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I'm a freelance writer, researcher, composer and lifelong student. I write on a whim about a variety of topics that interest me.
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  • Public Golf Courses in Sacramento
    Sacramento contains a wealth of golf courses for a city of its size. The courses featured in this article are relatively affordable and accessible.
  • My Unique Geneological Discovery of a Possible Link to Scottish Royalty
    My relatives would tell me I was descended from Scottish royalty but I did not believe them. Thanks to the internet I discovered there might be some truth to the claim.
  • First Person: Facebook Almost Cost Me My Job
    This is an embarrassing story of when my Facebook account was hacked and how it almost cost me my job.
  • Will Obama's Health Care Law Be Ruled Unconstitutional?
    Obama's mandate requiring citizens to purchase health care has sparked a debate forcing the supreme court to make a ruling on it's constitutionality. It seems unlikely that the supreme court will rule the law as unconstitutional.
  • Will Santorum's Victory in Louisiana Matter?
    On Saturday March 24th GOP nominee Rick Santorum defeated Mitt Romney in Louisiana. Although Santorum still trials Romney in the number of delegates needed to win the GOP primary Santorum will not give up without a fight.
  • An April Fool's Day Prank Gone Wrong
    I usually plan my pranks carefully but one year my prank got out of hand and put me on bad terms with my neighbors.
  • First Person: Saving for Retirement on a Limited Income
    I'm a typical American who graduate college in debt. Even though I'm paying off my loans and credit cards I still manage to put a little bit of money into my IRA each month.
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  • Four Great Earth Day Crafts for Kids
    I've selected four activities that designed to teach children about earth-day values. These are meant to be fun and educational.
  • The Best Little League Bats
    I have review five composite bats that have been approved by numerous little league associations. The bats reviewed vary in price and include reviews for both one and two piece bats.
  • 5 Recent Archaeological Discoveries that Changed History
    These are my nominations for the most important and interesting archaeological discoveries in my lifetime.
  • Santorum Calls Obama's Koran Burning Apology Unnaceptable
    President Obama apologized to Afghanistan for U.S soldiers mistakenly burning the Koran. GOP candidate Rick Santorum has called the president's apology unacceptable and believes the Afghan people should apologize for killing 2 U.S soldiers instead.
  • 1998 Honda CRV Road Test
    Recently I purchased a used 1998 Honda CRV. I explain the pros and cons of driving my Honda and compare it to two similar models I have also driven.
  • How Bad is High Fructose Corn Syrup?
    High fructose corn syrup has been linked by scientists to rising rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease among Americans. This article examines how HFCS is different than regular sugar and why it is worse.
  • Santorum Questions Obama's Environmental Policy and Religious Values
    Rick Santorum has spent his time in Ohio criticizing the President's environmental policy and questioning his religious faith. Santorum often ties the two issues together when speaking to his conservative supporters.
  • Obama's Birth Control Mandate and the Polls
    A poll released on Feb. 14, 2012 indicates that the majority of practicing Catholics support President Barack Obama's mandate requiring free birth control services for employees by faith based institutions. This article examines why this is the case.
  • Why I Quit My Job to Become Self-Employed
    I recently decided to quit my day job in order to become self-employed. It was a risky decision but I'm glad I did it. I describe why I made this decision and how my life is different.
  • Fabio Capello's Resignation
    Fabio Capello's sudden resignation has left the future of England National football team uncertain. Many fans are concerned how England will fare in the 2012 Euro championship.
  • Family Fun Activities in Nebraska
    The State of Nebraska contains many family friendly activities. I include a brief survey of three activities that I have participated in.
  • First Person: Caught Up in My Family's Tax Schemes
    This is a humorous story about when I began paying taxes. While it may be humorous now it was a little traumatic for me at the time.
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  • My Experience Saving for a New Car
    This article describes the events which led to my decision to purchase a new car. I also describe how I saved for the purchase.
  • First Person: I'm Living on $1,000 a Month
    This article provides a detailed analysis of my expenses and how I save each month. I also provide advice for those in a similar situation or those about to be.
  • My Day With 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
    My experience working in a major Hollywood is limited but I have been filmed. This story is a humorous personal anecdote of my experience working on a Hollywood movie set.
