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Marilisa Sachteleben

A 25-year educator (K-8, EI, CI), mom of 4 and 10-year homeschool vet, Marilisa writes for parents and teachers on education topics from autism to zoology. She s taught preschool to adult ed and specializes in hands-on, individualized, higher-order thinking lesson design. Her teacher bio covers Montessori, psychology, creative writing, history, ADHD, LD, communication, ESL, ABE. She s got a heart for special needs and transitional students, reluctant learners and at-risk kids. A manic blogger, her sites speak to a diverse audience.

From her psychology degree, crisis counseling experience and personal history, Mar writes on mental and emotional health, addiction, codependency and recovery. A relationships mentor with her husband of 25 years, Mar pens dating advice and marriage glue recipes.

She s also a mommying geek, advising across the parenting spectrum--from nursing babies to teens to adult kids.

A thrifty diy-er, Mar shares home-management, $-saving and living large-for-less tips. She and her husband paid off $20K in debt & stay debt-free in economically challenged Michigan. They re remodeling a 100+ year old home from the landscape up.
From her popular Great Food 4U blog, this domestic goddess writes on nutrition, world cooking, religious diets, healthy eating and vegetarian/vegan diets. She writes on practical health wisdom from a school-of-experience degree as Mama Doc.

Mar s published on Yahoo! News, Shine, Homes, Helium Marketplace SEED, AT&T, Diabetes Active, Mapquest, Best Contractors, How to Do Things, Gather, Life Tips.

Mar s directed youth theater director, written plays and volunteers in social justice issues. A Catholic Transcendentalist, Mar shares about it on her Catholic Activities blog. Her current projects include children s fiction series, an emotional health primer, a Gothic paranormal-travel anthology and a Michigan history-mystery series.

Mar brings joie de vivre, compassion and passion to all her work.
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  • Detroit Fire-Breathing Dragon Wows ArtPrize 2013 Patrons
    ArtPrize is a huge, outdoor, public-juried art show in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Artists come from all over to compete for $560,000 in prize money. And this year, the belle of the ball is a fire-breathing dragon, Gon KiRin, born in Detroit.
  • Superheroes Coming to Detroit, Thanks to Film Tax Credits
    Batman, Superman, and Optimus Prime take to the streets of Detroit. In film, anyway. Some blockbuster movies are being shot in the Motor City. Movie producers are starting to take Michigan, specifically Detroit, seriously thanks state film tax
  • Board Questions Duggan's Write-In Votes in Detroit Mayoral Primary
    Detroit politics have been back and forth, particularly in the 2013 mayoral election arena. Legal battles over candidate residence, candidates dropped then written in -- if you're confused about what's going on, small wonder.
  • Meijer Stores Hiring for 9,000 New Jobs, Half in Michigan
    Happy news on two fronts for Detroit: a first-ever Meijer in the city limits of Detroit and hundreds of new jobs for metro Detroit residents. Superstore chain Meijer will be hiring for 9,000 new jobs in the next few months, half in Michigan.
  • Art or Tagging? Detroit Gets Graffiti Makeover
    We've heard the stories of ruin in Detroit till they're coming out of our ears. From the Motown moniker, "blight belt" seems to be the new nickname. But one thing about urban decay -- it makes a great backdrop for graffiti, a superb canvas for tag art.
  • Highland Park, MI, Residents Protest Disposal of Black History Collection
    A valuable collection of books and media on black history was found in a dumpster near a school in Highland Park, Michigan.
  • 1915 Message in a Bottle Surfaces in Detroit
    Growing up near one of Michigan's five Great Lakes, a favorite childhood summer pastime was sending messages via bottle. Two other Michigan girls had the same idea almost 100 years ago. Their message in a bottle turned up in Detroit.
