Sandra Snow

Sandra Snow

Sandra Snow is an ex-hippie, turned home organizational fanatic. She is an avid animal lover, who specializes in adopting and taming feral cats. She reads voraciously, enjoys flower gardening and landscape planning. She draws house plans and her most fervent hope is someone will ask her to design a house for them. Her tastes in films revolve around science fiction, drama, suspense, classic horror, and more. She loves the leisure arts of crochet, embroidery, painting and drawing, sewing, and crafting. She likes to bake more than cook and loves to entertain. Her political affiliations are all liberal, and she is passionate about issues affecting women, children, and other oppressed groups, as well as the environment. Her roots and geographical loves are in Michigan, although she has traveled widely in the US and lived for three years in Oakland, California. Sandra is open to the existence of ESP, aliens, Bigfoot, and other legendary creatures. Sandra considers herself a Christian with overtones of Native American, and far-East philosophies coloring her Christianity. She is committed to living a single life and facing the challenges of life on her own. She is retired from being an English Professor at Central Michigan University. Sandra firmly believes that the effects of childhood abuse and bullying affect the individual for life and that we must prevent these debilitating crimes against children in every way possible. Her motto is "Whatever the situation is, try to be better than that, try to be above it, whatever the situation." Sandra is concerned with decay in manners, in basic knowledge, and common decency among Americans.
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BS in Education from Central Michigan University with majors in both art and English, MA in English literature from CMU. and MSU where I worked on a Ph. D in English, but happily, did not finish.


Try to be above it, whatever it is; be better than the situation at hand.


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  • Hire a Professional Contractor for Some Jobs
    The author describes her worst failed attempt at a small home remodel.
  • Remembering Maya Angelou
    The author gives some historical details and perspective on the life and passing of Maya Angelou, an American poet, actor, director, activist, and humanitarian, who has died.
  • Bringing It Home for Father’s Day
    The author supplies readers with a long list of suggestions for Father's Day gifts, if you or someone you know is struggling for something to give this Father's Day. She banishes ideas of ties, socks, and cologne!
  • Is Your House Haunted?
    The author admits to not seeing ghosts, but claims there are many other ways to know if your home has paranormal activity.
  • New Homeowners’ Essential Tools and Supplies List
    The author, a homeowner, who has done small repairs, as well as made shelves, and has assembled more than her fair share of "some assembly required" furniture, offers her list of essential tool sand supplies very new homeowner needs t have on hand.
  • Baseball Was the Best Part of My Childhood
    The author describes the love she had for baseball all throughout her childhood.
  • Schizophrenia and Facts You Need to Know
    The author gives some facts and some anecdotal information about Schizophrenia.
  • 10 Things Parents Need to Teach Their Children
    The author, a former teacher/professor, gives 10 lessons parents need to teach their children, so they grow up to be happy, loving, hardworking, considerate, and successful adults.
  • Peace Corps and What You May Not Know
    The Peace Corps was born on the trail of J.F.K's campaign, and the first indication of it came in brief remarks at U of M, in the author's home state.
  • The Haunting of Grays Furniture in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
    The author describes a haunted furniture store in downtown Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, a great place to shop and visit.
  • Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan
    The author describes a traditional music festival, located in Michigan that is coming up on its 40th anniversary this September 2014.
  • Blotchy Skin Fixes for Women
    The author describes her beauty routine that evens out skin tones and makes her appear much younger than her real age.
  • Losing a Tire While Traveling
    The author details a disaster she had while traveling across country, by losing a tire in heavy traffic, where people could have been killed, but luckily were not.
  • Picking the Right Therapist
    The author, who has had counseling, talks about how to select a therapist and how to know when you have made the right choice.
  • Osteoporosis Is Fear
    The author describes some of the warning signs and myths she had about osteoporosis.
  • Planning My Organic Spring Garden
    The author, an experienced gardener, gives tips for planning and planting your organic gardens.
  • Moving Takes Planning: Four Tips From a Person Who Has Moved 20 Times
    The author has moved over 20 times in her life, and she offers tips she has learned along the way.
