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I am a hopeful screenwriter who has had interest in one script but no sale thus far. I am a movie nut and a die hard Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan. My favorite authors are Stephen King, John Steinbeck and Michael Chricton.
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  • The 10 Best Films of 2013
    2013 was a mediocre year for movies. When looking back trying to compile this list of the best movies, I discovered that I couldn’t even find ten movies from the year that I would have rated as great.
  • The 10 Worst Films of 2013
    I easily could have compiled a second list and that is rare indeed. 2013 was filled with bad sequels, unimaginative action films and humorless comedies.
  • Please Stop the Movie Remakes!
    When is enough, enough? I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. I can’t be the only one voicing this opinion. I have stayed silent for all these years but enough is now e-nuff!!
  • 1970s Movie Review of the Week - "The Stepford Wives"
    "The Stepford Wives" is an interesting thriller that doesn’t quite thrill and a social satire that doesn’t quite go far enough.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Roller Boogie"
    I would have been about 14 at the time of the release of Roller Boogie. I remember it coming out and I remember it not coming to a theater near me so I missed it. I remember it didn’t play for very long and then it was gone and forgotten.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "White Line Fever"
    "White Line Fever," (1975), is one of the silliest, most ridiculous films I have seen in a long time.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "King of the Gypsies"
    The final result is that "King of the Gypsies" is a good movie that, for the first hour, is a great movie. Had the filmmakers more guts this film could have been a masterpiece.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Billy Jack"
    Every so often a “little” movie comes along and creates a sensation that was totally unexpected not only by the public and critics. "Billy Jack" pushed a button with America’s moviegoers.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "C.C. And Company"
    It’s fairly easy to establish when one is about to watch a 1970 motorcycle movie starring former NFL quarterback Joe Namath, that one won’t be watching anything along the likes of Shakespeare, Scorsese or even Stallone.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Watermelon Man"
    Do you remember the famous skit on Saturday Night Live back in the 1980’s where Eddie Murphy had himself made up as a white man to see what his life would be like?
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "The Gambler"
    It’s a strong film that could have been a brilliant film but does make for a great companion piece with another great gambling film (both of which were released in 1974), Robert Altman’s California Split with Elliot Gould and George Segal.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Skyjacked"
    Skyjacked came out in 1972 to, I believe; capitalize on the huge success two years earlier of Airport. When disaster films are discussed this film is never mentioned and it’s easy to see why. There is no disaster.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "The Klansman"
    In my last review I discussed Equus, the last great performance given by Richard Burton. In this article I am going to discuss one of Burton’s worst performances ever put on film. In 1974’s The Klansman, Burton is an embarrassment.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Equus"
    Equus is essentially a two character study with two individuals who are troubled in their own ways, in their own lives, who come together in an attempt for one to help the other. But will it possibly go the other way?
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Bless the Beasts and Children"
    When Glendon Swarthout’s 1970 novel, "Bless the Beasts and Children" was released it was an instant best seller and began a bidding war among film production companies.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - the Visitor (1972) and the Visitors (1979)
    This article is going to be a double review because the titles are so close together but the films themselves couldn’t be more different.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "The Thing with Two Heads"
    Did the filmmakers believe they were making a statement? Did they believe they were making their own Citizen Kane? Wasn’t there someone on the set, even Ray Milland, to suggest how absurdly funny the whole thing could be?
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Smile"
    My next retro review is Michael Ritchie’s 1975 skewering of teenage beauty pageants called Smile. Smile is an almost lost gem.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Hanover Street"
    Harrison Ford was a busy man after Star Wars was released. He had co-starring roles in three box office flops. Heroes, in which he played Henry Winkler’s best friend, The Frisco Kid, opposite Gene Wilder and Force Ten From Navarone.
  • 1970's Movie Review of the Week - "Corvette Summer"
    "Corvette Summer" is a mildly likable but totally forgettable film. Mark Hamill made this movie just as "Star Wars" was becoming a phenomenon so you can’t blame the filmmakers for casting him.
  • 1970's Movie of the Week Review - "Three Days of the Condor"
    This was Redord’s fourth collaboration with Pollack (This Property Condemned; Jeremiah Johnson; The Way We Were being the first three) of what would be eight total films.
  • Movie of the Week - Retro Reviews of Unseen Films of the 1970's
    For the inaugural review I thought I would pick one of the most popular films of 1976, Frank Pierson’s A Star Is Born starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.
