Mary Adkins

Mary Adkins

Mary Adkins is a freelance writer; submitting content for possible publication on Yahoo! sites. She is the author of two novels, and was a journalist for the online paper Nicholas Weather and News. Mary has been the ghost writer for Richwood Dairy Queen Web Site, and enjoys choreographing plays and drama teams.
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Mary moved to West Virginia when she was seventeen and fell in love with the state. She worked full time, while getting her GED. Mary s desire is to broaden her career of writing.


This too shall pass



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  • Five Tips to Moving Up in the Restaurant Business
    Here are five guaranteed tips on how to start at the bottom and work your way to the top
  • Four Sisters Escape Certain Death Twice!
    A cry from a small country town was heard half way around the world. Four sisters were off to answer the towns need - when their own lives were on the line, not once, but twice. God's hand was upon them to finish their trip.
  • Stop Spending so Much Money at the Grocery Store!
    This article helps you understand how to prepare foods ahead of time. How to use bulk food for quicker prep time, while saving money. Don't pass up these idea's; your bank account will thank you later.
  • I Saw the Fear as He Died
    The doctor said he was a vegetable. However, right before the man passed away his eyes showed complete and total fear.
  • She Screamed Bloody Murder!
    The woman fell back on the embankment and screamed bloody murder. I had to walk away with my head down and laughed.
  • The Christmas Tree
    How beautiful the tree is, as it stands waiting for gifts to adorn its base. Yet the day after Christmas, the tree is empty and all alone.
  • Stop the Bullying!
    A glance at how harassment can effect people. It is a shame that this problem exists at all.
  • I Looked Into the Eyes of Jesus
    My heart went out to this child, as she stood barefoot on the side of the road. What had gone so wrong in her life that brought her to this crossroad? All I wanted to do was take her home and protect her.
  • The Day My Master Left
    This is a poem from a dogs point of view. His owner leaves, promising he will return within the hour. However to the dogs dismay, the owner does not return. What will happen? Read it and see.
  • My Teacher Put Me in a Wheelchair!
    During a C.N.A class, our teacher insisted that we, the students, had to walk in the shoes of the elderly. If just for one day. It was one of the most powerful, humbling experiences I have ever had.
  • When Grandparents Adopt
    When parents lose, or give away, their parental rights, to their own parents, they should step down. However, too many are still trying to stay in control.
  • Adoption and the Controversy Question
    Should parents tell their children they are adopted? Or should this bit of information remain untold?
  • Winterizing in 7 Easy Steps
    Seven easy steps on how to winterize your home before winter. In doing so will not only keep you warm but safe as well.
  • The Day I Lost Everything
    I awoke to find my husband dead. My world as I knew it came crashing down around me.
  • The Ghost that Haunted Me
    Under the night sky the two story house looked like something out of a scary movie. Little did I know there was a reason, the house was haunted.
  • Adopting a Dog
    When looking for the perfect forever pet for your family, is it okay to visit the local animal shelter or should one look elsewhere? Here is one woman's story on how she found the perfect dog for her family.

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