  • Sandra's Bread Pudding
    The author grew up eating bread pudding, but she has played with the ingredients and proportions to make it her own. It is a true comfort food, made of cubed bread, eggs, milk, sugar, and sweet dark raisins.
  • AARP was the Group for Me
    The author, a confirmed non-joiner, tells why she joined AARP.
  • Adversity Can Culminate in Success
    Through the lens of a background of deprivation, the author speculates that not being showered in toys or gifts made her appreciate what she had more, and links excess with the current state of the damaged environment and lack of character in some people.
  • Queen the Huntress
    The author tells about an aspect of one of her stray cat's personalities, the huntress, who hunted to bring her owner gifts.
  • My Brother's Beating
    In this memoir the author recalls a terrifying night when she was seven, when her brother tried to leave home and the result for him was a terrible beating by his father.
  • The Beatles Brought Fun and Relief, Then Rebellion
    The author describes changes in her community as a result of the Beatles, who spurred an age longing for escape.
  • Modeling for an Artist
    The author talks about her young life as an artist in training, and as a model for two artists, one a sculptor.
  • Tunnels in the Snow
    The author reflects on how much fun the heavy snowfalls were when she was a child when she is reminded of how magical the snow can be for children by the little boys next door.
  • Riding Cows
    The author talks about her experiences and memories of trying to ride cows when she was a little girl and how much the cows resented it.
  • My Mother's Crazy Logic
    The author tries, in this memoir, to make sense of her mother's thought processes and comes up short.
  • The Girls' Club
    The author tells about a playhouse she had in the front of the grain room of the chicken house at her grandmother's house.
  • Weeds from the Moon
    The speaker of this poem is an omniscient observer of a woman who has lost a dog, and gained a patch of weeds where the dog once ran. It discusses the cycle of life and seasons, and uses the metaphors of gardening, cultivation, and more.
  • Out of the Dorm and Up on the Roof
    The author describes some memorable times up on the roof of a porch; it was the best part of the apartment where she lived one year in college.
  • From Detroit, to Montgomery, and on to Washington
    Five catalysts for the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are discussed in this review of important social equality events.
  • Mumblety-Peg in the Backyard
    The author describes her one attempt at playing with knives and tells the reason why it was the only time she ever did that.
  • The Necklace
    The author describes a necklace her mother reluctantly bought for her, and her father's furious reaction to spending money on the young girl, in this memoir from her childhood.
  • A Break-in on Agnes Street in Detroit
    In this memoir, the author describes a breaking and entering in her apartment in Detroit.
  • The Semi Driver
    The author tells about one of the times circumstances forced her to hitchhike home, even though it terrified her then and still does.
  • Waiting for Spring
    The speaker of the poem celebrates the signs of spring: cold weather flowers, return of birds, meling snow, and the ramblings of the skunk.
  • Dolores De Las Marias Del Mundo
    The speaker of the poem observes a conversation between a nurse and a patient with a hard choice to make.
  • Dealing with the Stigma of Black Sheep
    The author talks about the stigma in a small town that can be ascribed to a child when other members of her family are in trouble with the law and at school.
  • Romantic Fallacy
    The speaker of the poem is describing a failed romantic attempt with someone who is more intellect than passion.
  • Wild Turkey
    The Speaker of the poem is out driving, and comes across enormous wild turkeys feeding on remnants of corn left behind under the snow in the fall harvest.
  • Auto Factories Need Retooling in 2014 to Build Mass Transit
    The author believes one solution for mass transit will help both the economy and curtail global warming.
  • The Depot
    The author tells readers a secret abut why she cried at a train depot when she was 8 years old, a secret she has kept for decades.
  • Hitler's Bunker
    The speaker of the poem describes the rathole of Hitler, comparing him to rodents and demons, living in the Fuhrerbunker, beneath Berlin, at the close of WWII.
  • Dreams of Guard Cats
    The speaker of the poem is someone with a new kitten and both of them dream of guard cats.
