Kimberly David

Kimberly David

Kim is a mother of a preschooler and full-time professional living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. In her former role as Assistant Director of Student Development at Oxford College of Emory University, she assisted with Orientation, coordinated Freshman Seminar and provided service opportunities for college students. She now serves as a Library Specialist working with students, faculty and staff. Kim enjoys traveling and discovering new places for her family to enjoy. She is passionate about planning large group events on a budget - especially if they are service related. Her four year old daughter keeps her on her toes and laughing each day. Kim was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, spent a couple of years in Denver, Colorado, taught 5th & 6th graders in Yuma, Arizona, but has lived the majority of her years in Georgia.
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Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication


Living with a preschooler is more entertaining than any book, any tv show or sporting event. You laugh, you cry, you yell and you celebrate.


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