Marie Anne St. Jean

Marie Anne St. Jean

Marie Anne is a retired U.S. Marine who has been a Top 1000 Content Producer for the last four years (even sneaking into the Top 100 in 2012) and recipient of the first Spotlight Award on YCN. No longer wearing a uniform, her weapons of choice are now crochet hook and pen.

When not publishing through Yahoo! Contributor Network, Marie Anne occupies herself with her family of dogs, cats, and chickens. She also keeps her hands busy gardening, and working on knit and crochet projects that she sells as well as donates to charity.

As if that wasn't enough, she now owns Choice Social Media Management, specializing in helping the individual and small business owner manage their online presence.
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High School Graduate, Various Military Schools, Graduated with honors from the School of Hard Knocks.


Semper Gumby - Always Flexible
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  • Planting a Perennial Flower Bed by Trial and Error
    Perennials are very forgiving, and simply sticking a few bulbs or plants in the ground is enough to add color, but it takes a bit more than that to plant a flower bed that will continue to be pleasing to the eye as well as be easy to maintain.
  • Drive-In Theatres in Ohio Still Worth the Trip
    At one time, you could find a drive-in theater within driving distance of even the smallest town, but those days are long gone. Still, if you want to go to a drive-in movie in Ohio, there are a number of them available if you don’t mind a short drive.
  • Planning Your Wedding: Where to Cut Costs, Where to Splurge
    When planning your wedding, you’re probably looking to spend the least amount of money possible while still enjoying a memorable day. It’s okay to look for the cheapest way out on some things, but put some thought into it before you cut too many corners.
  • How Do I Switch My Dog to a New Dog Food?
    Some dogs will eat anything, while others are more picky, So what’s the best way to switch brands of dog food without your dog catching on?
  • Ross County, Ohio, Antique Stores Home to Primitives and More
    Browsing antique stores is a favorite pastime of many, and if you’re within driving distance of Ross County, Ohio, you’ll find plenty of shops to visit. Whether you fancy antiques or primitives, you’ll find them in Chillicothe and surrounding areas.
  • ‘Candid Camera’, the Original Reality Show, Returns to TV
    The latest version of “Candid Camera” returns to TV this summer as TVLand set to air 10 episodes. The 2014 airings will be co-hosted by Allen Funt’s son, Peter.
  • Filing Your Taxes at the Last Minute? Use It to Your Advantage
    Every year I say I’m going to start on my taxes early, and every year I end up filing them in late March, or just before the April 15 deadline. If you’re like me, start keeping records now that will make preparing your tax return easier next year.
  • Chillicothe, Ohio, Gyms Offer Diverse Programs for All Fitness Levels
    Men and women, young and old, couch-potatoes and fitness fanatics - Chillicothe has a facility and personal trainer to accommodate them all. No more excuses! Grab your gear, recruit a workout buddy, and get started today.
  • Car? Motorcycle? Elio Might Be the Commuter’s Dream
    By creating a vehicle that’s less than a car, but more than a motorcycle, Elio Motors claims to have the world’s answer to high gas prices. Due to roll out in 2015, consumers who want to be the first to own one can reserve one now for as little as $100.
  • How Television Turned Me Into a History Lover
    History might be fascinating to some, but it was my least favorite subject in school. Learning to read, write, and add a column of figures were important skills to learn, and I didn’t see how knowledge of history could amount to marketable talents later.
  • What to Consider Before Renting Out Your House
    Income from a rental property might seem like easy money, but before you decide to rent your home, make sure that you’re prepared for the downsides to managing a rental property. Your dream home could quickly turn into a nightmare.
  • Should I Allow My Chickens to Free Range?
    One thing to consider when deciding to have chickens is how (or if) you’re going to contain them. If you’re thinking about letting your flock free-range, consider advantages and disadvantages before bringing those cute chicks home from the feed store.