  • The 10 Best Films of 2012
    The 2012 movie year has now come to an end for me. Going over my notes and looking at my article from this time last year I can say that 2012 was a very good year for movies but not quite as good as 2011 was
  • 30 Great Performances Snubbed by the Academy
    I decided this was a chance to take a look back at some of the best performances ever given that failed to land an Academy Award nomination. I made a list of 30 and know full well I could have probably gotten two to three times as many.
  • The 10 Worst Films of 2012
    2012 was, as always, a big year for loud explosions, car chases, graphic violence and most of it in sickening and unnecessary 3-D.
  • Five Movies that Scare Me
    Scary movies are an interesting bunch. Much like comedies and eroticism, scary movies are more subjective than many people think. What scares some people wouldn’t even begin to scare another.
  • My First Dream Come True
    It will surprise no one that as a child my dreams were more geared towards movies then anything else. That would be akin to feigning shock when Ryne Sandberg first picked up a baseball bat or Eric Clapton started strumming on a guitar.
  • The Curious Case of Adam Sandler
    But then I decided to take in Sandler’s newest movie, That’s My Boy, and came out two hours later a different filmgoer. I was angry. I was offended. I was repulsed. Finally, I was saddened.
  • 150 Reasons Why I Love Movies
    A list of quotes, characters, scenes and memories that helped shape the love of movies that is as strong today as it was almost 40 years ago.
  • The 10 Worst Films of 2011
    Those that know me well know that my annual worst list will almost always contain an Adam Sandler comedy. I used to think that I didn’t get him and his brand of humor. Someone suggested that perhaps, at 46, I am too old for his humor.
  • The 10 Best Films of 2011
    2011 was a very good year for movies in my opinion. I saw nearly 50 movies during the year that I would rate above average or better. That is an incredibly high, and highly unusual ratio.
  • Retro Look - Christmas Movies of 1981
    There were thirteen movies released that December. Many of them were not well regarded. Many of them flopped at the box office. None of them were smash hits though some did make money.
  • Retro Look - Christmas Movies of 1976
    Many of the films were box office hits and of the eleven films released, seven of them would be remembered at Academy Awards time. Two of the films would go on to be nominated for Best Picture and one of them would take home the top prize.
  • Retro Look - Christmas Movies of 1971
    There were thirteen movies released and eight of them would be remembered at Academy Awards time, though only one of them would be found in the list of five for Best Picture
  • Retro Look Back - Christmas Movies of 1966
    Only nine movies were released at Christmas of 1966 due to the holdover popularity of such films as "The Sound of Music," "Alfie," and "Georgy Girl."
  • Recapping the Summer Movies of 2011
    All in all the summer movie season wasn’t all bad. I saw a total of thirty-four of the movies released from May through August and four of them have real possibilities of being on my list of the ten best pictures of the year.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1981
    Amazingly there were only three sequels for the summer of 1981 and there were two monumental box office flops. James Bond returned to the screen and we were introduced to Indiana Jones.
  • Summer Movies of 1976 - a Look Back
    Summer of 1976 was a pivotal year for Hollywood. It was only one year removed from the summer of 1975 when Jaws would turn into the first major summer blockbuster and become the highest grossing movie of all time.
  • Summer Movie Releases - 1971
    The 1971 summer movie season consisted of 27 first run releases and was an eclectic mix from adventures to documentaries to horror films to more artsy fare.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1966
    Of the 20 movies released only 4 would be remembered at Academy Awards time with two of them being recognized for Best Picture.
  • Retro Review - "Time After Time" (1979)
    Of all the films I have recommended to people I have yet to hear a negative reaction to my recommendation of a 1979 romantic thriller called Time After Time.
  • Review - Insidious - a Good Old Fashioned Ghost Story
    James Wan's Insidious is, for the first hour, a truly creepy and effective haunted house chiller.
  • Retro Review - "The Stunt Man" (1980)
    There have been many films made about making movies but few of them seem to be so much in love with the filmmaking process as Richard Rush's 1980 black comedy "The Stunt Man."
  • Ten Must See Films by Director Blake Edwards
    Edwards was a master at comedy, particularly slapstick, having likely been influenced by the great clowns of silent screen. But he could also make serious, touching, disturbing and downright scary movies as well.
  • Retro Review - "The Conversation" (1974)
    Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation is a masterpiece and for the life of me I don't understand how this is not better known.
  • The Ten Worst Films of 2010
    It seems as if Hollywood fails to grasp that audiences are not stupid because each romantic comedy uses the same formula without little to no exception.
