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University of California, San Diego, B.A. in Visual Arts Media emphasis in Computing and the Arts, Minor in Literature in Italian.
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  • My Birthday Wishes for Prince William
    Prince William turns 30 on June 21. We asked contributors to send along birthday wishes, goals and suggestions -- in 30 words or less.
  • Dundas Street 3
    Dundas Street and its amazing neighborhoods
  • My Dundas Street 2 - Little Italy Neighborhood
    Dundas Street crosses amazing neighborhoods such as Little Italy.
  • My Dundas Street
    Dundas Street amazed me to see so much variety in one long street crossing neighborhoods.
  • My Toronto
    Toronto is a great place to visit and experience. Dundas street is a must spot to visit.
  • My Beverly Hills
    One of my favorite places in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills.
  • A Guide to Dodger Stadium, Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers
    The Dodger Stadium is a beautiful and exciting place. It is located in a beautiful location as well, near to downtown Los Angeles and with easy access to the freeway. Yet, it is surrounded by trees.
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  • Fourquet Fourchette Restaurant Music
    An amazing restaurant in Montreal. I was enchanted by the music, the servers and great time I had there.
  • Around Toronto
    A great time and close to home. A long Time I needed to feel and experience my Portuguese roots.
  • My Montreal
    A magnificent place! A place that I would call home and it's hard to leave.
  • My Paris - Buildings & Monuments
    My Paris - Buildings & Monuments
  • My Paris - People & Transportation
    My Paris - People & Transportation
  • My Paris - People
    My Paris - People. I love to watch, observe and appreciate people. People from all walks of life.
  • My Paris Night Shots
    My Busy Paris Night shots. I loved it. It's superb to see a historical landmark with busy traffic at night.
  • Belgium Train Stations
    Belgium amazed me for its beauty and lifestyle. I loved the train stations. It's accessible from town to other. It's a comfortable trip and a superb view
  • May is Lupus Awareness Month
    Lupus is a disease that can develop in women, men and children and affect any organ. Band Together for Lupus to raise awareness. More than 5 million people around the globe have lupus, 1.5 million Americans cope with Lupus.
  • Pasta with White Sauce Done in Soy Milk
    As a lactose intolerant person, I seek recipes and I adapt some recipes due to diet restrictions.
  • My Louvain-la-Neuve
    Louvain-la-Neuve is a planned city in the municipality of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, in the French-speaking part of the country. Louvain-la-Neuve is an example of the "automobile under" type of new pedestrianism.
  • Les PyrĂ©nees a Superb Basque Experience
    Les Pyrenees is a delightful and exotic restaurant located in Old Town Montreal. It offers a cozy and friendly ambience. It is a small sized restaurant that enables customers to interact with each other while enjoying Basque food.
  • My Brussels
    Everywhere crowded filled with people different walks of life. The architecture is very unique the shape and colors.
  • My Bruges - My Brugge
    I was already mesmerized with the beauty from the train trip to Bruges. On the train, people were speaking Flemish. I loved the sound of Flemish. Everything was new and superb.
  • My Paris
    Paris is not beautiful at night only. Paris is beautiful during the day as early in the morning and even the rush hours. The contrast of the busy city with its historical architecture transmits a beautiful contrast.
  • First Person: I Prefer Renting to Owning ... For Now
    As I am still uncertain of what city I want to live in long-term, renting is my best bet for now. This is because renting allows me to focus on my studies and career and on my other debts for now.
  • Teresopolis
    Teresopolis is a city in Rio de Janeiro state. It offers an European flair with a cold weather and beautiful mountains.God's finger peak (Dedo de Deus)- main attraction. (postcard of Teresopolis (Some miles from Petropolis) 900 m above sea level.
  • Tamarack Lodge and Resort
    Tamarack's freshly groomed track around Twin Lakes and the Mammoth Lakes Basin. On skis or snowshoes, it is breathtaking, great for naturalist enthusiasts. Tamarack Lodge is located in Mammoth Lakes, California.
