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Suzie Potts

Professional human for 30+ years. Mother to two bipeds and several quadrupeds. For the last decade our family has been in the boomerang business being flung from one coast to the other for work. Thankfully, we are now happily settled in the CT hills...let the writing begin!
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St. Francis H.S. Sacramento CA, BA English UC Berkeley


Peoples is peoples. - Muppets



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  • Homeowner Tips for Painting
    Before you pick up your paintbrush, take a moment to read through some tips and strategies that may save you some time and frustration.
  • Thanksgiving Fun for Kids
    Help your youngest guests have fun at your Thanksgiving event this year. By including outside time, play space, and including them in the hustle and bustle you are ensuring that everyone will be thankful for a wonderful day!
  • San Francisco 49ers Holiday Wish List for Young and Expecting Families
    A holiday wish list beyond jerseys and glass sets for loyal 49er fans. Get unique ideas for families with young children or expecting parents who are looking forward to sharing their love of this wonderful team with the next generation. Santa approved!
  • Protect Your Pup This Winter
    Before winter arrives, take a moment to protect your favorite four legged friend from the hazards of a cold climate. From clothing, to paws, to potential poisonous hazards; these tips can help you prepare.
  • The Flu Shot Dilemma
    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate...that is the question. The flu season is on its way and it's time for all of us to decide what we are going to do. For our family, it came down to mandates, some research, and a little humor on the side.
  • My Facebook "Friends" Don't "Like" Me Much
    Facebook has brought an element of High School back into our lives, but it doesn't have to send us to the "uncool" table. Use your insights, along with some choice words from Hollywood, to rid yourself of false "friends" and rediscover social networking!
  • Commentary: Don't Confuse Tea Party Marketing With Its Ideals
    A recent poll shows a significant decrease in the number of Americans who support the tea party. While this suggests a shift in political ideologies, it is more likely a commentary on the hijacking of the tea party.
  • The Timing is Wrong to Defund Obamacare
    Defunding Obamacare will ultimately fail in the upcoming budget proposal. Now is not the time to take a stand against President Obama and the Senate. It is the time to continue to gain the support of the Independents so the numbers are on our side.
  • Movie Line Marriage Counseling
    We all experience stress in our daily lives. Let the lines of Hollywood bring a little humor to your day and maybe even help you avoid that next spat that's really more about the laundry or lawn, than about your loved one.

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