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John Ricard

Founder and chief writer for and Kid from the "305" representing his local teams with his wordcraft. Latin teacher by day and ex-lead guitarist for the legendary Panty Raiders - in a former life, of course.
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M.A in Classics from Florida State University


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  • For Marlins to Keep Promise, Phase 2 Must Begin Now
    After the flurry of trades the Marlins have seen in the past year, the road to contending and being competitive again has been cleared. There is much skepticism both externally and internally about whether or not the Marlins are true to this vision.
  • Dealing Ricky Nolasco May Not Be the Best Move for the Marlins
    The Marlins are likely to finish near the bottom of the bigs but they are surging due to players returning from injury. Ricky Nolasco was expected to be jettisoned but is that really the right move for the Fish for both the short term and long term?

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