Anne Michelsen

Anne Michelsen

Anne Michelsen is a freelance copywriter and journalist. She writes primarily for and about companies and topics related to sustainability. This allows her to write about a variety of subjects, including construction, landscaping, fashion, beauty, natural health, travel, business and marketing, renewable energy, and the environment.

Anne is also an accomplished fine artist and children's illustrator. She is especially known for her spirited portrayals of horses and other animals.

Some of Anne's personal adventures include: a honeymoon trip by bicycle across the continental United States; helping to design and build a passive solar home; assisting with numerous solar thermal and PV installations; living off-grid for three years; planting an organic garden and small orchard; serving on the board of her community’s sustainability commission; a six-year term as a La Leche League Leader (volunteer breastfeeding counselor); and most recently, acceptance into the Beginning Farmer mentoring program through the University of Illinois Extension.

Anne is also a small business owner and a certified Reiki III practitioner. She enjoys hiking, running and cycling, and is the bemused mother of two delightfully unconventional teenagers.

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