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Jared Stearne

Jared Stearne is a Bay Area native who is a lifelong sports fan and fitness enthusiast. A salesperson by day, he enjoys studying sports by reading and writing every chance he gets.
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  • Ten greatest athletes in Oakland sports history
    We discuss the most beloved professional athletes in Oakland's history to determine who should rank number one. We consider members of the Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors.
  • David Lee is the Most Overrated Golden State Warrior
    David Lee is the most overrated member of the Golden State Warriors. Despite being an All-Star, his production was in line with players making much less than he is. His contract is very large for what he can do for the Warriors. His defense is lacking.
  • Golden State Warriors: Who Could Replace Jarrett Jack?
    The Golden State Warriors may lose Jarrett Jack to free agency. Who can the Warriors afford to replace Jack with, and what will happen to the team when they lose their fourth quarter point guard? Are there any free agents who would be even better?
  • Is Michael Malone the Right Coach for the Sacramento Kings?
    Michael Malone is the new head coach of the Sacramento Kings. But was signing Malone ahead of proven head coaches like Byron Scott, Stan Van Gundy and Lionel Hollins the right decision? Will the Kings have playoff success under Michael Malone?
  • Goodbye Jarrett Jack: 3 Things the Golden State Warriors Must Do
    To improve in 2014, head coach Mark Jackson and the Golden State Warriors must let Jarrett Jack walk in free agency; they must make Harrison Barnes a bigger part of the team; and they must continue to develop the young role players on the bench.
  • A Star is Born: The Five Best Moments of Stephen Curry's Career
    Reviewing the five best performances of Stephen Curry's basketball career. Includes his best basketball games from Davidson College and the Golden State Warriors. with stats and historical context for each game.
  • The Golden State Warriors Must Sign Dwight Howard
    Why the Warriors have to sign free agent center Dwight Howard to a maximum contract, and why the Warriors are the best team for Dwight Howard to sign with. Also, how good will the Warriors be with Dwight Howard?

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