  • Moving Baby Chicks Outside in the Spring
    It’s hard not to love baby chicks in the spring, but keeping them warm in the house while they’re young and fragile can be messy. Before moving them outside permanently, there are several things to consider in order to keep them safe and healthy.
  • Storing Dog Food Safely in Containers and Storage Bins
    Quality dog food isn’t cheap, so make sure to store it properly to not only prevent spoilage, but also so that the food doesn’t get contaminated from vermin that can get into the container, or from the container itself.
  • Easiest Corn Chowder, Just like Mom’s
    One of my favorite comfort foods as a child was Mom’s corn chowder, which was not only a cheap meal, but was hearty and delicious. It isn’t fancy, but can be thrown together in minutes
  • Neuticles: Fake Testicles for Your Dog
    With shelters overflowing with pets waiting to be adopted, spaying/neutering is the right thing to do. Some owners, however, don't want their dog or cat to feel like they're missing something, so opt for prosthetic testicles to make them appear intact.
  • Done in a Jiffy Baby Blanket to Crochet
    This baby blanket is crocheted using Lion Brand Baby’s First bulky yarn with a large crochet hook so works up in a jiffy. The combination of acrylic and cotton in this yarn also makes it a bit stretchy. The pattern calls for the same stitch throughout.
  • Catie Alice's Jiffy Baby Blanket
    This jiffy baby blanket doesn’t require a lot of concentration and because it uses a fairly large crochet hook and Lion Brand Baby's First yarn which is bulky, it can be completed by even a beginner in just one weekend.
  • Help Shelter Pets and Rescues Via Social Media Networking
    Not everyone can adopt or foster a pet, but there are other ways to help. Are you on Facebook? Use it and other social networking sites to help support pet shelters and rescue groups.
  • Did your first kitten turn you into a cat person?
    Cats – either you love them or you hate them. Ok, so some aren’t necessarily cat people but will tolerate them. Thinking back to your very first cat, what is it about your pet that made you either a) want a houseful or b) vow 'never again'?
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  • Clothes for your patriotic pooch
    There’s never a shortage of clothing items available for you to show your patriotism, but what about your pets? Outfit your dog in these red, white, and blue ideas in a style befitting the patriotic occasion.
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  • Keeping your dog safe during summer holidays
    Nothing says summer like a backyard barbecue or picnic, or a trip to the beach. Fun in the sun might be the order of business for your family, but remember to keep safety in mind, and that means for your four-legged family members too.
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  • Lest We Forget: All Gave Some -- Some Gave All
    Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Increase Etsy sales by increasing listings
    If you craft items for sale, you know you can’t stop at completing the item; you have to get your items in front of potential customers. Increase your exposure with little extra effort by making past sales work for you.
  • Should You Use a Retractable Leash to Walk Your Dog?
    Dogs should be on a leash when not in the house or contained in a fenced yard. It’s the law in most communities, for their safety, as well as the safety of others. But what type of leash is best – a loose leash or one that is retractable?
  • Ways to Celebrate Your Puppy's First Birthday
    No more puppy-breath or sleepless nights, and you don’t have to hide your shoes from little teeth anymore. Your puppy’s first birthday is an event worthy of celebration, so use these ideas as a springboard to planning the coolest puppy birthday in town.
  • Dogs of the Titanic: an Untold Story
    Many people think of their pets as part of the family, and it’s evident that that sentiment was as true 100 years ago as it is today. Some Titanic passengers risked their own lives to save their dogs.
  • Gary Carter Added to List of Sports Figure Deaths in 2012
    The death of Hall of Famer Gary Carter on Thursday, February 16 adds to the list of renowned sports figures who have died in 2012.
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  • What breed of dog is best for me?
    You probably have a favorite breed of dog, but is that breed a good fit for your particular lifestyle? There are many factors to consider before getting a dog, so do your homework see if any of these characteristics are deal breakers.
  • What breed is your dream dog?
    Big dogs, small dogs, everything in between. What breed of dog is favored by women today?