  • The Ten Best Films of 2010
    This is a look at 20 films from 2010 that should not be missed.
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1980
    In total only eleven movies opened over the holiday season. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this was not a memorable list of movies to follow.
  • Dad and Me - Movie Memories
    I am going to reach back deep into the recesses of my mind to tell some brief movie memories that will mean nothing to any of you but have resonated in my mind all these years for whatever reason.
  • Christmas Movie Releases - 1970
    Christmas of 1970 saw the release of 11 movies. Four of those movies would go on to be nominated (and win in some cases) for Academy Awards but only one of those four was nominated for the coveted Best Picture award
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1975
    Twelve movies were released during the holiday season of 1975. Of those twelve only five would be recognized at Academy Awards time but one of those four made a major splash at the Awards
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1965
    A look back at the nine major movies that were the big Christmas releases.
  • Fair Game: Movie Review
    This is based on the book by Vaierie Plame, former CIA operative and her husband, writer Joseph Wilson and what they say happened to them.
  • Retro Review - "LOCAL HERO" (1983)
    This is a movie I have seen a half dozen times or so since its release in 1983 and it never fails to make me smile. It is utterly whimsical, charming and delightful all rolled into one.
  • Review - Paranormal Activity 2
    The one thing that scares me most in movies and it's a device that is so rarely used it amazes me, is the terrifying things you hear but do not see.
  • Retro Review - After Hours (1985)
    This is a hard film to watch. It's not violent or cruel but Scorsese creates such an atmosphere of discomfort that many audience members squirmed in their seats the final hour those that were able to stay in their seats.
  • Review - "It's Kind of a Funny Story"
    Every so often a movie buff such as myself will come across a movie they know little to nothing about but go to see it just because -- . well, they are movie buffs and that's what happens.
  • Review: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
    Stone is acutely aware, as a filmmaker, that the times indeed have changed and today's financial world is still trying to recover from some bad times over the past few years.
  • Retro Review: The Last of Sheila (1973)
    This is a look at The Last of Sheila, one of the most intriguing movie mysteries ever made. Any fan of mysteries or puzzles will delight in watching this film over and over.
  • Review: George Clooney in The American
    I can breathe again. After being smothered for the last four months by a glut of summer movies filled with car chases, explosions and breaking glass, the fall movie season is upon us.
  • 2010 Summer Movie Re-Cap
    To put it plain and simple, the summer movie season of 2010 was dreadful a good portion of the time. To be sure there were some good films '" but not many.
  • Retro Movie Review - Targets (1968)
    Each month I am going to write a review of an older movie that I like that either is obscure, failed at the box office or simply isn't well remembered today and deserves re-discovery.
  • The Troubling Onslaught of 3-D Movies
    Movies are being released in 3-D and patrons are being asked to pay $3 to $5 more per ticket so they can wear a pair of plastic glasses for a few hours, glasses they aren't even allowed to keep.
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  • 10 Films from the 00s You Liked that I Didn't
    These are films I have argued endlessly with friends and colleagues so I figured I would put them all out there for you to see as well.
  • 10 Films from the 00's I Liked that You Didn't
    This article is going to cover ten movies from the last decade that, for one reason or another, audiences (what few that saw some of them) didn't like but were films that I admired.
  • My Brief Encounter with George Carlin
    My favorite brief encounter came in the fall of 1983. I'll never forget the day or the movie involved. This particular Friday the theater was unusually busy for a mid afternoon performance (around 4pm).
  • Movie Review - "Winter's Bone"
    Winter's Bone, a hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival and now slowly making its way around the country. If it happens to be within a reasonable distance I strongly suggest you seek it out as it is one of the best films of 2010 thus far.
  • 20 Overlooked Movie Gems of the 00's
    If you have seen them I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did and if you haven't I hope you seek them out and enjoy them.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1985
    Teen comedies had taken over the market and were so popular that PG, PG-13 and R rated comedies were becoming popular and even the promise of nudity-less films weren't enough to turn the teens away.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1980
    Because of all of these screens there was plenty of product to go around and by the end of the summer of 1980 there were 38 movies released.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1975
    The summer of 1975. The year when everything changed not only for me personally but for the film industry in general.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1970
    Twenty movies were released during the summer of 1970. Once again, and oddly enough, only one of those was geared towards children and it came from the Walt Disney Company.
  • Summer Movie Releases of 1965
    This (1965) was the first summer of my life so I obviously didn't see any of these then but have seen many of them since then.
