my muscles are in excellent shape, I am stronger, and I sleep much better at nights. A plant based diet gives my body all the nutrients it needs.

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