  • Greening Detroit: Community Programs Focus on Kids
    Emergency manager Kevyn Orr identified blight cleanup as integral to city improvement in his recent City of Detroit Proposal to Creditors. Locals are using urban gardening to teach inner-city kids community, health, nutrition, enterprise, arts and culture
  • Renewal and Community in Detroit's Brightmoor Neighborhood
    Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood has a reputation for being crime-ridden and dangerous. But things are changing in Brightmoor, thanks to four C's: community, children, care, and chutzpah.
  • Court of Appeals Finds Mike Duggan Ineligible to Run for Detroit Mayor
    Mike Duggan, one of Detroit's two top mayoral contenders, was ruled ineligible to run on the August 6 primary ballot. Duggan appealed that decision, and the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the earlier decision today. Residency is the reason for removal.
  • Pulte Nonprofit Eyes Federal Funds for Detroit Blight Removal
    "Pulte" and "homes" have been a Michigan connection for over six decades--the building of houses, that is. But family scion Bill Pulte, 25, is going the other way. His Detroit Blight Authority is tearing down urban ruin.
  • Detroit Emergency Manager Orr Enters Loan Repayment Negotiations
    Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr entered negotiations with city creditors on Friday, the likes of which may never have been seen before.
  • Michigan Attorney General Says No to DIA Art Sale
    Detroit has been buzzing over emergency manager Kevyn Orr's consideration of liquidating parts of the Detroit Institute of Arts collection to pay off city debt. State Attorney General Bill Schuette weighed in against the art sale.
  • Michigan to Spend $100M of Housing Grant to De-Blight Detroit
    To appreciate Detroit, you have to understand her many incarnations, from river fortress to auto industry princess and now to queen of urban blight. Thanks to $100 million from the federal Hardest Hit Fund, demolitions will clean up the Motor City.
  • Our floor-to-ceiling DIY kitchen makeover for $990
    Our house is over 100 years old. It's been a rental and has seen a plethora of crazy cobble jobs. When we bought it in 2000, everything needed upgrading, repair or remodel. Being frugal, we're still working to budget. Here's how we did a kitchen makeover.
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  • Detroit's New Whole Foods Market Gets Mixed Reviews
    Mighty food giant Whole Foods Market opened its doors in Detroit at 115 Mack Ave. on June 5, says the Detroit News. The city, called a "food desert" for its lack of access to fresh food markets, now offers locals more food choices.
  • 'Searching for Sugar Man' Sixto Rodriguez and Celebrating Him in Detroit
    Imagine being an A-lister in one country and unknown at home. Imagine being unaware you were iconic overseas while you struggled at low-paying jobs. That's '70s Detroit folksinger Sixto Rodriguez's story, told in "Searching for Sugar Man."
  • Jack White Rescues Detroit Masonic Temple From Foreclosure
    There's plenty of sad news from Detroit these days. Then, a happy story appears. Today's upswing: no foreclosure for the mighty music monolith, the Detroit Masonic Temple.
  • Teen-Themed Summer Activities, Venues in Detroit
    There's a lot of fun for families in Detroit this summer. But what if you have teens? Most adolescents would rather have a root canal than do "kiddie" activities. Happily, there's teen-themed fun in the Motor City, too.
  • Family Fun in Detroit for June 2013
    As the 2012-2013 school year winds to a close, families will be looking for summer fun activities in Detroit. June is jam-packed with culture, history, art, technology, music events. Here's a rundown of free or cheap activities.
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up Community Events in Detroit
    Stories of communities working together to create better living spaces abound in Detroit.
  • Detroit-Area Billboard Seeks Kidney Donation for Grandma
    The wait list to get a new kidney is estimated at five to 10 years. So what do you do if you need a donation? Jerry Millen, of Hartland Township, Michigan, is asking via billboard for a kidney for his mother, Virginia Millen.
  • 'Detropia' Film Explores Detroit's Fall and Possible Comeback
    On Monday, May 27, PBS Independent Lens airs an important film, "Detropia," that explores the crisis in Detroit.
