Joseph Rodriguez

Joseph Rodriguez

Joseph is a hard worker and can write about almost any topic. He hopes to become a better writer by being a contributor and hopefully give something back to the online community. He hopes to eventually be an emergency room doctor and to aspire to higher things. He has big dreams in life and hopes that he can achieve them one day. He loves sports especially basketball, baseball, and football. He also works out on a daily basis and know a lot about health and fitness.
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When you want to be as successful as much as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.


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  • Should High School Tests Determine so Much?
    Will new tests interfere with high school graduates? The Department of Education is adding two new tests in the subjects of biology and geometry in Florida. If students don’t pass these two tests along with the ones which were already in place they won’t
  • Should I Become an Electromechanical Technician?
    These people know a lot about machine technology and electrical circuits. They must be able to read blueprints and interpret them to know which part would work best on the equipment or machine.
  • The Assassination of Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. He was the 35th president of the United States. He was one of the greatest presidents that the U.S. has ever had and will be remembered forever.
  • Hopes and Fears of Japan in World War II
    How Japan reacted to World War II. Many of the people were scared during WWII, while some still had hope. People feared for their lives and there was much uncertainty during these times.
  • Could Omer Asik Land on the Heat?
    Miami Heat, Omer Asik, Lebron James summer trade summer league. Chris Bosh dwight howard dwayne wade. Pat Riley Houston Rockets. Center, point guard. ESPN. Basketball news. NBA
  • The Broken Baseball
    Once upon a time there was a God named Admes. He lived in Olympus with his family. His wife was known as the Goddess of Softball and foretelling.
  • The War Between Light and Dark
    Icarus was a strong man. He was a great young boy and just wanted to be free. Sadly he didn't have a long life and fell to his death
  • Lord of the Fly's Symbolism
    In the novel Lord of the Flies the author uses symbols throughout the book. Symbolism is used in books to represent an object as something different than what it appears. One symbol used in the book is the conch. A second symbol used in the book is Piggy
  • The Life of John Muir: A Great Naturalist
    The Life of John Muir summed up. He was an amazing naturalist who cared about everything that had to do with nature. He discovered many things while working his way up to become president of the nature club.
  • Eating Fast Food Comes with Many Health Issues, but You Can Stop Today
    Eating fast food is horrible for you, but you can change today. There are easy ways to overcome it, just like I did. Join the healthy club now!
  • The War of 1812: A Devastating Time
    The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain. The U.S. was not well equipped for a war and many historians declared a loss for the U.S.
  • For the Love of Baseball
    Baseball is a great game that is played everywhere in America.
  • The All Star Game, Rivera's Goodbye, and the NL Can't Keep the Streak Alive
    The all-star game played at Citi Field was won by the American league 3-0. Mariano Rivera won the MVP award by pitching a flawless eight inning. This could very likely be his last season and what a way to end it.
  • The George Zimmerman Results: He's Innocent
    George Zimmerman was ruled innocent in the case where he murdered Trayvon Martin. All six judges agree that he was innocent and now he is a free man.
  • Scherzer Handed First Loss
    Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers was handed his first loss of the season on Saturday night to the mighty Rangers. Scherzer was 13-0 on the season before this game. He is still having a great season though and expect him to come back strong next time.
  • Weapons Used in World War II
    World War II, Germany, U.S. united states. japan, europe. world war i 1 2. war. guns. ammo. ammunition. weapons used in world war ii
  • Will Lebron and the Heat Be Dethroned?
    Miami Heat getting dethroned. THe Rockets are much better Howard is the new center and will carry them. THe Nets are a threat to the Heat. The Cavaliers and Hornets will also be in contention. Will LeBron leave to rejoin the Cavs after this season.
  • Nelson Mandela a Hero to Everyone
    Nelson Mandela was a great leader for South Africa and helped to dismantle the Apartheid. He later became the president of South Africa and has led them for many years. He turns 95 on July 18 and is still going strong.
  • The Kardashian Show: A Nuisance to Our Lives
    The Kardashian Show is a disgrace to the American way of living and should not be watched. It displays horrible behavior and all of it is fake.
  • George Zimmerman: A Free Man
    The George Zimmerman verdict has arrived and he was proven not guilty. Our law system made the right decision and this will be a precedent to future cases. This case will not be forgotten.
  • Strategies to Defeating Fast Food and Becoming Healthier
    Ever wondered how bad fast food was for you? Maybe you want to stop eating it? Well here are some helpful tips on how to and what I did to break my addiction. Eating fast food is a killer.
  • Should the Red Sox Go After a Big Arm?
    Red Sox trading for a pitcher. Trading in baseball. MLB. Redsox Yankees Phillies Orioles Marlins Cubs trade rumors. Cliff Lee ANd Jonathan Papelbon . Matt Garza and Kevin Gregg.
  • Dwight Howard: Money or Rings?
    Dwight Howard signing with the Lakers, Rockets, Hawks, or other teams. Free agency in the NBA. Where will Howard go? Dwight Howard would have his own tv show in LA but no rings. 88million dollar contract 4 years.
  • Best Work-Out Routine for Men
    Work out for mean. Weekly workout for men. Strength. Getting Stronger. Working out. Biceps chest back shoulder triceps legs abs.
  • Are the Tax Laws Too Demanding?
    Tax Laws, Obama, bracket, poor rich. SHould obama lower tax laws. what does obama think about tax laws. should the rich pay more. should the poor pay less
  • Is Black Ops II the Worst of All?
    Black Ops 2, call of duty. does black ops 2 suck. modern warefare 2. infinity ward. Zombies
  • Will Lebron, Bosh & Wade Opt Out in 2014?
    Lebron in the NBA opting out. Will Bosh and Wade follow and opt out. Lebron James will opt out in 2014 to return to Cleveland. He wants more money and rings. Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Miami Heat post season run.
  • The Struggle: My Ride to Work
    Going to work can be struggle to some people especially when your drive takes over half an hour. The worst is when you get into traffic though. Most of us can relate to this.

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