  • How will women entertain themselves during the Super Bowl?
    The Super Bowl – the game we’ve been waiting for all season. Will you be glued to the tube with the guys on Super Bowl Sunday, or enjoying a day out with the girls somewhere? Here’s what ten women around the U.S. had to say.
  • Should you let your dog sleep with you?
    If you’ve ever shared your home with a dog, you’ve probably had them try to share your bed -- but should you let them? I welcome my furry buddy to keep me company at night, but even I know that there are some situations where it might not be advisable.
  • 5 tips for dealing with pet hair
    I love my pets, but I could definitely live without the hair they leave behind. Unless you can put them in a bubble, you’ll never get rid of pet hair completely, but I’ve learned a few tricks that might help you make it a little more manageable.
  • What are your cutest nicknames for your pets?
    Most pet owners put a lot of thought into naming their pets, but does the name stick? I asked 10 women around the country if they had cute names for their pets, and here’s what they shared with me.
  • Favorite memories of pets at Christmas
    Christmas is all about family, and pets are family, too! Many of my favorite memories of Christmas include various critters, and I asked others to share theirs.
  • What are your New Year's resolutions for your pets?
    We've all made New Year's resolutions, so why not include your pet in 2012?
  • New Year’s Traditions Around the Globe
    As the Christmas holiday winds down, people all over the world are preparing to send out the old and ring in the new. Many New Year’s traditions involve food, but others might be about a particular activity. How do you ring in the New Year?
  • Lickety-Split Knit Dishcloth Pattern
    I have a favorite crochet dishcloth pattern, but love the knitted versions too for when you want a cloth that’s more pliable and not so thick. After knitting a few others, I wrote out this simple knit dishcloth pattern of my own.
  • Christmas Puppies: The Initial Price Tag is Only the Beginning
    You can afford what’s on the price tag of that Christmas puppy, but can you afford the true cost of keeping him?
  • 10 reasons why you should own a dog
    Reasons for owning a dog might vary from person to person, but if you've ever experienced the love of a dog, you'll never want to be without it. Here are ten good reasons to have a dog.
  • Best Christmas gifts for pets of all kinds
    Gifts for household pets are easy to find in any pet store, and of course, there are countless places online, too, but what about the more unusual pets?
  • Adopting a pet: Did your pet choose you?
    Choosing to bring a pet into your life is an exciting experience, but who chooses whom? I asked 10 women to share how they knew that their pet was the one, or if it was the pet that made that decision.
  • Five Great Gifts for the Boston Celtics Fan
    Are there any Boston Celtics fans on your Christmas list this year? Help them show their team pride around Beantown with one of these great gifts. Knock a few names off your list and save even more with one flat rate shipping fee of $4.99.
  • Giving a Pet for Christmas, After Christmas
    Most children would love to get a puppy or kitten for Christmas, but there are numerous reasons why it’s the worst time of year to bring a new pet into the household. So what to put under the tree instead of a furry friend?
  • Winter Draft and Ventilation in Your Chicken Coop
    If this is your first winter with chickens, make sure that your coop is adequate to protect your flock in the cold weather. Chickens are generally a hardy bird, but you can help them adapt to temperature changes and keep them comfortable as temps drop.
  • Holiday fun with family pets
    Like many people, I don’t forget my pets at Christmas -- stockings for dogs and cats, and candy canes for horses. Curious to know what others do, I asked 10 women around the country how they include their furry friends in holiday fun.
  • Outfit your dog with an adorable holiday dress
    Does your little dog get all dolled up for the holidays? Here’s a look at some of the cute dresses and outfits found for the little dog who gets in the Christmas spirit.
  • Tips for brushing your dog’s teeth
    Getting your kids to brush their teeth is bad enough, but since I doubt your dog can be trained to brush his, you’ll need to tackle that job yourself. With practice and a few tips, it can be less of a hassle (for both you and Fido).