  • Mount Royal Park
    "The park overlooks downtown Montreal; there is a a small man-made lake, Beaver. Short ski slope, cross-country skiing trails. The park hosts athletic, tourist, and cultural activities."
  • Bergamo - Citta Alta
    Bergamo - Berghem in Eastern Lombard is a municipality in Lombardy, Italy; It is enchanting and very charming. Bergamo is located 30 minutes drive away from Milan with 120,000 inhabitants.
  • Bergamo
    Bergamo is an enchanting and charming town in the foothills of the Alps. Bergamo has a medieval atmosphere.There are two cities: "Citta Bassa", the busy and modern and "Citta Alta" rich artistic heritage and history."
  • Lupus LA - Painted Turtle for Teens
    "This summer, Lupus LA provided 20 kids with lupus the opportunity to participate in camp activities at The Painted Turtle's facility in Lake Hughes in California ."
  • LA 5K & the 26th Honda LA Marathon
    Take a fast-paced, high-energy tour of the brand new Stadium to the Sea route. Traveling from Dodger Stadium to the beach, it's a landmark every mile. Lupus LA Team Life Without Lupus is an official charity partner of the Honda LA Marathon.
  • Summer Day in January Malibu - PCH
    Driving by PCH - Malibu on a sunny day felt more like a summer day in January. It was a great drive. Amazing view! All of the surfers out surfing to catch some waves, some were doing stand up surfing paddle as well. It was a divine day!
  • Summer Day in January
    Saturday, It's a great day to spend at the beach. Venice beach was a great option. It's a perfect day with busy bars, restaurants and the amazing attractions that make Venice beach so unique.
  • Around Beverly Hills Area
    Beverly Hills so fantastic! So many awesome Italian stores & my other favorite stores as Chanel &Cartier. What a wonderful afternoon in an amazing & wonderful restaurant with good people, good food in a great family atmosphere. Life can be perfect!
  • Veterans Day Weekend
    Friday, I witnessed the Veterans Day busy weekend. It's an amazing weekend; people from all over. I saw woolly Mammoth mascot ice-skating at Union Square in San Francisco. The Veterans Day holiday's Christmas and the end of the year vibe.
  • Mount Royal Park
    "The highest spot in the city (234m)." A beautiful view, the downtown and the river. It's a must see and experience!
  • Union Station - Toronto
    On my way to Montreal.
  • Churches
    The churches and its magnificent architecture around Montreal amazed me.
  • A Ride on the Montreal Subway
    On the way to Mount Royal Park.
  • Wedding photo shoots around Old Town in Montreal
    Over the weekend, there were amazing weddings going on around Old Town and Downtown area in Montreal.
  • Notre Dame - Bells' Sound
    "Notre-Dame Basilica (French: Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal) is a basilica in the historic district of Old Montreal." The Bells' sound amazed me and brought childhood memories; a great sense of nostalgia.
  • Montreal
    "Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris." But it's a bilingual city. Montreal is an amazing and lovely city! It's a must see!
  • Downtown Area
    Around Downtown area is an amazing place to experience places as Dundas Street, College Street, Kensignton Market and so on. It's a fascinating city!
  • Around Downtown Area - Toronto
    Around Downtown Area - Toronto is an amazing place to see and explore. Dundas Street, College Street and Kensington Market.
  • Portugal Square - Toronto
    Little Portugal - Portugal Square is an amazing spot a must see! Everywhere people speak Portuguese. Great and yummy pastries. Dinner at an amazing place "Lisboa A Noite." It's been a long wait to see this great location and a wonderful experience!
  • Arriving in Toronto
    Arriving in Toronto an interesting ride from the airport to downtown. The amazing tower can be seen from every angle. Downtown is very busy as well as a beautiful with an amazing architecture with tall buildings and traditional buildings as well.
  • Feast of San Genaro 2010
    Feast of San Genaro in Los Angeles 2010 It's held 24th to 26th of September. It's a great event with artists from Italy, great musicians, Italian DJ and many other attractions. Great Italian food. It's a pleasant event!
  • Ride with Lupus LA
    Painted Turtle's first Camp Challenge Ride, a cycling event to promote Lupus LA summer camp partner. Every dollar will help Lupus LA send children with lupus to Painted Turtle's camp next summer 2011, for a joyful and fulfilling experience.
