Jason Gerdsmeier

Jason Gerdsmeier

Jason Gerdsmeier is an aspiring creative writer with a unique perspective on current national, international, and global issues. As well as opinions on current issues facing humanity, Jason also spends much time considering abstract and philosophical concerns such as purpose, meaning, direction and most of all, leading a fulfilling life.
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Jason has some college education as well as many hours of independant study.


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  • Unexpected Reasons Why It's Not Our Fault Were Fat
    The more we look into the obesity epidemic, the more we realize it's not entirely McDonalds fault.
  • What Makes Me Happy at 23
    The endless potential of life at twenty three makes people the happiest.
  • Weird Insurance Companies
    Insurance Law allows people to protect themselves from most anything and everthing. No matter how unreasonable something may be, it doesn't stop people from buying it.
  • Before the Rain
    Living dead and trying to die alive.
  • Bombs and Lightning
    An experience leads a man to seek a more fulfilling life.
  • Future Human Evolution: We've Mastered Tools, Now Ourselves?
    Human beings have evolved to be a remarkably successful species on planet earth. If we are not done evolving then, what will evolution have in store for us in the future?
  • Amercan Illusion's
    Is America's current unsustainable lifestyle perpetuated by illusions that give us false perceptions of the world as well as, our place and role within it?
  • Without Now
    A man seeks truth through the struggles of a vagabond lifestyle.
  • Gun-Violence: Larger Than Legislation
    Problems fueling America's debate's over gun control are larger than guns themselves. Only by identifying the underlying issues causing gun-violence can we then be able to actually create a safer, heathier world.

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