  • Detroit Mower Gang Reclaiming Abandoned City Parks
    A community group, the Detroit Mower Gang, is taking their urban renewal campaign to Detroit's parks. The group's Motown Mowdown event this Saturday, May 25, will be a 24-hour marathon of freshening up closed and disused city parks.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: May 17-19, 2013
    Forecasts promise warm weather with some thunderstorms this weekend, May 17-19, for Detroit. But don't let thunder and lightning stop you from having fun.
  • Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig Is Detroit's New Top Cop
    Detroit will soon have a new police chief. Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig will take over. Assistant Chief Chester Logan has been filling in temporarily as chief of police since former Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. stepped down amid scandal.
  • Thinking Outside the Box to Help Detroit's Homeless
    Homelessness and poverty are glaring problems in Detroit. Homeless Action Network Detroit (HAND), 19,213 people have no place to call home. One forward-thinking student developed a novel way to warm street-sleepers. She's not the only one thinking outside
  • Project Pinstripes Dresses Detroit Students for Success
    Everyone's talking academic success in Detroit, it seems. One group, Minority Males for Higher Education, is thinking success at the wardrobe level, with its Project Pinstripes business suit giveaway program.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: May 10-12, 2013
    Mother's Day weekend in Detroit promises partly sunny, cooler weather. Here's a lineup of Motor City entertainment for your May 10-12 activities.
  • Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roberts to Step Down
    Detroit Public Schools has been under emergency financial management for four years, first under Robert Bobb, then Roy Roberts. DPS was $300 million in debt. Roberts is stepping down as emergency manager. DPS still owes $76M and will get a new EM.
  • Detroit Emergency Manager Orr Faces Deposition, Lawsuit
    Kevyn Orr, Detroit's new state-appointed emergency manager, faces deposition. Union activist and long-time opponent of emergency management Robert Davis filed a lawsuit saying the process by which Orr was selected violated Michigan's Open Meetings Act.
  • New Initiative for Detroit Public Schools: What Will It Mean?
    Detroit Public Schools announced a groundbreaking initiative that will have broad-spectrum impacts for residents when fully implemented. "Neighborhood-Centered, Quality Schools" aims to partner community and schools and buildings into neighborhood hubs.
  • Chase Grants $1.5M for Southwest Detroit School Programs
    The Associated Press says JPMorgan Chase has announced that it will grant $1.5 million to Detroit nonprofits that provide services to low-income students at three schools in Southwest Detroit.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: May 3-5, 2013
    A warm, springy weekend is in store for Detroit. Taylor Swift is sold out at Ford Field, but here's a lineup of other activities for families and Detroiters this Friday-Sunday, May 3-5.
  • Detroit Mayoral Race Called Two-Man Contest: Is Race an Issue?
    Detroit has an 82-percent black population and hasn't had a white mayor in 44 years. Detroit's mayoral race has been plagued with "rivalries and racial rifts." Two contenders are tied for first place: one black and one white. Is the election about race?
  • Secrets to Top-Performing Detroit Schools' Success
    Excellent Schools Detroit has an ambitious mission: to make Detroit the first major U.S. city with a 90-percent graduation rate. The coalition released a report (the first of its kind) using MEAP (Michigan Educational Assessment Program) scores.
  • Ryan Gosling to Film in Detroit: How Do Film Tax Credits Impact Michigan?
    Disney's "Oz: The Great and Powerful" premiered in March in Detroit, where it was made. To attract film companies to choose the Great Lakes State, Michigan offers subsidies and tax credits for made-in-state productions.
  • Detroit Mayoral Campaigns Heat Up; Bing Starts Re-Election Process
    As the deadline for entering Detroit's race for mayor looms May 14, 2013, several contenders have thrown their hats in the ring. Incumbent Mayor Dave Bing hasn't said whether he'll run for re-election. On Friday, he did pull petitions to run a mayoral
  • Donations Keep Detroit Parks Scheduled for Closure Open
    When a deal fell through for the state to take over Belle Isle in February, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said 51 parks would not open in spring. Mayor Bing announced Wednesday that thanks to donations from businesses, parks will remain open.
