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I have found that I enjoy writing articles almost as much as I love building websites. I have been a travel agent and personal concierge for the past ten years, and I enjoy writing about travel related subjects and learning about new places.
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  • Top Must See Museums in Dublin
    Dublin is a city that is alive with warmth and fun. Much of the city is the same as it was in medieval times, and there are parts of Dublin that are newly developed and modern.
  • Must See Historical Sites in Florence
    Florence Italy is a beautiful city and a popular tourist destination for visitors. There are many attractions like the palace, churches, and museums that house priceless treasures.
  • Best Local Sightseeing Tours in Antigua
    Antigua is a beautiful island to explore. There are many sites of historical significance, lots of attractions, and some real exciting fun like off-road adventures to be had.
  • Best Local Restaurants in Florence
    Florence is a city with amazing restaurants. If you are visiting Florence for the first time, you won't find traditional Italian cooking, but what you will find is delicious Roman, Milanese and Florentine cuisines.
  • Best Shopping Areas in Cancun
    If you enjoy shopping, you will love browsing around some of Cancun's popular markets, malls, and shops. Shopping in the Hotel Zone can be a bit pricey, but there are other areas where you can find great deals on everything from clothing to souvenirs.
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Bermuda
    Bermuda has some of the most beautiful clear waters in the Atlantic. Divers and vacationers who enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling can get upfront and close to color fish, amazing reefs, and some shallow water ship wrecks.
  • Best Local Restaurants Cancun
    Cancun has great dining options, and you can find a variety of different cuisines. A lot of traditional American fare can be found if you are staying at some of the resorts in Cancun.
  • Best Romantic Restaurants in Aruba
    Aruba can be a wonderfully romantic getaway for couples. There are lots of things to do from fine dining to gaming at the casinos. There are a variety of dinner shows and night life, and during the day you can sunbathe and take in the sights.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Aruba
    You will find many beautiful beaches in Aruba. The clear turquoise water and the amazing colorful fish that swim close to the shore make the island of Aruba the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Best Golf Courses in Bermuda
    Bermuda is a golf lover's paradise because there are many excellent courses to play on. Many avid golfers know that you need to have skill, focus and concentration to have a great game.
  • Best Historical Sites to See in Dublin
    Dublin is a charming city with lively characters, and friendly neighborhood pubs. There are many things to see and do from local dining, to pub tours, and visiting some of the local museums and historical sites of interest.
  • Best Scuba and Snorkeling in Kauai
    Kauai has many beautiful beaches, and many visitors enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. Many of the beaches has spectacular coral reefs.
  • Best Golf Courses in Kauai
    Kauai offers some of the best golfing in Hawaii. The area is great for outdoor enthusiasts in general with hiking, whale watching, and boat trips. Avid golfers can spend their days enjoying the local golf courses and practicing their swing.
  • Must See Museums in Lyon
    Lyon is an ancient city, and the culinary capital of France. It is also a very beautiful city filled with lit buildings and fountains.
  • Top Luaus in Kauai
    Many new visitors to Hawaii want to visit a luau, and you can find them on most every island. These fun events offer both entertainment and dining, and can get everyone up and having a good time.
  • Best Italian Restaurants in Marseille
    Marseille is an amazing ancient city located by the sea, and influenced by the Greeks and Romans. It is a colorful city influenced by many different cultures, and is twice the size of Paris.
  • Best Local Restaurants in Lyon
    Lyon is a city well known as the center of excellent dining in France. Visitors rush to the city in droves searching for the best dining experiences, and the city restaurants stay busy year round.
  • Best Museums in Marseille
    Marseille is a beautiful seaside town with amazing turquoise waters that beckon visitors to its shores. This Mediterranean seaside port was influenced by the Greeks and the Romans, and is a very cosmopolitan city today.
  • Best Nightlife in Marseille
    Marseille is a lively town at just around midnight. Many night spots will open the doors and crank the music at the magic hour. You will discover that the locals have a popular drink called pastis.
  • Best Local Restaurants in Marseille
    Marseille is a beautiful old city and a stunning Mediterranean port. Visitors love the warm weather and sunny skies and the cosmopolitan feel of the city.
  • Best Luxury Hotels San Diego
    San Diego is a great vacation destination because of the many attractions like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. The weather is beautiful and there are so many beaches in the area.
  • Best Local Restaurants Philadelphia
    Philadelphia is a town known for their philly cheese steak sandwiches and hoagies. If you are visiting for the first time and looking for something out of the ordinary, there are many restaurants that just might fit the bill.