  • Walk for Lupus Now 2010
    Walk for Lupus Now is the signature event of the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. In more than 50 cities across US, people walk to raise essential funds for research, education, awareness and support. "Making a difference starts with one step"
  • Busy Paris
    The everyday Paris. The rush hour, the traffic, people living their routine going to work or returning home after a long work day. The contrast of a busy urban life and architecture.
  • Busy side of San Francisco
    San Francisco is one of the most known and visited places. But I love to capture the every day busy lifestyle everywhere.
  • Sausalito
    Sausalito is located at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, a 30 minutes ferry ride from San Francisco. It offers a tranquil and calm atmosphere. It resembles an Italian village due to its architecture and lifestyle.
  • A Paradise
    One hour flight to Mammoth Lakes, a paradise. A perfect location to rest, relax and enjoy the surrounds.
  • Walking on the Sand
    As far I can remember, my very first memory was at the beach. Walking on the sand was a challenge to me due to balance and the soft sand from the Atlantic Ocean. I was very little.
  • The 25th LA Marathon Weekend
    This weekend is the most awaited event for over a year, the 25th Honda LA Marathon has 25,000 runners; the course from the new stadium to the sea course. The NPN LA 5K serves as the official warm up race to the 25th Honda LA Marathon.
  • Places to Eat and Visit Around Rio De Janeiro City
    This year Carnival in Brazil begins on February 13th, Saturday. Carnival is in everyone's mind in Rio's from Christmas and "reveillon," New Year Evening time until the last day of Carnival.
  • The Sunset Restaurant and Beach Bar: A Secluded Paradise in Malibu
    The local beach goers have regarded the Sunset Restaurant with great honor for over 150 years. The Sunset Restaurant has been redesigned and refurbished dining room, it is one of the Southern California landmarks.
  • Finding Love in 2010
    Valentine's Day is around the corner, February 14th is approaching and a constant reminder by many ads on paper and on TV. One month left to find love to celebrate Valentine's Day and for the 2010.
  • Rainy Day
    101 and 405 Freeway - Agoura Hills to UCLA. Many radio stations, slow and bad drivers. It's a different LA.
  • Lupus and Men
    Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys.
  • My Celebrity Valentine
    My celebrity valentine, if I could it would be David Beckham. He has charisma and transmits a down to earth attitude. Beckham's accomplishments throughout his career are very impressive.
  • My Top 10 Cooking Shows on TV of the Decade
    Any regular person can learn to prepare a good meal of any kind to herself. Any regular person can learn to prepare a tasty and healthy dinner for guests without having to attend Le Cordon Bleu.
  • Enjoying the Night Out in Style and in a High Standard on a Budget
    At first, it seems frivolous to enjoy or per say enjoy the night out on a certain budget with the current reality and concern. But it is important to enjoy art, music, dance and meeting people.
  • Style with Class on a Budget
    A person in great attire can open doors to opportunities and a great self-esteem. Whether a person has the "attire" and the "look" conveys self-confidence.
  • Downtown Los Angeles
    A view of the freeway and the landscape of Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Walk for Lupus
    A great event to raise awareness about Lupus and educate. Great people! All of the community involved! (50 years without a new medication)
  • A Job Interview
    Due to the recession, it is a time that people are going to encounter many dishonest people and obscure companies.
  • Louvain-la-Neuve
    Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant.
  • The Commons
    The Commons at Calabasas is elegant, open-air layout, distinctive Mediterranean architecture, lavish landscaping and dynamic fountain areas. The Commons is the ultimate in shopping, dining and entertainment.
  • Israel Indenpendence Festival in LA
    61st Israel Independence Festival in LA.
  • Hearst Castle
    Hearst Castle is a palatial estate on the central California coast and a National Historic Landmark. It was designed by architect Julia Morgan for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst from 1919 until 1947.
  • Somewhere In Milan
    Around Milan and a different view of locals. The everyday Milan.