  • Detroit May See Shipping Container Community Center, Hotel
    Detroit gets a lot of negative publicity. One positive about living with a fair amount of urban decay? There are fewer barriers and more space to experiment. One Detroit group is pursuing a new, rather divergent idea: shipping container buildings.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: April 26-28, 2013
    This April 26-28 weekend, forecasts as of publication say temperatures should be in the 60s with little to no chance of precipitation. Get out of the house this weekend and take in one of these fun activities around metro Detroit.
  • MEAP Scores Show Failing Detroit Schools Are Charter Academies
    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder called state and national education systems "broken." The governor is trying to sell a reduced-price school plan, which looks curiously like a voucher system. Detroit MEAP test scores show charter academies aren't value schools.
  • 2013 Grand River Flood, Cold Snap Could Derail Michigan Crops
    Spring 2013 made Michigan history with record west-side rain and flooding. Grand Rapids, Mich., lived up to her name as the Grand River rapids that bisect the city crested at over 22 feet (4 feet above flood stage) Sunday, April 22, says NewsChannel 3.
  • West Michigan's Grand River Runneth Over, After Years of Drought
    Spring, 2013 may be game-changer for West Michigan. Rain is deluging our parched region, particularly along the Grand River, from Grand Rapids to her mouth in Grand Haven, Mich. The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration says to expect more rain
  • Downtown Detroit's Diverse Housing Options
    Any large urban center is defined by diversity of its population: culture, socioeconomic background, interests, and needs. No city cuts such a wide swath as Detroit. Case in point: living spaces. There's something for everyone in the Motor City.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: April 19-21, 2013
    As Michigan's thermometer inches up, we're seeing signs of spring everywhere. Earth Day is nearly upon us. Looking for fun activities in and around metro Detroit this April 19-21, 2013, weekend? There's something for everyone and every age!
  • Severe Weather Barrels Down on Detroit Area Thursday
    April showers are bringing more than May flowers to the Detroit area. A trifecta of thunderstorms, lightning and flooding is barreling down on the metro area. The National Weather Service warns of possible tornadoes and 1-inch diameter hail.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: April 12-14, 2013
    Spring has sprung in Detroit and signs of it are cropping up everywhere. It's still pretty chilly, but never fear. Here's a list of Motor City fun and entertainment to warm you!
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: April 5-7, 2013
    Could it be? Spring finally remembered Michigan? It's been a long, cold winter in Detroit, and we're ready for sunshine! Schools are starting or finishing spring break. If you'll be spending the April 5-7 weekend in Motown, here's an event lineup.
  • Detroit's David Whitney Building to Finally See Resurrection
    After more than a decade, Detroit's famed David Whitney Building, is finally getting her long-awaited face lift. The Detroit Free Press says a development team Whitney Partners LLC was able to gather the $82 million needed to start converting the Whitney.
  • Billionaire Dan Gilbert Steadily Buying Up Detroit Buildings
    Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans is fast becoming downtown Detroit's prime mover and shaker. In March, Forbes ranked Gilbert No. 384 on its "World's Billionaires" list -- a 470-slot jump from last year. And Gilbert is spending his money in the Motor City.
  • Priorities for Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr
    Kevyn Orr, Detroit's new state-appointed emergency manager, began his 18-month tenure late in March, says Click on Detroit. What are the priorities of a state controller in such a large city?
  • Detroit EM Spends $5M on Consultants; City Gets $8M Donation
    Detroit's newly hired emergency financial manager, Kevyn Orr, began work contracting $5 million worth of consultation on ways to balance city books. Meanwhile, local businesses chipped in to buy Detroit new public safety vehicles.