  • Best Steakhouse Restaurants in Philadelphia
    Philadelphia has a number of very good steakhouse restaurants. Whenever I am visiting a city for the first time, I ask the locals what they recommend for a good steakhouse.
  • Fun Things for Kids to Do in Philadelphia
    When you are on vacation with the kids, you want to keep them entertained and happy. Kids often get restless when they are not actively engaged in activities or learning.
  • Best Budget Hotels in Philadelphia
    Sometimes on a vacation you are looking for the best bargains and savings that you can find. This can affect everything from find coupons for restaurants and attractions to getting discounts on hotels and local transportation.
  • Best Business Dinner Restaurants in Philadelphia
    When you are planning for that important business dinner, you want everything to be right. You will want to choose the perfect restaurant, ensure that the atmosphere is elegant and quiet enough to both conduct business and enjoy a relaxing evening.
  • Best French Restaurants in Philadelphia
    French cuisine is a treat, and you know that a restaurant chef has expert training when they have studied under French chefs, or at a French culinary institute.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants Philadelphia
    Philadelphia doesn't really have a lot of seafood restaurants in the city. The restaurants that do specialize in wonderful seafood dishes have been around for years, and have become local area traditions for many local seafood lovers.
  • Free Things to Do in Philadelphia
    If you are taking a trip to Philadelphia soon, you will love the many free things that there are to do in the city. It can be nice going to see some of the local historical sites without having to shell out a lot of money.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Philadelphia
    Philadelphia is a city with a lot to offer it's visitors. There are many historical attractions and museums, unique restaurants and shops, and live entertainment venues.
  • Best Brunch Restaurants in Philadelphia
    Enjoying a good brunch on the weekends with family and friends can really be very enjoyable. Many brunches offer an easy relaxed atmosphere with live jazz, great food, and the occasional mimosa.
  • Best Breakfast Restaurants in Philadelphia
    When you are up early in the morning ready to start your day of sightseeing in Philadelphia, you may need to stop and find a really good spot for breakfast.
  • Best Spas New York
    When you feel your head spinning, it's a definite indication that you need to find the nearest quiet, peaceful retreat. You will want to make your retreat a quick trip to one of the best spas in New York.
  • Best Pizza Spots in Philadelphia
    Most everyone loves pizza. Pizzas come in every shape and style from Chicago deep dish to New York's thin crust pizza. There is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Denver
    There are many upscale hotels that offer plush guest rooms and suites, fine dining, spas, and nightlife. The following are some of the best luxury hotels in Denver.
  • Fun Things to Do in Philadelphia
    Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, and the place where our Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • Best Italian Restaurants in Philadelphia
    Philadelphia is a wonderful city to visit and explore with many historical sites of interest, live concerts and entertainment, art museums, and excellent restaurants to try.
  • Best Local Restaurants in Charleston
    Charleston is a quaint city with a rich history. Known for it's Southern antebellum row houses, Charleston features a scenic waterfront, pristine beaches, and many interesting attractions.
  • Best Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta
    There are many reasons to discover a new romantic restaurant. Perhaps it is your anniversary, or your significant other's birthday.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Atlanta
    Atlanta has a variety of accommodations available for visitors. You can find everything from quaint and charming inns, to stylish boutique hotels, to luxury resorts that will take your breath away.
  • Best Local Restaurants in Napa
    Napa is a wine lover's dream destination with beautiful rolling hillsides and many distinct wineries.
  • Best Spas Chicago
    There is a lot to do in Chicago. Vacationers can find so many entertaining attractions, exciting sporting events, exhilarating museums, and delightful restaurants.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Washington, D.C.
    Our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., is a popular tourist destination and a haven for the country's power brokers.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Myrtle Beach
    Myrtle Beach is a beach lovers haven. The area is laid back with long days of relaxation, golf, fishing, and time spent soaking up the sun on the beach.
  • Best Sunday Brunch Spots in Atlanta
    Sunday brunch is always a wonderful event for sharing a delightful morning meal with family and friends. Many of the best brunches feature dishes that you wouldn't really take the time to make at home.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Seattle
    Seattle is known for its rainy day and wonderfully fresh brewed coffee. The city is beautiful and the people are friendly and very hip. You will love the views of the mountains and the tranquil lakes.
  • Best Spas in Atlanta
    Taking advantage of spa services while you are on vacation can deepen your sense of relaxation, and give you more energy to get out and start taking in the sites.
