Sheri Fresonke Harper

Sheri Fresonke Harper

Sheri works as a freelance writer, novelist and poet. She worked in the aviation industry at the Port of Seattle and Boeing Company for 20 years as a systems analyst/architect where she edited and wrote over 40 technical systems documents and acted as an embedded systems documentation consultant, data and process architect and knowledge-based languages expert.

She graduated from Western WA University with a BS in Computer Science and had completed half of an Information Systems MBA Program at City U when she retired to follow her dream to write novels. She studied writing during over 4 years of certificate programs at the University of WA Extension and various workshops and is currently back at school at Stanford and UCF where she is studying physics, astronomy, anthropology, geology and Chinese history. She is currently marketing her first two post-apocalyptic novels. Her speculative stories appear in ChimeraWorld 6, Beyond Centauri, Anotherealm, Tales of the Talisman, Beacons of Tomorrow, Aoife's Kiss, Tabloid Purposes IV, Whispering Spirits, Kaleidoscope, Dragons, Knights and Kings, Kinships, Shine!

Sheri has 5 published poetry chapbooks including Decalmaker published by Pudding House Press.
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Current Grad Student at UCF, BSCS WWU, MBA courses at City U, Certificates in Poetry and Fiction from UW Extension


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