  • Detroit Mayor, City Council Still Paid Under Emergency Manager
    There's a new boss in Motown. In an unprecedented move a few weeks ago, Gov. Rick Snyder appointed an emergency manager for Detroit. In a financially struggling city, what should a state controller's first priority be?
  • Sharpton Group Sues Against Michigan Emergency Management
    A group led by civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton has filed a lawsuit against Public Act 436 (the new EM law), saying it violates the Voter Rights Act, reports Click on Detroit.
  • Detroit-Area School Suicide Highlights Gun Control Debate
    Tragedy struck at a metro Detroit school in late March. ABC Action News 7 WXYZ reports that a eighth-grade boy brought a handgun to Davidson Middle School in Southgate, Michigan, and shot himself. Legislation would ban Glocks like the gun used.
  • Spring 2013 Festivals and Fairs in Detroit
    Say "spring," and what leaps to mind? In Michigan, picnics, flowers, parades, and festivals -- a chance to sweep out winter blues with the last, dingy snow! Here are must-not-miss spring 2013 festivals in and around Detroit.
  • Off-the-Beaten-Path Parks in Metro Detroit
    Looking for spring frolics in metro Detroit? Why not check out an area park? Mayor Dave Bing announced the closing of 51 parks in February, reports the Detroit Free Press, but there are still plenty of outdoor venues to enjoy.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: March 29-31, 2013
    Spring is poking her head out of the ground with crocuses and daffodils. As we enter this Easter weekend, March 29-31, 2013, here are events in metro Detroit for everyone to enjoy.
  • How Detroit's Historic Black Bottom Neighborhood Got Its Name
    Detroit's Black Bottom neighborhood has faded into history as a specific burb. Many of the buildings are gone. But the legacy it left Motown is felt everywhere. So how did this iconic area get it's name? Probably not in the way you might think.
  • Five of Downtown Detroit's Best Baseball Bars
    For baseball fans, downtown Detroit means Tigers! When heading out after the game or looking for a place to catch it on TV, which sports bars do locals pick?
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: March 22-24, 2013
    It's still brisk and cold in Detroit as we kick off spring. But never fear, there's plenty of fun and excitement in the Motor City this March 22-24, 2013, weekend. Here's what not to miss!
  • What to Do Around Detroit This Weekend: March 15-17, 2013
    As we count down to spring in Michigan, the thermometer is inching up, and crocuses are showing their heads. As Old Man Winter takes his leave, here are fun activities for this March 15-17, 2013, weekend in Detroit.
  • Detroit Protesters Plan Freeway Slow-Downs in Response to EM
    It's been tense in Detroit recently. To express frustration and draw attention to state-appointed emergency management, planned traffic jams were organized in the city this week.
  • Michigan Gov. Snyder Appoints Kevyn Orr Detroit Emergency Manager
    On Thursday, March 14, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder made a historic appointment. The state's largest city, Detroit, will be placed under emergency management. The Detroit Free Press says the governor will name attorney Kevyn Orr emergency manager.
  • Detroit-Area Teachers Sue Over Union Contract
    Three teachers in Detroit-area Taylor, Mich., are suing Taylor School District, Taylor Federation of Teachers, and the Board of Education over a union contract. The Mackinac Center says it violates Michigan's right-to-work law that takes effect March 28.
  • Michigan GOP Challenges Detroit Schools Over Right-to-Work
    Detroit-area school officials were taken to task by state Republicans about contracts approved just prior to the date Michigan's right-to-work law takes effect. Democrats want Gov. Rick Snyder and the GOP to back off collective bargaining.
  • Former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Found Guilty of Corruption, Racketeering
    Decisions were handed down in former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's racketeering and extortion trial. Then-city contractor Bobby Ferguson and Kilpatrick's father, Bernard Kilpatrick were tried, too.
  • Detroit Mayor Passes on Hosting 2024 Olympics
    Citing financial hardship, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said he will pass on a bid to host the 2024 Olympics in the Motor City, reports ABC Action 7 WXYZ.
