Rebecca Holcomb

Rebecca Holcomb

Rebecca is a fun-loving, wife and Stay-at-Home mother of three beautiful girls. She and her family live in Central Florida and love their little slice of country living. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and plans to get her professional license in Massage Therapy within the next year.
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Graduated High School in June of 2001. I attended ORU from August of 2001-May 2003, with a major in pre-med biology. CNA course and license received in August of 2010.


Those who can, do.



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  • Marijuana for Recreational Use
    With the continuing popularity of medicinal marijuana, there is a huge push to legalize it for recreational use well beyond Colorado.
  • Netflix Gemstones: Four Great Finds on the Popular Entertainment Giant
    Netflix is gaining momentum as an entertainment giant. Instant access to movies, TV shows, and kids programming has made them a crowd favorite over regular cable and satellite.
  • 5 Ways to Deal With the Terrible Twos
    From teething, to boundaries, learning to deal with your toddler's "terrible twos" can be daunting. These 5 tips will help you navigate the treacherous waters of toddlerhood, and hopefully reduce the number of headaches and bruised hearts you incur.
  • Holiday Cooking Nightmares
    Everyone's been there before. You spend all morning and most of the afternoon slaving away over the stove to prepare your best holiday dinner, only to have everything fall apart. You'll relate to this story, if something similar has ever happened to you.
  • Thanksgiving: 3 Great Breakfast Options
    It's still dark outside when you put the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. You brew some coffee as those 'only on Thanksgiving' smells start to fill the air. So what do you do about breakfast? These options will keep you satisfied until the big dinner!
  • Holiday Crafts: Thanksgiving Place Cards
    Between planning Thanksgiving dinner, and actually getting it on the table, there are those of us who like to add a little pizazz to our place settings. Making your own unique place holders is just one way to let family know you were thinking of them.
  • Thanksgiving: A Host's Survival Guide
    From turkey and dressing to family and friends, hosting Thanksgiving isn't for the faint at heart. It takes grit and determination to turn out a family affair in which everyone enjoys themselves and leaves your home with warm memories.
  • Holiday Shopping: 4 Great Ways to Save
    Looking for ways to save time and money this holiday season? Forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Enjoy stress free shopping with these easy to use, stress relieving tips.
  • Veterans Day: A Look Back at History
    Whether you're a service member or not, or maybe you have one in your family; the chances are that you've at least heard of Veteran's Day. A day we should actually set aside to be thankful for those who have fought for the freedoms we take for granted.
  • Schooling at Home: Resources for Beginners
    Have you been thinking about homeschooling your children, but don't know where to start? This simple how-to guide will give you great tips for getting started, how to keep your kids involved, and little extras that make school at home worth the effort.
  • Republican Party Needs to Focus on the 'Illegal' Part of Illegal Immigration
    As Immigration Reform comes closer to becoming law, many Americans are divided over the effect it will have on both the culture and economy of our nation. With both sides strongly supportive and opposed to the bill it isn't a wonder that it's a hot topic.
  • Weight Loss: The Pregnancy Edition
    Have you been trying to fit back into your "pre-pregnancy" skinny jeans? Do you feel like you're fighting an uphill battle? I've got some tips and tricks for helping you shed those extra pregnancy pounds that are easy to start and stick with.
  • A Guide to the Principles and Benefits of Attachment Parenting
    Through trial and error, Attachment Parenting, has become a style of child rearing that incorporates different options from baby-wearing to co-sleeping or bed-sharing. It gives parents the optimum bonding experience while fostering security in children.
  • Free Gas
    Tired of paying full price at the pump? Need to fill your refrigerator this week? If you live in a town with a Winn-Dixie store, you can potentially get your gas, up to 20 gallons, for pennies on the dollar.
  • Waylon J. Smithers, Jr. Meets His End
    Now in it's 24th season, The Simpsons, is still making families laugh with it's humorous relationships. Homer is still an idiot, Bart is still a troublemaker and Lisa is still a brown-nosing suck-up. Smithers, however, has run his course and must die!
  • Miley's Mistep into Adulthood
    When Miley Cyrus was the face of Disney's Hannah Montana she was the girl everyone other girl wanted to be. Smart, funny, and normal, she was a role model to little girls across the nation. Now, as she struggles to grow up, she falls further from herself.
  • Depression: After Baby Comes
    When depression hits, it can be a knock-out punch that turns your world upside down. Add a new baby to the mix, and life becomes complicated rather quickly. I'm going to explain the tough problems post partum depression causes and options for fixing them.
  • Breastfeeding Basics
    Having difficulty breastfeeding? Does your baby latch well but won't eat? Is your baby losing weight while you try again and again to figure it all out? This guide will give you the breastfeeding basics, as well as resources to answer all your questions.
  • Obama's Climate Change Plan Threatens Liberty
    President Obama delivered a speech Tuesday on Climate Change, that received rousing bouts of applause. I had to ask myself just how do you keep a representative republic in the dark on scandals, and your real agenda? You use a web of distractions.
  • Window Cleaning: How to Get Your Windows Squeaky Clean
    Do you want sparkling windows that you could almost walk through, they're so clean? I'll explain a tried and true method that will have your windows sparkling. This method will work for sliding glass doors as well, so beware you don't walk into them!
  • Gestational Diabetes and You
    This article will explain the top five reversible reasons women across the country suffer from Gestational Diabetes. Also, what you can do to avoid them and the disease all together, for the health of you and your unborn baby.
  • Comedy Thrillers and Killers
    Finding a great comedy nowadays isn't always easy. Sometimes you have to fall back on what works, and add a new spin to make it modern. If you're looking for a movie to make you laugh, my top three favorites won't let you down.
  • The Home Birth Option: One Mother's Journey
    Choosing a home birth is a personal decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. I will share the thoughts behind my choice to home birth, along with reasons home birth is unique. I will point out reasons why a home birth isn't an option for some.
  • Parents Beware: Coping with Unsolicited Advice
    Coping with awkward situations can be difficult. This article will show parents some different choices for dealing with people who, while they mean well, don't know when their advice isn't wanted or welcomed.
  • Why Dropping Cable TV May Be the Best Decision You Ever Make
    This How-To guide is going to show you how to enjoy the TV experience without Cable TV and/or Satellite. It will also outline different reasons why dropping Cable TV may be imperative, and how it can change your life in a great way.

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