  • A Fawn on the Boston Mountains
    The author describes the near death tragedy of a fawn tangled in barbed wire fencing on an remote road in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.
  • The Child in Me
    The speaker of the poem is describing, through simile and metaphor, the child that sometimes shows up, despite the speaker's adult appearance.
  • My Grandmother's Cellar
    The author describes her grandmother's cellar as much more than a cellar; it is a repository of vast treasures in her dreams.
  • He Will Not Admit Age Advances
    The speaker of the poem is observing and commenting on an old man's dilemma.
  • Bundle of Letters
    The speaker of the poem describes the pain her mother's treatment and letters cost her.
  • Learning to Be Alone
    The author describes having a lonely childhood and an incident with trying to choose a friend that ends badly when she was a little girl, but being alone has taught her self-reliance and resilience.
  • Combination Holiday/Birthday Cards Are Bad Gifts
    The author makes a plea for others to not go cheap on the birthdays of those born on holidays.
  • One Scary Night on the Road in Santa Rosa, New Mexico
    The author is writing about one night of her move from Michigan to California, alone and frightened, in a strange and unsafe place.
  • Out After Dorm Curfew and on the Run
    The author, already an expert at sneaking out at night at home, decides to try her expertise at the dorm during curfew.
  • The Accident in My Grandparents’ Barn
    The author describes an injury she had while playing in her grandparents almost empty barn and her fears of lockjaw that followed but never materialized.
  • Christmas Makes Me Want to Cocoon Until Spring
    The author describes why she wants to avoid thinking of Christmas and brings this picture, as evidence.
  • Stans’s Diner in Downtown Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
    The author gives some advice on what to order at this local eatery, a legend in downtown Mt. Pleasant, MI.
  • Epsom Salts and Why You Should Always Have Them on Hand
    The author offers some home remedy advice that she learned on the family farm.
  • Police Rescue Caruso the Cat
    The author describes a police rescue of her unfortunate curious cat.
  • Ginger the Cat’s Rehabilitation
    The author describes the psychological rehabilitation of an abused cat she rescued and how loving the kitty has become.
  • A Dozen Household Hazards for Cats
    The author describes and gives some anecdotal evidence for twelve hazards your home may have that could harm or kill your cat.
  • Day After Christmas Shopping was a Nightmare
    The author describes her last day after Christmas shopping experience, a total nightmare, not worth the effort.
  • Teaching is About More Than the Lesson
    The author, a retired teacher, offers tips about keeping and gaining respect and authority in the classroom.
  • A High School Counselor Blocked My Path
    The author describes a high school counselor who was determined to stand in her way of post high school success.
  • One Christmas Brought Hopeless Dreams
    The author uses the memory of an "unsuitable" Christmas gift for a girl, a play doctor's bag, to symbolize the lack of choice she and other women had growing up in the 1950s.
  • My Mother and the Gas Stove
    The author describes her mother's unsafe practices with their gas stove as her reason for having an electric stove in her own home.
  • Caramel as Hard as Jawbreakers
    The author describes a fail of epic proportions for a dessert meant for a holiday party.
  • Chair Rail Adds Class and Function to Your Décor
    The author provides some design tips and placement for adding chair rail to your home. She talks about function, as well as design elements.
  • Five Things About Working as a Truckstop Cook
    The author draws on her experiences working in the food service business when she was younger, and tells the truth about what goes on in some restaurants, in the kitchen, as well as in the parking lots.
  • Sometimes the Lesson Becomes Apparent Later
    The author, a retired university professor, recalls a breakthrough with a very difficult student after a class is over.
  • My First Experience with Vacation Bible School
    The author recalls her first experience with Vacation Bible School to be a lesson in humiliation.
  • Sneaking Out of the House at Night
    The author describes sneaking out of her parents' house at night when she was eight or nine and wandering in woods in search of cool air and freedom.
  • Stalked by a Mugger in Detroit
    The author details the violent attack and aftermath of being mugged outside of the building where she resided in Detroit years ago.
  • The Chase on Speaker Road
    In this memoir, the author describes a chase that could have ended in death.
