Vickie Mansour-Hasan

Vickie Mansour-Hasan

Born and Raised in Chicago, IL.
BA in Classics and English, Southern Illinois University
MA in English
Secondary Education Certification (Type 09)
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  • 65 Years: 4 Steps to Retiring the Palestinian Nakba
    After sixty five years of toil, most people feel the relief of retirement. Yet, Palestinians still toil against exile and occupation.
  • Time to Cut the Dead Weight
    Why a lefty liberal teacher supports abolishing tenure for elementary and secondary teachers.
  • First Person: My Student Loan Noose
    A short synopsis of how student debt I accrued in my twenties threatens not only to follow me into my future, but also to entirely derail the certification I sought hard to acquire.
  • Mom's Rule On Finishing What I Start
    This is but one lesson I took from my mother, but a central one in my life. She taught me to work hard, never give up, believe in myself, and finish what I start, not through continuous lectures, but through her own dedication and perseverance. Nothing te

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