I have a passion for electronics, cars/autos, and am a realtor in Connecticut.
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  • The Paleo Diet Was Too Much
    I tried the Paleo Diet back in October of 2013. At first I loved it, but after a couple of months, I forced myself to give up.
  • Sharing My Life With My Sibling
    Many people do not think about it, but having a sibling changes the life greatly, though not always positively.
  • Advice From a Travel Agent: How to Plan a Perfect Trip
    I've been a travel agent for the most part of a decade, and I've learned a lot throughout my career. Some people have had travel disasters, while others have had perfect adventures, thanks to me.
  • Going to the Wrong Wedding
    It's always important to have adequate directions when travelling. If you don't, you can end up at the wrong couple's wedding.
  • Giving Up My Car for Public Transportation
    After moving into a large city, I found that the only reason to keep a car was if I simply wanted to waste money that could easily be saved through public transportation.
  • Lose Weight Before Summer With the Atkins Diet
    If losing weight for the summer has never worked, give it a try in the spring!
  • Car Accessories to Avoid
    Some people love talking about how great that car accessory they heard of on TV is. However, a great majority of these are actually quite useless.
  • Building My Very Own House
    After paying off my small debts as an engineer, I decided that living in a condominium was no longer an option. As such, I decided it was time to build a house with the help of a few others, of course.
  • Giving Up Programming for Child Care
    Once I was blessed with my first child, I was forced to decide between paying for child care or staying at home. I made the choice to stay at home, and it has paid off greatly.
  • My Days as an American Airlines Pilot
    Back when I was younger, I made the decision to become an airline pilot. Though the job didn't have the best hours, it was a great job that I have kept for over two decades and still love to this day.
  • Oscars Acceptance Speeches to Remember
    Over the years, not every speech has been your bread and butter ''thanks to my producers" moment. Some have stood out as exceptional in one way or another, and here are five examples.
  • Baking at High Altitudes? Think Twice!
    While it may not seem obvious at first, the altitude at which you are baking has a dramatic effect on the finished product. Following baking directions to the dot at high altitude will almost guarantee a bad product. Some things need to be changed.
  • Gadgets You Shouldn't Leave at Home
    In today's world, we have become extremely dependent on our technology. Some of these things might be gimmicks, but there are some things we should never forget at home.
  • Colorado 14ers: A Journey that Paid Off
    After my father was unable to fulfill his lifelong goal of climbing these mountains, I took a stand and, with proper motivation, climbed each and every peak. The journey was tough, but one that led to a great feeling of personal accomplishment.
  • Sharing the Town with Elizabeth Abeltin, Pro Curler
    What's it like living in the same town Elizabeth Abeltin, a US winter olympian, grew up in? There are definitely some interesting quirks she brings to us in Massachusetts despite not living here anymore.
  • The Beauty of the Westminster Dog Show
    My first hand experience of handling my dog Peppy at this prestigious dog show.
  • First Person: A Successful Try Before You Buy
    "Try before you buy" is when a home buyer stays in a home he might buy overnight to essentially try it out.
  • Maintaining Your Bicycle: Three Tips to a Long Lasting Bike
    Is your professional bicycle starting to squeak in various places, or is it struggling to shift gears? If so, follow some easy steps in order to keep your bike running like new.
  • Ultimate Rapper 2 Chainz: 3 Best Songs
    Through his fairly short career thus far, 2 Chainz has released some great songs; he has been featured in many great songs as well. However, three of his songs stick out as his best possible work, and these songs show the 2 Chainz that many want to hear.
  • Why Your Child Should Not Get a Summer Job
    As appealing as it might look to get your child set with a job over the summer, there are various better ways to spend the summer in preparation for college and overall adulthood.
  • How to Plan a Beautiful Sweet 16 for Your Son
    Is your son's sweet 16 coming up? If so, you must be unsure how to plan for it. Call a professional planner and spend hundreds? That's not necessary if you understand your son and know the few aspects of a good party that I will teach.
  • Three Great Songs from Justin Timberlake, the Man Who Rocked the BET Awards
    Though Justin Timberlake has produced dozens of songs through various albums, it is not hard for me to pick my three favorite songs by him, which are Mirrors, Suit & Tie, as well as Sexy Back.

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