Kate Hula

Kate Hula

My mother always said I was unique, but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. As I get older, I’m starting to understand why my mother repeatedly said that during my brilliant youth. I like to get my way, and who doesn’t. Rules are meant to be broken and made up along the way. Just like words. Everyone has a talent and mine would be the ability to make up words as I go, which saved my tail a time or two. Due to all the weddings I’ve been in or been invited to, I’ve become quite the dress collector. And I’ll gladly take more. Pinot grigio is a food group to me, along with chips, salsa, and queso cheese. Nothing beats a good Mexican restaurant on a Sunday morning.

When I’m not busy tormenting the world, I have a fantastic husband who takes the punishment for free. The poor guy was out for a beer with Janae (aka the other writer) when I snagged him off the dance floor from a hungry looking cougar. We been together ever since.

My second love goes to Frank Sinatra. I’m not sure when the love affair started, but no one can croon like Mr. Blue Eyes.

When I’m not ogling over Frank or my husband, I have a deep love for travel. Even crossing the border to Kansas makes me happy. I’ll take an island vacation and a week away from society any day. All I need is the sun, the sand, and the open sea. Peace out mon!
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