  • Children Key to Challenge of Michigan's Same-Sex Marriage Ban
    A Michigan federal court is embroiled in the legalities of a state ban on same-sex marriage. At the heart of that debate are three children -- Ryanne, Jacob, and Nolan -- and their lesbian parents, April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, who want to adopt them.
  • Metro Detroit's Most Traditional, Authentic Irish Pubs
    For many, St. Patrick's Day in means drinking green beer, eating corned beef, and sporting emerald-colored shamrocks and leprechauns. If you're looking a traditional St. Paddy's experience in metro Detroit, check out the authentically Irish pubs.
  • Detroit Mayor Bing Won't Appeal Emergency Manager
    Detroit officials plan to file an appeal against emergency management. Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday that he won't support the council's appeal.
  • Detroit City Council to Appeal Emergency Manager
    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced recently that he plans to appoint an emergency manager for Detroit's $327 million deficit and $14 billion debt. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing won't appeal emergency management, but City Council filed an appeal for Tuesday.
  • What to Do Around Detroit This Weekend: March 8-10, 2013
    I wish I could promise you warmer weather for the Detroit metro area this second weekend of March. We're still shivering and snow-covered, but I can promise you a hot lineup of activities to entertain you this weekend, March 8-10, 2013.
  • Shared Spaces, Gazelle Businesses Regrow Detroit
    Most Detroiters probably didn't need the recent state report to tell them that their city is in fiscal trouble. But an economic spring is sprouting new life in the urban wasteland. Locals are regrowing Detroit in shared spaces and gazelle businesses.
  • Concerns About Detroit's Plans for Emergency Manager
    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will appoint an emergency manager for Detroit. City officials have 10 days to appeal, but most agree that emergency management is a done deal. Gov. Snyder outlined his expectations for the EM, but there are concerns.
  • Detroit-Area School Closures Due to Camo-Dressed Visitor
    School was closed Tuesday at L'Anse Creuse High School in Detroit-area Harrison, Michigan. A man entered wearing camouflage, reports the Detroit Free Press.
  • Romney Touted for Detroit Emergency Manager Takeover
    Detroit is $327 million in deficit and owes $14 billion. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was advised by a state treasury review to appoint an emergency manager. Suggestions have been made for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney for takeover.
  • Michigan Gov. Snyder to Appoint Detroit Emergency Manager
    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said that Detroit is in trouble and will appoint an emergency manager to balance the city's budget, says the Detroit Free Press.
  • Best Winter Weekend Escapes in Metro Detroit
    Michigan is known by one of two nicknames, depending on season: water or winter wonderland. Looking for a snowbound getaway in Michigan's largest city of Detroit? Why not try one of these metro-area winter weekend escapes?
  • What to Do Around Detroit This Weekend: March 1-3, 2013
    Winter got a late start in Detroit this 2012-2013 season. It's still battering Motown with cold and snow going into March. But here's a hot lineup of fun to warm your March 1-3, 2013, weekend.
  • Detroit-Area Students Suspended for 'Harlem Shake' Video
    At least 30 high school students at Milford High School in a metro Detroit suburb were suspended for making an inappropriate "Harlem Shake" dance video. At the same time, the AAP has warned against using school suspension as discipline.
  • NAACP Speaks Out Against Detroit Emergency Manager
    A state report came out earlier this month placing Detroit in financial crisis. The report suggested that an emergency manager may be needed for Michigan's financially beleaguered largest city. The Detroit Branch NAACP spoke out against state takeover.
  • Detroit City Council Conclave Debates State Finance Review
    Earlier in February, a Michigan state financial report gave Detroit city officials failing grades in budget management. The state is considering takeover of Detroit finances by emergency manager. The City Council met privately on the report.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: Feb. 22-24
    Winter is blasting the Motor City with cold temps and freezing rain. But never fear -- despite the chill, there's a lot of hot entertainment and fun in Detroit. Here's a list of must-do activities for this weekend, February 22-24.
