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Jessica Starks

Jessica is a college student and aspiring author who is working on her English degree. Though no professional, she is passionate about the topics she covers and strives to show that in her work.
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Itawamba Community College: English Major


It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. -Herman Melville


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  • 10 Facts About The Rosewood Massacre
    10 facts about the massacre in Rosewood, Florida that was fueled by racial tensions. This massacre forever changed the lives of the residents of the town, as well as the state of Florida.
  • Author Spotlight: Diana J. Febry
    Diana J. Febry, author of currently three books, sat down to discuss her career, inspirations, and future works.
  • Types of College Students
    In college, every class has at least one of the three main types of college kids. Read to find out those types of students in class. You may be one of them!
  • Book Review: 'Alex the Cat' by Dina Porell
    'Alex the Cat' by Dina Porell is a short story that details the life and times of a cat named Alex who lives in Korea. The struggles and triumphs of Alex shows readers that, whether animal or human, all creatures have feelings and all deserve to be loved.
  • 5 Things I Learned from Being a Staff Writer
    The life of a staff writer offers many lessons. Here are just a couple of things I have learned myself on my journey.
  • Author Spotlight: Kirsten Jany
    Kirsten Jany, author of the mystery/crime fiction novel, "Enter to Win," sits down with Yahoo! Voices to give us some background on her and her wonderful book.
  • Use Those Gears!
    Charles Schulz once said, "Like a ten-speed bike, most of us have gears we do not use." Here is one take on what this poignant quote means.
  • Jake, the Human
    What once started off as a simple high school assignment became a beloved tribute to the beloved series, "Adventure Time." This epic poem puts a twist on the characters of the show like never before!
  • First Person: From VHS Tapes to All-Online Learning
    Being a freshman in college can be pretty scary! To provide myself with some comfort, I talked to my parents about how college was for them.
  • Book Review: 'After Alex Died' by Dakota Madison
    The book, ''After Alex Died'' by Dakota Madison, is a story of redemption and healing that teaches the power of forgiveness and healing.
  • Twa Sè Mwen: My Three Sisters
    August 4th is known as National Sister's day, a time where female siblings come together to pay homage to one another. This article is dedicated to my three beautiful older sisters.
  • 'Real Housewives' Indictment: My Take
    Yahoo! contributors were asked to discuss the legal woes of the Giudices and the fate of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."
  • 'Scared of Lonely' by Jana Nicole Pauldo—A Review
    Every so often, something comes along to make the world stop and think about some things. The novel "Scared of Lonely" does just that in this action-packed novel that shows that our attitude really does determines our altitude.
  • 5 Shows that Never Should've Been Canceled
    TV Shows are known come and go all the time, but some were taken off of the airwaves too quickly. Here is a list of five shows that were taken from us too soon.
  • Black Uhuru: Legendary Underdogs
    Black Uhuru is probably not the first Reggae band that would come to mind. However, their style and influence has kept them around and solidified their spot as royalty in the history of Jamaican music
  • Life After Mono: Advice from a Survivor
    Anybody who's had mono knows it's torture. For those of you who are curious about it or going through it, here are some tips to help you cope on the road to recovery.
  • Local Church Publishes Letter to Homosexuals in Paper
    Members of Horton Memorial Baptist Church of Pontotoc County, Mississippi, Recently Published a Letter in the Local Newspaper, Geared Specifically Towards the Gay and Lesbian Community
  • Album Review: "Satori" by I the Mighty
    The band, I the Mighty, really set the stage for a great career with the release of their EP, Karma Never Sleeps; Satori simply solidifies their spot as one of the best Progressive/ Indie/ Alternative bands on the scene right now.
  • Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Poetic Justice?
    Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is arguably one of the most action-packed reality shows out right now. However, are these the kind of people and actions that should be looked up to and respected? Here's my take.
  • Genealogy Challenges: Apples that Should Have Stayed on the Tree
    It's easy to discuss proud moments in family history, but we have to understand that, just because a tree can bear fruit, not all of it will be beautiful;. It's time people started embracing the not-so-fabulous branches of our family trees.
  • Alicia Silverstone: Is Sharing Really Caring?
    Actress Alicia Silverstone was already in the headlines for the way she fed her son, now she is in the headlines for a somewhat sensitive item when it comes to childcare: breast milk
  • My Top Three Favorite Justin Timberlake Songs of All Time
    Let's face it, everyone knows that Justin Timberlake is a great artist. I just decided to emphasize it even more by providing evidence.

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