Felicity Buckel

Felicity Buckel

Felicity is a wife of 10+ years and the mother of 4 young children. She spends her time homeschooling her children and finding ways to be frugal. She loves to create new recipes, craft, read historical fiction, and find time for herself. She has an Associate of Science in Family and Consumer Science and a Bachelor"s in General Studies with a minor in history/humanities. She also assists her husband in ministry on the campus of Southern Miss with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.
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Associate of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences, Bachelor of General Studies w/ a minor in Humanities/history


Love God. Love People. Live a life of serving others, putting their needs above your own.


Felicity Buckel


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  • Pig Tails and Braids: Why I Love My Sister
    Having a sister means that you have a playmate, a partner in crime, and someone to be the keeper of your secrets. Not everyone has a sister, and even fewer people can call their sister friend. I have the privilege of both.
  • Post-Partum Muffin Top
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  • First Person: To Prevent Flat Heads in Infants, Become a 'Baby-Wearing' Mom
    Spending excessive time on their backs may result in the distortion of the skull for some infants. In my experience, dedicating time and attention to your baby and the time they spend in your arms can greatly diminish the chances of Plagiocephaly.
  • Journey of Motherhood
    From the day the wedding ring is slipped onto your finger, the age old question of pregnancy enters the picture. Take a somewhat humorous journey with me from the first signs up until the moment of labor arrives.

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