  • Best Spas Las Vegas
    You need the help of a good day spa to keep up with the pace. If you spend your evenings dancing the night away and playing cards with the best, you definitely need to spend a few hours recovering each day of your vacation.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas
    In Las Vegas, you will find many excellent places to stay that offer attentive service, elegant accommodations, fine dining, and even a full service spa.
  • Best Hotels for Kids in Las Vegas
    When you are traveling to Las Vegas with kids, your whole experience changes. You get to plan a fun filled adventure that centers around entertaining your children.
  • Best Luxury Inns Charleston
    Charleston is a charming city that attracts millions of visitors every year. The city has a variety of accommodation options from historic inns to luxury resorts.
  • Fun Things to Do for Kids in Atlanta
    When on vacation, kids love to get out and about and explore their new surroundings. It helps if you are traveling to a city with lots of great fun and hands-on attractions.
  • Best Spas in Miami
    Miami is a vacationer's paradise with palm trees, vast stretches of beach, and warm soothing sunshine. I could sit for hours under my umbrella soaking up the sound and feel of the ocean waves.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Orlando
    Orlando is a city with many major attractions like Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios.
  • Best Steakhouses in Atlanta
    Atlanta has many unique and interesting restaurants serving up everything from classic comfort food to 5-star French cuisine.
  • Best Brunch Restaurants in Chicago
    Chicago is an amazing city filled with fun things to do, and wonderful places to dine. Visitors flock to the city every year for sporting events, concerts, and the exciting nightlife.
  • Best Brunch Restaurants in New York City
    Weekend brunches with family and friends are such delightful meals. Many of the best restaurants will have live jazz music playing, and several brunch specialties like omelets, french toast, and pancakes.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Baltimore
    Baltimore is located on the harbor and is known for some wonderful seafood restaurants. Fresh seafood is abundant in the area, and every year you will find fresh crabs on the menu.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Charleston
    Visiting Charleston for the first time can be a memorable experience. From the beautiful historic row hours to the views of the waterfront, your vacation in Charleston can be very relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Atlanta
    Atlanta is one of the most popular places to visit in the country. Every year more people discover the city for the music scene, the exciting clubs, and wonderful restaurants.
  • Best Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is a great place to spend a honeymoon, or even get married. Millions of couples head to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding, and enjoy the casinos, attractions, and fine dining options.
  • Best Free Things to Do in Las Vegas
    Las Vegas offers nonstop action to visitors with live shows, unique buffets, huge casinos, and interesting attractions. There are so many things to do and see that you might end up overwhelmed before you even get started.
  • Best Brunch Spots in New Orleans
    New Orleans is a popular vacation destination. The food is a part of the rich culture and heritage of the city. Dishes like creole, po'boys, and etouffee are mouthwatering favorites that most any visitor will delight in.
  • Best Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids
    Las Vegas may seem like a playground for grown ups, but it is just as exciting and fun for kids. There are many attractions geared towards children of all ages, and many of the big resorts cater to kids.
  • Best Brunch Spots in Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. There are 24-hour casinos, restaurants that stay open all night, and shows that perform late into the evening.
  • Fun Things to Do for Kids in New York City
    New York is a fast paced town. Many people from out of town find it difficult to keep pace with native New Yorkers.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Chicago
    Chicago is a popular city to visit. There are many exciting things to do from checking out a Cubs game to grabbing a slice of Chicago style pizza and spending the day at the Navy Pier.
  • Best Luxury Inns in Napa Valley
    Napa Valley is in the heart of the California Wine Country. The area has a particular style that stands out to the first time visitor.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Nashville
    Nashville is the home of country music, and a popular city for tourism. Every year, millions of visitors come to Nashville from all over the world.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in San Francisco
    San Francisco is a city with something for everyone. Visitors love the attractions like Alcatraz, scenic Fisherman's Wharf, and the thrill of riding a streetcar.
  • Best Wine Tours of Napa Valley
    Taking a wine tour of the Napa Valley is a wonderful experience for the senses. A trip to the wine country is romantic and makes for a very special vacation.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Boston
    Boston is a wonderful city to visit. You will get to take in a bit of the country's history, and visit some of the unique neighborhoods like Faneuil Hall, and Harvard Square.
  • Best Sightseeing Tours in Miami
    There are many enjoyable attractions to see in Miami. Some of the local sightseeing tours can be a lot of fun if you have the time, and they are a great way to get out and really explore your vacation destination with knowledgeable tour guides.
  • Best Spanish Restaurants in Miami
    When you visit Miami, you want to experience the best of everything. From the pristine beaches and the perfect weather, to the exciting nightlife, Miami has a lot to offer it's visitors.
