Ethan Cooper

Ethan Cooper

You wish to become your own barista in your own kitchen. The prices of French Press coffee makers are only less than twenty bucks while the prices of coffee machines are in the range of hundreds. You are not the only one if this leads you into thinking that the coffee brewed out of these manual coffee makers is not good. But as a matter of fact, they can actually give you the finest brew of coffee and better still, the most budget friendly option. Coffee is my obsession and the more I understand about coffee, the more it amazes me.
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Good Coffee Beans is nothing without Good Coffee Makers


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  • What Price Should You Pay for Premium Coffee
    The curious question that every coffee enthusiast will be asking is if it is worth paying such premium for these types of bean. But the more valid question, in my opinion, should be how much of a premium should you pay for a certain type of coffee bean.

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