  • Suspicions About a Man in Black
    In this memoir, the author describes watching someone dressed all in black that she thinks might be up to no good at her credit union.
  • The Chiseler
    In this memoir, the author describes a time when her temper was effective in dealing with a petty thief.
  • Choosing the Right Paint Types for Your Home and Personality
    The author explains how to make paint choices, with some particular advice about low VOC paints, as well as for finishes for walls, and trim, and special problems, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Snowstorm Readiness
    The author, a native Michigander who is used to snowstorms, gives advice for essentials needed for winter snowstorms and possible power outages because of them.
  • Night Without End
    The author, a practical joker in college, had an elaborate practical joke played on her one night in the dorm and wonders to this day who played this prank.
  • New Puppy Preparedness
    The author gives advice to would-be puppy owners, about food, dishes, vet care, leash and collars, and more.
  • Living in Small Spaces
    Some small spaces require thinking about practicality over aesthetics; the author gives practical suggestions for small studio living.
  • Dormitory Practical Jokes/ 3
    The author describes a partnered prank she and a roommate play on their third roommate, a humorless resident assistant on their floor. They temporarily redecorated her room.
  • Dormitory Practical Jokes/ 4
    The author describes how Karma caught up with her and her practical jokes.
  • Dormitory Practical Jokes/ 2
    The author shares a practical joke she played in the dormitory at college in the 1970s; a telephone repairman taught her how to do this prank.
  • Dormitory Practical Jokes/ 1
    In this memoir from college dorm days in the 1970s, the author describes practical jokes she, and some times friends did, while living in residence halls in Michigan.
  • Hippie Revenge on a Dorm Mother
    The author remembers int his memoir how life was changing in 1970, and how three girls rebelled against a dorm housemother who expected them to behave as though it was 1955.
  • Nightmares/2
    The author has written a poem, in homage to a painting owned by the Detroit Institute of the Arts, called, "The Nightmare."
  • Filling the Emptiness
    The speaker of the poem finds that other people do not make her happiness or fill the voids in her life.
  • First Person: Rural Michigan Life in 1963 Sharply Altered After JFK
    The author describes what life was like in her rural Michigan Community on the day when President John F. Kennedy was shot, and believes she and her community, as well as the country, lost their innocence and security that day.
  • The Cat Massacre
    The author is describing the most horrific day of her early childhood, the massacre of their barnyard cats.
  • Dream About This Day
    The speaker of the poem describes two sunny days, captured for infinity.
  • Pilgrimages and Lake Huron
    The speaker if this poem is an omniscient observer of the things she sees in a Huron resort town, full of summer pilgrims, some coming, and one wanting a different pilgrimage.
  • Memories of Becca
    The author wrote this memoir as a tribute to a friend who is gone too soon.
  • Time of Day Electric Meters
    The author describes substantially lowering her electric bill by having a time of day meter installed. She explains how it works and gives some tips for installation and use.
  • The Dysfunctional Family and How it Affects Family Dynamics
    The author shares some research and a unique personal perspective on family dysfunction.
  • Making an Online Class Better was a Big Teaching Challenge
    I began teaching an online course that needed work to make it student friendly, and here is how I did that.
  • Movies to See in December 2013
    The author describes her four picks for must-see viewing in December, 2103.
  • A House Fire is the Stuff of Nightmares
    The author remembers a home near her burning, where it seemed to her the land wanted the people gone.
  • Visiting the Cliff House Inn Overlooking the Arkansas Grand Canyon
    The author describes some attractions in the Buffalo River, the Arkansas Grand Canyon, and what to do there. Peaches and fried chicken come along with that view.
  • I Narrowly Missed Being on the Tabitha Horn Murder Jury Pool
    The author was scheduled for jury duty on a difficult child murder case. The trial was postponed, and she narrowly missed being on that jury because of that postponement.
  • Fragrance Intolerance: What it Is, What it Can Do, and How You Can Help Avoid Problems for Those Who Have It
    The author is fragrance intolerant, and wants others to know what effects it has, and how they can help prevent these symptoms.
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