Frank "Da Tank" Curreri

Frank "Da Tank" Curreri

15 years as a pro journalist/writer/Managing Editor covering wide range of breaking news, feature stories, political scandals and live sporting events across North America and Europe. Assignments have taken me to The White House, to the snow-capped mountains for the Olympic Games, walking "the yard" with dozens of prison inmates, bedside at hospitals chronicling a 16-year-old girl who awakens from a lengthy coma and tries to rediscover her previous self, to the corridors of City Hall probing questionable multi-million $ land deals.

Previously worked for Ultimate Fighting Championship ( and UFC Mag), The Salt Lake Tribune, Las Vegas Review-Journal & FOX News affiliate in Las Vegas. My stories have appeared on,, the Associated Press and The Boston Herald, among others. Served as guest commentator on MSNBC and FOX national news programs. "Best Sports Article" winner at University of Maryland in my rookie year with school's daily newspaper.

Combined 27 years of experience as a wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and coach. Earned my BJJ black belt in June 2010 from 6-time world champion Robert Drysdale. At the advanced age of 38, stunned the entire field to earn a bronze medal at the IBJJF World Championships (June 2010, all ages category, brown belt). The feat marked the second time I have earned a bronze medal at the IBJJF World Championships in the prestigious All Ages category.

Additionally, I have won 3 world titles at the masters and seniors level and racked up over 230 wins in live competitions (and counting). Survivor of intense training sessions with UFC standouts such as Miguel Torres, Gray Maynard, Joseph Benavidez, Anthony Pettis, Martin Kampmann, Miesha Tate and Sam Stout. Don't just write it, live it. Every day. Got the scars to prove it!
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Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, University of Maryland (1996)



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  • Demetrious Johnson's Coach: 'We Wanted to Show His Power'
    Brilliant. Genius. Wizard. Matt Hume has been called all of those over the years. The man who taught Demetrious Johnson most everything he knows about MMA explains, in fascinating detail, the strategy for the rematch with Joseph Benavidez
  • The Biggest Revelations from UFC on FOX 9
    Demetrious Johnson deserves a Top 5 spot on pound-for-pound rankings. Urijah Faber is 0-5 in his past five world title bouts but his outstanding performance Saturday likely means yet another crack at the UFC belt.
  • It's “Rowdy” Ronda's World, the Rest of Us Just Live in It
    The most compelling figure of 2013 in MMA? Ronda Rousey. Why Rousey's year trumps all others -- even if she loses to Miesha Tate later this month.
  • Anderson Silva-Roy Jones Jr. Superfight Inches Closer to Reality
    Dana White suddenly sounds warmer to an Anderson Silva-Roy Jones Jr. fight. Silva has begged for the fight, Jones wants it, and the pay-per-view profits would be enormous. Here's why the fight will happen if Silva wins -- but inside a cage, not a ring
  • Forever a Draw: Why Mark Hunt and "Bigfoot" Silva Should Never Fight Each Other Again
    History says Mark Hunt and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva will meet in a rematch. But after producing arguably the most exciting MMA fight of 2013 would it really be a good idea to ask these two bravehearts to pummel each other again?
  • 6 Reasons This Could Be GSP's Last Fight
    Athletic superstars rarely exit their sport at age 32, but Georges St. Pierre's legacy is cemented as an all-time great and he is a multi-millionaire who doesn't need the money. Why retiring after Saturday's fight makes a lot of sense.
  • Johny Hendricks: "It's Time for Change"
    How many fighters get knocked out their first day on the job? Johny Hendricks did. But now, against all odds, the UFC's Ultimate Country Boy is one left hand away from winning a UFC title.
  • In Defense of Rousimar Palhares, MMA's Dirtiest Fighter
    PacMan Jones wasn't banned. Neither was Mike Tyson. Aaron Hernandez--not lifetime banned. Pro athletes with felony records -- not banned. So why are so many OK with the UFC banning a relatively low-level recidivist like Rousimar Palhares?
  • Anthony Pettis: The Godfather's Son
    Poor Dad, Rich Kid. The spirit of Eugene Pettis, murdered a decade ago, still feeds his son's fire to "do right.". The UFC Champ also discusses his love affair with Milwaukee, how he got so Crazy Confident, Jose Aldo, Entrepreneurship and Superstardom.
  • The Education of Jon Jones: Heavy Lies the Crown
    What's going on with Jon Jones? Oh invincibility where art thou? For whatever reason, the UFC icon hasn't been the same since crashing his Bentley, pleading guilty to a DWI and causing cancellation of UFC 151. Also: The Night Jon Jones Cried

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