Marilisa Sachteleben

Marilisa Sachteleben

A 25-year educator (K-8, EI, CI), mom of 4 and 10-year homeschool vet, Marilisa writes for parents and teachers on education topics from autism to zoology. She s taught preschool to adult ed and specializes in hands-on, individualized, higher-order thinking lesson design. Her teacher bio covers Montessori, psychology, creative writing, history, ADHD, LD, communication, ESL, ABE. She s got a heart for special needs and transitional students, reluctant learners and at-risk kids. A manic blogger, her sites speak to a diverse audience.

From her psychology degree, crisis counseling experience and personal history, Mar writes on mental and emotional health, addiction, codependency and recovery. A relationships mentor with her husband of 25 years, Mar pens dating advice and marriage glue recipes.

She s also a mommying geek, advising across the parenting spectrum--from nursing babies to teens to adult kids.

A thrifty diy-er, Mar shares home-management, $-saving and living large-for-less tips. She and her husband paid off $20K in debt & stay debt-free in economically challenged Michigan. They re remodeling a 100+ year old home from the landscape up.
From her popular Great Food 4U blog, this domestic goddess writes on nutrition, world cooking, religious diets, healthy eating and vegetarian/vegan diets. She writes on practical health wisdom from a school-of-experience degree as Mama Doc.

Mar s published on Yahoo! News, Shine, Homes, Helium Marketplace SEED, AT&T, Diabetes Active, Mapquest, Best Contractors, How to Do Things, Gather, Life Tips.

Mar s directed youth theater director, written plays and volunteers in social justice issues. A Catholic Transcendentalist, Mar shares about it on her Catholic Activities blog. Her current projects include children s fiction series, an emotional health primer, a Gothic paranormal-travel anthology and a Michigan history-mystery series.

Mar brings joie de vivre, compassion and passion to all her work.
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