Carol Rucker

Carol Rucker

Carol is a native Cincinnatian recently transplanted to Tallahassee, Florida. She may find it a difficult transition because deep inside, she is 100% Cincinnati through and through. Still she will continue to share her crafty inspiration in the Voices forum, and she hopes the Sunshine state will inspire her to new creative heights.

Fortunately Florida caters to all the things Carol loves. travel and sports (her daughter s an FSU professor. She cannot help but be touched by Seminole fever and FAMU fire.) Her love of politics, television and the arts will certainly thrive in her new sunny habitat.

As a former 20 year insurance professional, Carol investigated and settled serious injury claims and law suits. She supervised litigation units in Hamilton County, Ohio and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

That was long ago. Since then she became more hands-on. She has crafted everything from wedding cakes to jewelry and taught jewelry making skills for over 20 years.

Carol writes about arts, crafts, politics. She even writes about insurance, claims and liability issues every once in a while. And now perhaps she will write about Tallahassee.
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UC DAA - (Drawing/Design); Middletown Fine Arts Ctr. (Metalwork) Oh. P & C Agent License.; Ky Adjuster s License; Investigation/Litigation/Liability/ Management Training Aetna C&S, Hartford


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