  • Sharpton Rep Weighs In on Flint Hospital Discrimination Case
    "I just was really dumbfounded." Those were nurse Tonya Battle's words when learning she couldn't care for a white baby at Hurley Medical Center's neonatal unit in Flint, Michigan.
  • State Financial Review Finds Cash Emergency in Detroit
    Michigan State Treasurer Andy Dillon and his financial review team released a report on Detroit's fiscal situation at a press conference in Cadillac Square on Tuesday.
  • First Person: How I Protect My Family from Chemicals in Everyday Products
    United Nations-sponsored research released Tuesday links man-made chemicals in everyday products to increased birth deformities, hormonal cancers and psychiatric diseases. Here's how I protect my family from chemicals in everyday products.
  • What to Do in Detroit This Weekend: Feb. 15-17
    Looking for fun and entertainment in Detroit this chilly Valentine's Day 2013 weekend? The Motor City has a (really) diverse assortment of activities for kids, families, and adults on February 15-17.
  • Nazi Sign Prompts Look at Run-Down Detroit Packard Plant
    In February, a German slogan appeared in graffiti across the walkway of Detroit's derelict Packard plant on East Grand. Packard has a long history of notoriety in Detroit.
  • Meadow Brook Hall, Detroit's Period Romance
    When I first drove up the curving, gas-lit drive to Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Hills, Michigan, outside Detroit, I felt I'd been transported back to Regency England. Looking for a romantic interlude amid the bustle of contemporary life?
  • New Windows Spotted in Detroit's Derelict Michigan Central Station
    Driving by the historic, derelict Michigan Central Station, you might see signs of life -- small, but possibly significant. Two windows appear to have been installed in the top floor of the crumbling 18-story, nearly centenarian structure.
  • Intimate, Romantic Restaurants in Metro Detroit
    Detroit serves up romance in a big way on Valentine's Day. Bistros, cafes, and five-star establishments will be outdoing themselves in celebrating the day of love. Looking for an intimate dining experience? Try these downtown and metro Detroit venues.
  • Detroit Suburb Residents Give Rat Bounty Big Thumbs Down
    To stem a rat problem in metro Detroit, St. Clair Shores, a suburb of the city, proposed a $5 per-rat-kill bounty. A flood of negative feedback from locals caused the city to nix the plan. Here's a Q-and-A on rats in the city, how residents are responding
  • What to Do This Weekend in Detroit: Feb. 9-10, 2013
    Winter is starting to take Michigan seriously, and Detroit is finally seeing snow this second weekend in February. Activities for the February 8-10 weekend include a mix of indoor and outdoor. Here are recommended stops for your Motown visit.
  • 3 Happening Detroit Neighborhoods for 2013
    Detroit gets its fair share of negative press. But all is not lost in Motown, not by a long shot. Detroit is making a comeback that may usher in a new golden age. Here are pocket neighborhoods and development opportunities in Detroit.
  • WWII Detroit: America's 'Arsenal of Democracy'
    Prior to the United States' entrance into World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt challenged the nation to become the world's "arsenal of democracy."
  • Detroit to Lose 51 Parks - Impact on Residents
    Detroit's City Council nixed a plan to lease Belle Isle to the State of Michigan last week. In response, Mayor Dave Bing announced plans to close 51 area parks, cut maintenance at others, and greatly reduce recreation center budgets overall.
  • What to Do This Weekend in Detroit: Feb. 1-3, 2013
    It's going to be a busy first weekend of February in Detroit. From the kickoff of Black History Month to Groundhog Day to Super Bowl 2013, there's a lot to do, see, and learn in the Motor City. Here are top picks.
  • Detroit Scottish Meat Pie Links Michigan's UP and LP
    We know the Mighty Mac Bridge connects Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP) with the lower part of the state. But there's another link-up: the UP's pasties and a favorite Scottish food found in the lower peninsula called forfar bridies.
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