Carla Heine

Carla Heine

Author of SONOMA GHOSTS, Carla Heine is featured in Sonoma Business Magazine; NBC's In Wine Country; and Carla Heine pledged Kappa Alpha Theta at CU Boulder, and was a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta; and began writing professionally in 1972.
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School of On My Own Since I was Sixteen in 1970.


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  • The Right Hairstyle for the Right Occasion
    Choosing the right hairstyle for the right occasion can be hard. Who do you trust? When you absolutely positively must choose the right hairstyle for the right occasion, here's a tried and true solution: Ask your shoes! They never let you down!
  • Newly Diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes
    It is irritating to hear about all these people who have Type Two Diabetes who just kept loosing weight involuntarily. My weight has been 175 since age 35 and now it's 160 at age 56. But if I don't eat every two hours I keel over.
  • Sonoma Ghosts Mini-Tour
    Haunted Sonoma tours offer visits to Sonoma's haunted wineries. This slide show takes you to Sonoma's Historic District, in the heart of California's wine country, to see the little Victorian town of Sonoma, and 13 of Sonoma's most haunted buildings.
  • African American Women Preserve Natural Hair Traditions
    There is a special bond that develops when you are doing a child's hair, and that bond can be a painful one that leaves lifelong scars, or a beautiful one that can be passed on from generation to generation.
  • One Touch Ultra2 Meter: Review
    This is a great little gadget for electronically reading blood sugar levels for people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

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