  • Somewhere in North Of LA
    A paradise located in North of Los Angeles. It is a city that offers nature, healthy environment and good life quality.
  • A Pleasant Afternoon in Venice Beach
    Venice Beach neighborhood is unique for its beach, restaurants. It is unique for having place to skate, work out, restaurants and bars.
  • Downtown Los Angeles Marathon 2007
    On March of this year, A different LA, especially downtown, people walked and enjoy this major event with family and friends.
  • Late Afternoon in London
    Late Afternoon in London during Fall. The days are shorter. It is nice to photograph.
  • Around Lombardy
    The urban view of Lombardy area, urban Italy. The everyday living, working and busy life. Observing the beat, sound of the city and the people.
  • Zuma Beach: My Paradise
    There's nothing better to relax than the waves, a great and beautiful blue sea early in the morning.
  • Everyday in LA
    It is an everyday lifestyle around Santa Monica, Calabasas (work), Westlake Village Promenade (during the holidays).
  • Solvang
    Solvang, Lake Casitas are located 30 minutes past Santa Barbara. The architecture of both cities are amazing! Solvang is a bit of taste of Danmark in California.
  • Downtown LA
    Downtown LA before the holidays, early in the morning. It is a quite different view. These photos are a bit nostalgic for having a local famous artist (guitar player)
  • Somewhere in LA
    Santa Monica, Venice Beach area offer a great variety in their neighborhood. They are both a very eclectic neighborhood!!
  • La Jolla
    La Jolla, San Diego is a paradise. I described it this way. Near Del Mar. La Jolla offers a great landscape and weather the entire year.
  • Cars and Traffic around Paris
    Cars and traffic around Paris. Certain hours, the traffic becomes intense. A beautiful contrast, cars, bus and people and historical landscape.
  • Train Station in Belgium
    Trains around Belgium
  • Yosemite
    Yosemite is an amazing place to spend a week or so. An amazing place to photograph, the nature, the landscape. The snow on the top of the mountains, rivers, cascades.
  • Travel during Fall Season
    Travel during Autumn is perfect.
  • Somewhere in Belgium
    Belgium is an amazing country for its architecture, the people and enchanting variety. Fall season is a perfect season to travel and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Lupus in Hollywood
    As any regular job, any individual has to keep a chronic illness a secret not to get rejected by a possible employer.
  • Depeche Mode
    Depeche Mode is an English electronic great band formed in 1980.
  • U2
    U2 keeps surprising us with a new sound and it is never disappointing. The U2 360° Tour is a success all around the world.
  • Mother's Day
    Mother's Day is a somewhat recent tradition, first settled in the U.S.A. and around the world tradition.
  • Walk for Lupus Now
    Walk for Lupus Now steps into five cities in California and around the country. It is estimated that 1.5 million Americans, about 180,000 people in California have a form of lupus.
  • Israeli Independence Day Festival
    I was so busy trying to see soo many things... amazing! It got better by the afternoon. There were dancing, DJ's, singers; it was such an amazing event! People from different age groups, with groups of their friends. Yummy food! Friendly and a great place to gather with friends, family in a b
  • Celebrating Tel Aviv -Yafo Centennial Year in Los Angeles
    America's Largest Israel Independence Day Festival on May 3rd sponsored by Jewlicious. Over 20,000 people are expected at this year's daylong festival with a non-stop entertainment.
  • Traveling Solo
    Traveling solo around requires tons of information and hopefully honest suggestions from good friends.
  • Malibu - Driving on PCH Can be Delightful
    PCH - Malibu while listening to a nice radio station from Rock to Jazz. Perfect! Try!
  • Summer at Hollywood Bowl
    Summer nights in Los Angeles can be more pleasant with music, dance gathering at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • Suki7
    "A full 360 degree sushi bar, wrap around patio with fire and water pits, and multi-functional private dining and event spaces are just some of the exceptional features at Suki7 by Executive Chef Craig Takehara."
  • Books Meant for Women and Men
    The two books: He's Just Not That Into You and Confessions of a Shopaholic are delightful books. It's written with a great sense of humor, dealing with known situations and delicate as relationships.
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