  • Link: My Favorite Video Game Character
    Link is one of the most memorable video game characters of all time. I trace his origins from the "Legend of Zelda" for Nintendo and explain why he is my favorite video game character.
  • How I'm Saving Money for My Next Tech Purchase
    This article describes my strategy to save money in order to make a substantial technology purchase. My strategy involves using the money I make from self-employment.
  • Essential Supplies for Ice Fishing
    These are the essential supplies required for an ice fishing trip. This article is aimed at those new to the sport of ice fishing
  • Ice Fishing in Northern California and Nevada
    Northern California and Nevada may not be well known for ice fishing however there are some very good spots in this region. I give information on three well known ice fishing spots in these states.
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  • How I Quit Smoking
    I was a heavy smoker for several years and a casual smoker for many more. Here I describe in detail my smoking habits and how I was able to quit completely.
  • Ice Fishing Tips for Beginners
    This article is aimed at those new to the sport of ice fishing. Important advice is given on safety, equipment and government regulations of ice fishing.
  • Planning an Ice Fishing Trip
    This article is aimed at those who are new to ice fishing and want to plan a trip. I discuss the supplies that need to be purchased, safety and regulations.
  • Profile of Favorite Poet: Geoffrey Chaucer
    Here I describe why Geoffrey Chaucer is my favorite poet. I also analyze one of his short humorous poems.
  • How I Survive on Less Than 1000 Dollars a Month
    This article is a description of how I live on less than 1000$ a month. Details of my monthly expenses and what I do to save money are provided.
  • Types of Snowshoes
    This article gives descriptions of the three types of snowshoes. Purchasing advice is also provided.
  • Should Horse-Slaughtering Plants Be Reopened in the U.S.?
    It is illegal to operate a horse slaughtering plant in the United States. Horses are being transported across the borders, into Canada and Mexico, to be slaughtered and sold. I explore the problem and what I think should be done.
  • When Presidents Get Physical
    The 1800's were violent times and a common way to settle differences was through a duel. Presidents and politicians such as Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson and even Abraham Lincoln all participated in duels.
  • Characteristics of the Steampunk Genre
    The steampunk movement is more popular now than ever yet few can define it. This article examines the the traits of the genre in novels and films.
  • Sacramento sports bars for enjoying the MLB World Series
    These are three diverse sports bars where either locals or out-of-towners can enjoy the 2011 MLB World Series. Drink specials are included in the description.
  • A Brief History of Halloween
    This article examines how modern Halloween evolved from Pagan Celtic traditions into modern Halloween as we know it.
  • Winning at Blackjack
    This article provides an overview of three popular card counting methods. I also explain the mathematical edge a card counter can get.
  • Poker tournaments in the Sacramento area
    The Sacramento area contains both Native American casinos and independent poker rooms. This article provides basic information on three poker tournaments in the Sacramento and outlying areas.
  • Three Overlooked Comedy Actors and Actresses Who Deserve an Emmy
    These are my personal choices for actors and actress in a comedy series who I think have been overlooked and deserve an Emmy.
  • A Guide to Biotechnology Industries
    Biotechnology is a hugely expanding industry in the 21st century. This article is an overview of the most important biotechnology careers.
  • Three Classical Music Albums to Start Your Classical Music Collection
    The aim of this article is to provide information on three important classical music compositions and recordings. The compositions talked about in the article will likely be familiar to the novice classical music listener.
  • Haiku
    I've written a haiku that speaks for itself. Don't look for any deep profundity in this haiku.
  • How to Negotiate Credit Card Debt
    Many do not realize it is possible to negotiate the amount you owe on a credit card. Below are a few tips that will help debtors negotiate their credit card balance, interest rate, or both.
  • How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers
    Woodpeckers can be tricky to get rid of. Several commonly used methods to get rid of woodpeckers rarely work. This article provides some little known tips on how to stop woodpeckers from damaging homes or buildings.
  • How to Dispose of an Unused Piano
    It is possible to dispose of an unused piano for free but you have to know where to look. This article provides tips on donating and selling unused pianos and avoiding moving costs.
  • Tips for Tracing and Tracking Unwanted Phone-calls
    Below are five tips for tracking and tracing harassing and unwanted phone calls. Advice is also provided on how to report threatening phone-calls.

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