  • Is your toddler afraid of dogs?
    Some kids just naturally gravitate to any furry thing that squirms and licks their faces, but others might be apprehensive around dogs because of their size or exuberance. If your child is afraid of dogs, you can help her overcome it.
  • Ten Great Gifts for the Boston Bruins Fan
    New Englanders love their hockey and the home team of the Boston Bruins in particular. If you have hockey fans on your gift list this Christmas, get some inspiration from the ten Boston Bruins gifts I’ve picked here.
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  • Five Great Gifts for the Boston College Basketball Fan
    Does your gift list include a Boston College Eagles fan? There are plenty of items to choose from in traditional BC colors of maroon and gold, and I’ve picked five here to get you started.
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  • Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at the last minute? You can do it!
    Aunt Mabel is sick and can’t host Thanksgiving this year, so your husband volunteered to have it at your house. Yikes! Before putting him in the dog house, take stock of the things that must be done and don’t stress over those that can’t be. You can do it!
  • 10 Great Gifts for Green Bay Packers Fans
    Who else would wear a wedge of cheese on their head out in public but a Packer Backer? Here are ten items that would make wonderful gifts for the Packers fan on your Christmas gift list.
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  • Best Boston Red Sox Hats for Christmas 2011 for Fans of All Ages
    True Boston Red Sox fans don’t care that there’s snow on the ground, they think baseball year-round. Who wouldn’t love to receive Red Sox gear for Christmas or any other time of the year?
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  • Does your pet drive you crazy?
    Many of my pets have had oddball behaviors that drove me nuts, but it’s hard to scold them when they look at you with those big brown eyes. Does your pet have a bad habit that drives you up the wall, yet at the same time, makes you smile?
  • Nana Was a Snitch
    Nana wasn’t much of a cook and didn’t contribute to the plethora of baked goods that lined the folding table along the wall, but she did spend time in the kitchen – as a snitch.
  • 10 best puppy potty training tips
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that it’s easy to housebreak a new puppy, but it can be a little less challenging if you know what to expect and follow a few basic rules. Here are 10 tips that can help make the housebreaking process a success.
  • When to call the vet: Symptoms you shouldn’t ignore
    Whether you’re a parent to human children or furry ones, sometimes it’s difficult to know when to call the doctor when they’re sick or injured. Pets often get over things quickly on their own, so how do you know what symptoms not to ignore?
  • A Veteran's View on Change
    Not all changes in today's military and veteran's benefits are good ones, but this veteran thinks serving is still worth it.
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  • This veteran says thanks
    Parades are held in their honor. School assemblies gather students to show support. The date is November 11, Veterans Day, the day set aside each year to thank veterans for their service to this country. This year, this veteran wants to say thanks.
  • Heartwarming pet stories
    Some of my sweetest memories are about animals in my life, those with me now and others who have passed over that Rainbow Bridge. Puppy shenanigans, a newborn foal, chickens that chase the dogs – all have brought smiles to my face over the years.
  • NFL Players Who Died of Drug Overdoses
    The cause of death of former Baltimore Colts player Bubba Smith has been determined to be from a drug overdose. Smith, also known for his role in the Police Academy films, was originally thought to have died from natural causes.
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  • 3 easy-care pets for families
    The kids are begging for one, but you know you don’t have the time to devote to a puppy. What other pet might appease the kids, yet won’t require a lot of care?
  • Best Green Bay Packers Jerseys and Where to Find Them
    You don’t have to wear a wedge of cheese on your head to show your support of the Green Bay Packers. Classic jerseys can be found in many forms and there’s something for every Packer fan, big and small.
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  • Can You Afford a Free Puppy?
    We’ve all been suckered by notices of free puppies in the newspaper, but add popular internet sites and suddenly they’re everywhere – local online lists, even friend’s status updates on facebook. As tempting as he may be, can you afford that free puppy?
