Deborah Aldridge

Deborah Aldridge

Deborah is a Southern woman, who, like all Southern women, loves to share. When she was 30, she took her love of gardening back to school and earned an associate degree in Horticulture/Greenhouse Production. At 40, she returned to college and earned an AA in Small Business Administration so that she could run her own business. She has owned and operated several businesses over the years, and is now a full-time freelance writer, sharing her knowledge with the world.

Deborah is passionate about gardening, frugality, self-sufficiency and green/simple living. Having studied and used alternative medicine for over 20 years, she is particularly interested in women s alternative health care.

Deborah s other interests include computers, the Internet, social networking and finding and sharing ways to build a residual income online.

Her blog network, Simply Deb, has a blog for each of her passions.

Favorite Quote:
In your life, you are the only person you will never leave or lose.
To the questions of your life, you are the only answer.
To the problems of your life, you are the only solution.
~ Jo Caudert
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My education started the day I was born and will end the day I die. So much information, so little time.


Do What You Love, and The Money Will Follow
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