Micki Holley

Micki Holley

Micki is an ordained minister, animal enthusiast, professional dog handler, part-time teacher, avid hockey fan, writer, crafter, garden enthusiast and single parent. Micki also is an avid enthusiast of both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Micki has been an ordained independent minister since 2009 and performs various religious ceremonies. She has been an animal enthusiast since a young child with the help of her parents who have a hobby dog kennel, at the age of 16 she took her first professional handling job and handled her first dog to its championship within the first six months of handling. Micki has TESOL certification and teaching certification for the state of MO where she enjoys working with high school students. The St. Louis Blues are her favorite hockey team and she is active, either through monetary donations or the donating of her time, in the charities that the organization supports. She has a blog where she posts past writings and fictional works that she is currently working on. Micki enjoys gardening and searching out new and improved gardening methods that include organic gardening and container gardening.
Micki was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2006 and has since been dedicated to finding natural alternatives to conventional medical treatments and is currently medication free. She is also dedicated to helping those with cancer, in particular breast cancer, in finding natural alternatives to aid in the successful remission of the cancer. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and through limited radiation and chemotherapy as well as lifestyle changes, is now in remission. Micki is also always searching out new holistic methods for other ailments and natural cleaning solutions for the home.
Aside from being a part-time teacher, Micki is engrossed in learning about homeschooling and online schooling for elementary education.
Micki enjoys making new crafts with her daughter, creating floral centerpieces & garden stones.
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A.A.S. Computer Networking, A.A.S. Web Development, B.S. Information Technology, Honorary Ph.D. in Theology, TESOL certification, independent clergy certification


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.



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    The St Louis Blues have a bond among them that refuses to let their teammate go on a journey down memory lane alone. Jaden Schwartz's sister, Mandi, lost her battle with leukemia but the Blues are helping to honor her and her family.
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    The St. Louis Blues have ten players heading to the Olympic Games in Sochi this February. Of the ten, only three have Olympic experience. How will each of these players fair during the pressure and rigors of Olympic play?
  • Team USA Hockey Players to Watch at the Winter Olympics in Sochi
    Team USA hockey has a wealth of talent but they will not be able to play as a cohesive unit unless they work as a team. The players who exemplfy at teamwork will the be ones who are successful in Sochi.
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    Trade rumors are a bit sluggish this season. Ryan Miller's name keeps cropping up and St. Louis seems to be considering their options and deciding if Jaroslav Halak's time with the Blues is coming to an end.
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    The St. Louis Blues have two exceptional goalies on their active roster. Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott both have winning records and are helping to push the Blues toward securing a playoff spot.
  • St Louis Blues' T.J. Oshie Named to Team USA
    Blues forward TJ Oshie has been named to Team USA for the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, is his experience and playmaking skills enough to help Team USA or will he hinder them?
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