  • Green Bay Packers’ 5 Greatest Moments in NFL History
    Ask any football fan for their favorite moments in NFL history and you’ll get a variety of opinions. How does my list of Packers’ greatest moments stack up against yours?
  • Make trimming your dog’s nails easy
    Do you have a new puppy that needs to get his nails done? Does your older dog dive under the bed when he sees you with the nail clippers? It’s a chore for many dog owners, but there is a way to make it just a little easier to trim your dog’s nails.
  • Retired Marine and Blue Star Mother -- It's Past Time to Leave Iraq
    The recent decision to pull troops out of Iraq came several years too late, in the opinion of this retired Marine whose son also served.
  • What to expect your puppy’s first week at home
    It’s hard to resist that cute bundle of fur, full of puppy-breath and kisses, warm snuggles and wet noses. Now that you’ve brought him home, are you ready for the challenges that aren’t quite so cute?
  • Bracelets Honoring KIA Marines Raising a Ruckus
    Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful. Marines take care of their own. Never forget. Why are those words being questioned by the recent ban on not allowing bracelets honoring fallen Marines to be worn while in uniform?
  • Locked Philadelphia Basement Home to Disabled Adults
    Four mentally disabled adults were found locked in a basement in Philadelphia after authorities were alerted to squatters living in the building. Three men and a woman, all suffering from malnutrition, were found in the home on Longshore Ave on Saturday.
  • Pocket Planters to Knit or Crochet
    I enjoy crocheting, and love flowers and gardening in general, so making pocket planters is a neat way to combine it all. I borrowed the idea from a knitted version and created a simple pattern to crochet.
  • Cookie cutter crafts: Think beyond the cookie jar
    Cookie cutters can be useful in lots of craft projects, so don’t limit yourself to using them just for holiday baking.
  • Baseball head injury results in death of Florida teen
    While baseball isn’t considered a contact sport, serious injury and death are not uncommon in any league, from t-ball to the Majors. While use of proper safety gear reduces the number of injuries, no one is completely safe.
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  • The funniest things our pets do
    I can’t imagine being without a furry critter underfoot, and whether my dogs, cats, or horses, each has brought me much joy and more than a little laughter. Can your furry or feathered friends top these funnies?
  • ESPN Slams Hank Jr. For Obama-Hitler Comment
    MNF fans were left hanging when the Colts-Buccaneers game opened October 3 without the familiar voice of Hank Williams getting them pumped up with “Are you ready for some football?” Is the country crooner benched for good?
  • Anything but Drab Crocheted Scarf
    The olive drab color of this scarf prompted the name of the pattern, but it really is anything but drab. This easy to crochet scarf makes a great set when paired with the matching Anything But Drab Hat.
  • Anything but Drab Crochet Hat
    The Anything But Drab Hat is perfect for when you want something easy to crochet, but with a bit more definition to it. A simple rectangle worked in four rows of two different stitches, it’s easy enough for a beginner, but pretty enough for gift-giving.
  • Easy Ribbed Hat with Variations
    I wanted an easy ribbed hat pattern, but the holes were either too large (with DC), or too small with no ‘give’ (with SC). I put on my Goldi-locks and came up with my own pattern which was just right. Quick to work up, it’s great for charity projects.
  • Chili toppings even the kids will love
    Chili is popular year round but more so as we start to feel a nip in the air. It can be a healthy choice for a quick and hearty meal, and adding various toppings can make it more attractive to even the pickiest eaters at your dinner table.
  • A Halloween treat bag can complete (or inspire) the costume
    You’ve helped the kids decide on Halloween costumes, but what about the bag to haul their loot in? Skip the plain pillowcase or plastic pumpkin and shoot for ordinary items that can pull double-duty as part of the costume as well as the treat bag.
  • Accidental Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern
    Want a simple baby blanket pattern that doesn’t require a lot of concentration? Easy enough for a beginner to crochet, this blanket can also be whipped out quickly by the more experienced while watching TV or on a road trip.