  • The 10 Best Comedies of the 00s
    In doing an article where I pick the ten best comedies of the last decade I know I am opening myself up for attack, insults or just plain stares of wonderment.
  • Directors and Their Work in the 00's
    This article will take a look at careers of popular directors, some of my favorites, directors to watch in the next decade, the worst director of the decade and finally my pick for the 3 best directors of the decade.
  • The Sci-Fi Spectacular #4 at Chicago's Music Box Theater
    Saturday, April 10th was the 4th annual Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Music Box Theater in Chicago and, for the fourth consecutive year, my nephew Curt and I made the jaunt to the Music Box for 14 hours of sci-fi entertainment.
  • The Ten Worst Films of the 00's
    Make no mistake about it. This article is to guarantee that you readers don't waste even one valuable second of the gift of your life watching these movies.
  • The 10 Best Films of the 00's
    As always my goal to the reader is to find a film or two they may not know and seek them out. I treasure everyone's opportunity to see any one of these films for the first time.
  • Academy Award Predictions
    Let me start by saying that "Avatar" will be the big winner in number of awards. I think it will take 7 Oscars of the 9 it is nominated for.
  • Movie Review - Shutter Island - Scorsese with a Dash of Hitchcock
    Scorsese, one of our best directors of the last thirty-five plus years, directs with an air of assurance and confidence that makes a film fan know from frame one you are in for a treat.
  • The Ten Worst Films of 2009
    These are the films to read about now so you don't have to lose one minute of your life watching them.
  • The Academy Award Snubs
    Now that the Oscar nominations are over twenty-four hours old I thought I would join those who have a thing or two to complain about to the Academy. This article is about the Oscar snubs, of which there are always a few.
  • The Ten Best Films of 2009
    In compiling my list of the ten best films of the year I joyfully discovered that, for the first time since 2003, I could have compiled a ten-best list twice.
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1984
    Oddly six comedies were released during the usual Oscar-bate season of dramas.
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1979
    Several of these films were big budgeted, loud event pictures that failed to live up to expectations. A great director saw his first flop, a comic genius made his starring film debut as did a rambunctious singer.
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1974
    In 1974, there were 13 movies released over the holiday for movie fans. Movie palaces were still in the forefront though twin screens and triples were all over the suburbs.
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1969
    This list comes from 1969 and there were only ten movies released over the holiday for movie fans. Movie palaces were still in the forefront though twin screens were popping up all over suburbs.
  • Christmas Movie Releases of 1964
    The first list comes from 1964 and there were only ten movies released over the holiday for movie fans.
  • 10 Movie Suggestions for Halloween of 2009
    You won't find on my lists such conventional horror films as Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist and so on. Anyone can comprise a list with those films and that wouldn't make it bad.
  • Five Actors in Need of a Career Makeover
    Why do actors repeatedly waste their God given talents on roles they have played over and over again in films that are not worthy of the talent they bring to it?
  • Review - "The Shark is Still Working" - Definitive but We Still Hunger for More
    "The Shark is Still Working" is the answer to every fan of the movie "Jaws" and their wish to see a definitive look at the making of this classic 1975 movie which would change summer movies forever and how they were marketed and sold to the public.
  • 10 Well Liked Movies that I Don't Like
    This is an article where I am opening myself to accusations, ridicule or just plain name calling. As a movie buff one of the best things about film criticism is the differing opinions people have.
  • Director John Hughes Dies at 59
    A tribute to a director who touched a whole generation.
  • Summer Movies of 1984
    This is a look at one of the most successful summer movie seasons of the last thirty years.
  • Summer Movies of 1979
    1979 was a hit-and-miss summer and nothing really in between. An astounding 34 movies were released in the 14-week period and most of the films were either solid hits or flat-out flops.
  • Summer Movies of 1974
    This was the final summer where movies were released and not watched closely for blockbuster status. All that changed one year later with JAWS.
  • Summer Movies of 1969
    Take a look at the odd assortment of movies released in the summer of 1969 - many you would likely never see released during summer these days.
  • Summer Movies of 1964
    Five of the movies released were designed for the teenage and college audience while, amazingly, eight movies were targeted at a mature audience. Today you are lucky to see more then two come out in the summer months.
  • The 3rd Annual Sci-Fi Spectacular
    This year was the best of the three Sci-Fi spectaculars as the programming was top notch with one good film after another.
  • DVD Review - Drive-In Cult Classics
    What I found most surprising about these movies is the levels of violence and the unsuspecting paths some of these films take. Most sound like sex romps but none of them really are.
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