Iris Harden Brooks

Iris Harden Brooks

Songwriters poisoned by toxic mold lost health, home & possessions. We share our music & speak out to help other victims of mycotoxicosis, many being children. Corruption of those like Grange when it comes to human suffering is a disgrace.
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  • Real Faces Of Toxic Mold
    Photos show the reality of mold and trichothecene poisoning. Note burns, neurological damage, lack of oxygen. Horrible images but they may save your life.
  • Baby Dies from Mold
    A happy, healthy baby loses her precious life at the hands of toxic mold. Honor her memory by sharing the truth about toxic mold illness.
  • My Heart Enlightened
    When we walk in obedience the Holy Spirit empowers us to walk in love; to overcome the attack of the enemy; to pray for those who persecute us; to lay or burdens at the foot of the cross; There is no darkness for Jesus is light.
  • Break the Mold
    Article and lyrics written from victims as their very lives are consumed by toxic mold illness. Written to honor physians and all who care, we ask drs. who deny our pain to open your minds and your hearts. Link to statement song provided..
  • Exposed! Toxic Mold
    Mycotoxins steal health, home and possessions. A national crisis, even little children fight to survive. Injuries like ours can happen to anyone. Multiple organ damage, immune dysfunction, carcogenic and death are real. Never imagined such a life, or such love.
  • Symptoms of Mold Poisoning
    Are you suffering from a myriad of symptoms? Are you being told it's all in your head? You could be suffering from acute or chronic mold illness.
  • What is a Real Friend?
    This poem was placed upon my heart about friendship. I hope you relate to what I'm saying.
  • DAD
    It doesn't take much to be a father, but a real heart of love to be a Dad.
  • Momma
    To honor a special Momma, these words are from my heart. Such a blessing in life, a Momma's love is unconditional.
  • A Real Disease: MCS
    Recognized by SSA and American Disability Act, yet many don't understand this bizzare illness. Even family and friends often fail to understand because we "look" normal.

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