  • Accidental Stitch Scarf Pattern
    Since I came up with this crochet stitch by accident while trying something else, I've dubbed it the Accidental Stitch. This simple yet pretty scarf takes only a few hours and one skein of yarn to complete, making it perfect for a last minute gift.
  • Miss Molly's Adoption from the Ross County Humane Society
    Adopting a pet from your local shelter is almost always a better deal than even free puppies you find in the newspaper. For a $63 fee, you can adopt a puppy from the Ross County Humane Society that has had all shots and includes a free spay/neuter.
  • Wade Belak's death: Why so many athlete suicides?
    Former NHL player Wade Belak is reported to have hanged himself August 31, 2011, just months after retiring.
    Also published on:
  • Will My Dog Eat My Chickens?
    Many dogs will kill chickens and it's best to keep your flock fully protected against a visit from Butch next door, but what about your own dogs? Can your dog be turned out with your chickens without worry of feathers flying?
  • Manchester remembers Mike Flanagan
    Manchester residents remember Mike Flanagan after learning of the Baltimore Orioles pitcher's death on Wednesday, August 24 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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  • Banquet Pepperoni Pizza Meal Review
    Banquet Pepperoni Pizza Meal with chocolate pudding proved to be a tasty bargain for a quick lunch.
  • A homework routine helps get the job done
    Do your school-aged kids balk at getting their homework done? Establishing a daily routine will help. Consider these tips and determine what works best for your household situation, then be consistent in applying them.
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  • When to Write Holiday Articles
    Timing can play a big role in article writing. People will be searching for holiday information well ahead of the event, but how early is too early to publish your holiday content?
  • Is Natural Dog Food Best for My Dog?
    Many pet food marketers try to capitalize on the use of the term all-natural when referring to their products, but is it better for your dog?
  • Benefits of Fatty Acids in a Dog's Diet
    Omega-3 fatty acids are important in a dog's diet to keep skin and coat healthy. Supplementing with fish oil capsules is often recommended by veterinarians for joint health and high cholesterol, and not just a shiny coat.
  • Why a Push Mower is Better Than a Lawn Tractor
    Many people use a push mower because their yard isn't large enough to need a riding mower, or they can't afford one. I have an acre to mow and still prefer to walk behind a lawn mower because it saves time, money, and does a better job.
  • Mowing the Lawn with a Push Mower - a Woman's Guide
    Some women think that mowing the lawn is considered a man's job, but what if you don't have one around and can't afford a lawn maintenance service? You do it yourself. Here are a few no-nonsense tips from someone with hours behind a push mower.
  • Keeping Chickens Cool in the Summer Heat
    Air conditioning in your home might keep your house pets comfortable in summer, but what about your backyard chickens? What special precautions can you take to help your flock tolerate a heat wave?Air conditioning in your home might keep your house pets
  • Plan a Pet Friendly 4th of July Trail Ride and Picnic
    Not everyone appreciates the noise, and an Independence Day celebration should be more than fireworks and sparklers. Include your four legged family members in your 4th of July party by organizing a patriotic trail ride and picnic for your friends and fa
  • Is Refrigerated Dog Food Better for My Pet?
    If you watch TV at all, you've probably noticed the commercials touting the new refrigerated dog foods that profess to be the best thing for your pet because of their freshness. Is refrigerated, fresh dog food better than dry or canned?
  • Will Periodontal Disease Hurt My Dog?
    Dogs get periodontal disease much like people do, and left untreated, it can have an impact on their overall health.
  • Dog Toys and Bones that May Be Harmful
    If you've had a puppy that has gnawed furniture legs or shoes, you know that providing chew toys for your dog is important. But how do you know what bones and toys are best and not harmful to your pup?
  • How Did My Dog's Mouth Get Infected?
    Dogs can get into all sorts of nasty things to chew and ingest, and it's no surprise that some of those things might lead to infections. What can you watch out for to prevent an infection in your dog's mouth?
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