  • Best Places for Breakfast in Miami
    When you go on vacation, do you sleep late, or are you up with the sun? In Miami, dining out for breakfast is a fun way to enjoy the morning.
  • Best Budget Hotels in Miami
    A trip to Miami can add up fast. Dining, entertainment, and hotel stays can be really expensive in a large metropolitan city like Miami.
  • Best Mexican Restaurants in Miami
    Miami is a great place to explore the arts, shopping, and local attractions. The city features many different kinds of restaurants to satisfy most any tourist's appetite.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami
    Seafood restaurants are very popular in Miami. Throughout the state, you will find Caribbean dishes with an accent on fresh seafood.
  • Best Steakhouse Restaurants in Miami
    Miami is an exciting vacation destination with many different restaurants. A lot of the steakhouses are original, and feature their own unique style of grilling that perfect steak.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in Miami
    Miami is an exciting city to visit. There are the shops, restaurants, and nightlife of South Beach, and the ease of the Florida Keys close by.
  • Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami
    Miami has some of the best Cuban restaurants in the country. Cuban food is delicious, and once you have tried it, you will definitely crave it for life.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Savannah
    Savannah is a lovely city to visit. You will step back in time to discover cobble stone streets, old fashion charm, horse drawn carriages, and parks with trees so beautiful that they actually take your breath away.
  • Best Places to Stay in Cape Cod
    Cape Cod is a popular tourist destination known for it's charming inns, sandy beaches, and seafaring activities. From sailing to lighthouse tours, there are a lot of fun activities awaiting visitors to the area.
  • Best Sightseeing Tours in Savannah
    To really take in all that Savannah has to offer during your visit, you may want to consider taking a city tour. There are numerous tours available that range from historic city tours to the supernatural ghost tours of Savannah.
  • Best Places to Stay in San Diego
    San Diego is definitely a resort town. It attractions tourists and visitors from all over the world. There is something for everybody from shopping, to Sea World and even just the beautiful scenic coast.
  • Best Bed and Breakfast Inns to Stay in Savannah
    Savannah is a charming city located in Georgia. From the wonderful historic tours to the riverboat rides, visitors feel like they have stepped back in time.
  • Best Italian Restaurants in Miami
    Miami is one of the country's top vacation destinations. The weather is warm and sunny year round, and the beaches are great places to soak in the fun.
  • Best Romantic Restaurants in Key West
    There are many excellent restaurants in Key West, and a select few that cater to romantics. The following are a few suggestions for the best romantic restaurants in Key West.
  • Best Seafood Restaurants in Chicago
    Chicago has many wonderful seafood restaurants that cater seafood lovers. Chicago is a popular city for visitors with attractions like the Navy Pier, The Shedd Aquarium, and the Sears Tower.
  • Fun Things to Do in Key West
    Key West is a vacationer's paradise. From the Conch Train Tour to the fun of Duval Street, there are so many things for visitors to see and explore.
  • Best Local Restaurants Savannah
    Savannah has many wonderful shops, attractions, and restaurants. If you are looking for a destination where you can take in some Southern charm, then Savannah is the vacation spot for you.
  • Best Luxury Hotels in New York City
    Known as the big apple, New York City is the city that never sleeps. People in the city want everything on a grand scale.
  • Best Steakhouse Restaurants in Chicago
    Chicago has over 7,000 restaurants with everything from hot dogs to seafood. Whatever you are in the mood for, Chicago has it.
  • Best Restaurants for Business Dinners in Chicago
    Chicago is a town where deals are made, and business is handled. Chicago is a thriving city, and a popular hub of modern trade and commerce.
  • Best Places to Stay in Key West
    Key West is a wonderful city to visit. It is located just off of the southern coast of Florida, it is a popular destination for tourists.
  • How to Write a Better Cover Letter
    Chances are if you are looking for a new job, you want to put your best foot forward - rather your best cover letter and resume forward. Cover letters are a very important part of your resume.
  • How to Change Your Mindset to Start Earning More Money
    Everyone has a comfort level when it comes to making money. If you are feeling overworked and underpaid, chances are you are not giving yourself enough credit.
  • Wedding Craft Ideas that Will Save You Money
    Sometimes the best wedding crafts can be made at home to save some of your money for other wedding expenses.
  • Best Places to Stay at Walt Disney World
    You will be amazed and delighted to visit Walt Disney World. It is a happy place when you can leave your cares at the gates and just be a kid again.
  • How to Overcome Procrastination
    When you procrastinate, you are cheating yourself of possible opportunities and success. You can become your own worst enemy, and your life can become dull and mundane as a result of procrastination.
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