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I grew up in the Orange County area and am a lifelong movie snob. I started the website and still contribute. I also cowrote a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, but try not to hold that against me.
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How should I know why there were Nazis? I don't know how the can opener works.


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  • Say it Ain't So! Toyota Recalls the Avalon!
    Toyota says today's recall, which involves every single Avalon produced, relates to the fact that it is just completely "fugly."
  • Senator Joe Lieberman to Have Lobbyist-Shaped Tumor Removed from Shoulder
    "I tried to put a shirt on Sunday morning and I'm like, whoa! there's a lobbyist-shaped tumor on my back or something,"
  • 10-Year-Old "Gaywad" Refuses to Pledge Allegiance
    Asked if his son was prepared for the media attention, said his son saw it as "an opportunity to shit on the graves of the over 1 million soldiers who died in the service of a country that has shed more blood for other nations than any other in history"
  • Ben and Jerry's Taking Flack for Homophobic and Racist Ice Cream Flavors
    The new controversy comes at a bad time for the company after last month's release of "Hubby Hubby," a new flavor supporting gay marriage, with the salacious description: Tightly Packed Fudge, Lightly Oiled Nuts, in a Salt-Malt flavored ice cream.
  • NWA Pilots Drunk on Malt Liquor and Waving Guns
    violated a number of regulations and operated the plane in an "extremely wack manner,"
  • Balloon Boy Nude Photos
    I was convinced this story was fake when I finally saw the balloon land and realized its actual dimensions...
  • Indians Discover Water on the Friggin Moon!
    Moon-based reservations under threat. Is history ready to repeat itself?
  • McSlavery Happy Meal
    Do we still really have to constantly remind those Americans of African decent that their ancestors used to be slaves -- in a McDonald's Happy Meal?
  • McSlavery Happy Meal
    Do we still really have to constantly remind those Americans of African decent that their ancestors used to be slaves -- in a McDonald's Happy Meal?
  • Get Thee to Italy
    It was "aught two" and I had just been laid off from Arthur Andersen after the Enron tornado had swept through the company, leaving its path of destruction. I was now unemployed, and my good friend Matt was in Florence studying at a culinary school.
  • The Holocaust's Forgotten Victim
    100 million people died during World War II because of one evil man, but there is a forgotten victim...
  • Taken Blu-Ray Review
    the only hope Kim has is her father -- and you better believe he's going to find her, and fill a lot of body bags in the process.
  • Notorious Blu-Ray Review
    perhaps because of my lack of knowledge about the deadly goings-on between the nouveau riche dumb asses who got used to selling drugs and women, using drugs and women, and shooting at each other in their old hoods
  • Australia
    Nicole Kidman plays Lady Sarah Ashley, an aristocrat from England, who comes to the faraway and mysterious continent and finds herself in charge of her recently murdered husband's ranch.
  • The Kite Runner
    Amir, the well-to-do, foofy, and creative Pashtun kid; and Hassan, the lowly son of Amir's family's servant, are the best of friends. Hassan, while the smaller of the two, often protects his BFF from the numerous bullies who stalk the city.
  • What's Wrong with You People?
    It happened again the other day; a backup of cars, this time inside a Beverly Hills parking structure.
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?
    Enforced neighborliness does more harm than good. When Barack Obama was running for president, he once made a comment that brought me back to those days. He had said that he thought that "spreading the wealth" around was "neighborly."
  • Yentl Arrives on DVD
    Amongst the Eastern European Jewry of 1904, it was forbidden for women to study the Talmud, forbidden for them to do lots of things, and Yentl is a woman who grew up (aided by her father) with an insatiable desire to learn.
  • DVD Review: Ghost Town
    Ghost Town is the first attempt at a straight-up comedy for writer-director David Koepp, who has penned many Hollywood blockbusters in other genres.
  • Cohiba Offendido
    Boston to ban smoking cigars in cigar lunges? Dude, where's my country?
  • Confessions of an Ex-Fetus
    An Ex-Fetus talks about his experiences in the womb.

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